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USB Hard disk not recognised

Well anyone who can help me out there, my USB hard disk cannot connect to my desktop. It keeps showing the message unknown device and the following device has malfuntioned. But when I connect to my laptop, the USB hard disk works fine.
What is your Operating system?

Windows 95: no chance

Windows 95 OSR 2: you can youse nativ drivers, but I don't know

Windows 98: native drivers

Windows 98se: you can use unofficial service pack
(read all instalation notes and use your language version)
It will add support for generic USB mass storege devices (Flash disks, mp3 players, Digital cameras, USB hard disks ..)

Windows 2000/XP: I don't know where could be a problem because those systems have support for generic USB mass storege devices

Linix: You want kernel support for USB devices and for your USB host controller and for SCSI devices especially SCSI harddrive
If you dont have automounter you can mount it using something like this command
# mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbstick

MacOSX: I don't know, I'am a stupid boy an I don't use Mac Embarassed

the proper drivers installed? sometimes in 2000/xp, the driver may be missing or corrupted so check it exsists

you connecting the drive through a hub? some drives may not work throught hubs

connecting through a usb 1 port?

the usb ports on your computer powered?

you using usb extension cables or hubs? (extension is max 5m)
I have a 250GB Maxtor external HD, and a while ago it developed a strange problem whereby I could access it. I read lots of things on the internet saying I would have to reformat it, and that I would lose everything. But then I found this piece of advice, and it fixed my HD striaght away. I've had no problems since. Here's what to do:

- If you're using Windows XP, go to Start > Run, and type cmd into run command box.

- Then type chkdsk [your drive letter]: /f

(my HD was drive H:\ so I typed: chkdsk h: /f

- The CheckDisk program will run, and will fix any errors on your drive. Bare in mind you may lose some of the last data you transferred to the drive (if this is what caused the problem).

Give it a go - I hope it helps you out.
this sometime happen to me, usualy I will go to control panel->system->Hardware->device manager and remove usb drivers and then scan for hardware change and then reinstall driver from vendor or if you using XP, its automaticaly installed. Hope can give you idea to solve. thanks
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