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Manny Pacquiao Oscar Larios bout

Hey! Anyone who watched the Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao against Oscar "Chololo" Larios.

Manny Pacquiao won with the home team advantage and wer amazed with oscar larios being a good person.
Manny "PACMAn" Paquio win against Oscar "Chololo" Larios. I like the way he thanks Philippines after his fight with MANNY. Chololo is a tough one because he never surrender until the last rounds.
Yeah, i have watched it!
PACMAN was nearly knocked by CHOLOLO on their 3rd round!
Yeah! your right hes shacky on that round! But im amazed how Oscar Larios become a good guy! His a gentleman from the press and other Media's and he really participates on other things... Next up is against Morales on november.
I really enjoy all of Mannies fights.

He is by far the greatest Philipino boxer ever.
jwellsy wrote:
I really enjoy all of Mannies fights.

He is by far the greatest Philipino boxer ever.

Anyways what country you came from? Yeah! his a very Prayerfull person who really honors Jesus as a Catholic and he really loves his family thats why many filipinos admired him.
uslhoops wrote:
Manny Pacquiao won with the home team advantage

I think it not the home team advantage that delivered Pacquiao in winning the 'bout. It's just that he's really good and fought in every best that he can.
Yeah! his a great athlete did you know that Manny has been cutting his school hours coz he needs to attend a Championship Boxing match... then when he won he will got 100 pesos equivalent to 2 dollars 1 dollar will be sent to his Mom and the another dollar will be for his school need. I watched a show here in local Tv on philippines with Manny Pacquiao special.
I haven't yet watched "Manny Pacqiao" movie played by Jericho Rosales. It was all about PACMAN's life.
Yeah.. its a good movie! lets support the PACMAN once again on November on a rematch against Morales
Manny vs. Larios was one good fight man... Quite heart stopping too for some people thinking that the one that they're rootin' for is losing. I'm a Filipino, so obviously I felt nervous whenever Manny got hit by Larios. Both had a good chance... But Manny was just good... Booyah...
Larrios is a good boxer. I think he was just not yet used in fighting in that weight division. I heard that was his first fight on that 130 lbs division. Even though if that's true, he gave Manny a hell of a fight. He got knocked down twice, but he never surrender. In the end, he gave thanks to Manny for the oppurtunity that he gave him for that said fight. I like the way he thank us Filipinos after the fight. I think because of that, Filipinos learn to respect Oscar Larrios, not just because he thank us after the fight, but also, for being a good sportsman. He's a good fighter. A tough one for a first timer on that weight division.

With regards to our very own Manny Pacquiao, good luck for your next fights! Stay the same. Thanks for the honor that you always bring for our beloved Philippines.

Go Pacman!
The PACMAN has announced that he wants to retire from boxing next year.
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