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Superman Returns

Hey have you guys watched the new movie Superman Returns? Well I heard that the CGI or graphics are not well fetched as X-MEN 3. Its a big budget movie but people will expect better of the movie.
I saw it. I loved it. That said, I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of Superman. Especially Brandon Rouche as Superman. He can put his little red booties under my bed any day.

I haven't seen X3 yet and cannot compare. I can assure you, however, that there is nothing lacking in the new Superman movie. The CGI is excellent and, more importantly, not overused.
Superman Returns was great. As for the comparison to CG graphics from X3 to Superman, I would say Superman beats them out big time. There were scenes in Superman where he was fully a CG character and it was almost impossible to notice. The CG is the best when you can't even tell what is and what isn't.

Although the entire movie was quite lengthy, I enjoyed every minute. It was a great film and a great way to bring back Superman. I think they did an awesome job.
haven't seen Superman Returns, but X3 was mediocre. they did a hash with too many chars and tried to make a drama out of an action flick!
I think I expected something more from this movie. It appeared to follow the movies played by Christopher Reeves too much. I was hoping for a complete redo like the Batman Begins. Anyway it was still a good movie and I still recommend it. Just don't go to the theatre I went to as the alarm went off during the middle of the movie and we all had to clear I missed about 15 minutes of the show Sad
I've never been a Superman fan, but this movie really did it for me. Lex Luther is probably the greatest villian ever, as he is completely realistic. Kevin Spacey did a great job with him. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who's ever read a comic book.
sonicj wrote:
It appeared to follow the movies played by Christopher Reeves too much. I was hoping for a complete redo like the Batman Begins.

Superman Returns is about Superman Returning to Earth. It follows the original movies because it's the next movie in the series, silly.
Can't wait for this to come out here in the UK - I actually think it looks really good. Superman is a third place hero to me (behind Spider-man & Batman), but I'm still looking forward to the movie.
Mr. McCoy
I've had enough superman movies for more than one lifetime.
for CGI efect is great, but for the story I have a little bit question, why superman can take the rock to the space ? as we know superman have allmost killed because lost his power on the rock by lex luthor. I assumed superman not have power arround rock stone, so why he can bring thi big same rock to the sky ? correct me if i wrong
I totally agree that Kevin Spacey's acting was great. Brandon Routh definitely resembles Christopher Reeves but is far more handsome. Unfortunately, in the movie he almost looked maniquin like maybe due to the overly airbrushed perfect look. I liked Superman Returns alot. Lois lane's character was really pretty but she was unbelievably annoying.
I have watched "superman returns" and it was nice, Brandon Rouche was quite good-looking and he acted good. About the graphics, they did it as though it was real--with graphics unnoticeable.
I haven't seen the movie but will deffinatley give it a go! However I tend to think of Superman as a bit nerdy when compared to Batman and Spider Man - but maybe this movie will change all that. Come to think of it SmallVille did a lot to change supermans somewhat goofy image.

Either way, Kevin Spacey is sure to make a great villain (Shades of the ?usual suspects?) and with a huge budget I am sure that they will pull it off.
I've seen it with my friends and all I can say is that, it's good. I'm not actually WOWed, it's just good. Not great but not lame either.
It comes into theaters on the seventeenth of august in Germany. That's bullcrap, why do they delay it 1.5 months?
i look forward to watching superman returns, i have not seen it yet can't wait from what you have been saying Very Happy
pennymellow wrote:
sonicj wrote:
It appeared to follow the movies played by Christopher Reeves too much. I was hoping for a complete redo like the Batman Begins.

Superman Returns is about Superman Returning to Earth. It follows the original movies because it's the next movie in the series, silly.

What I actually meant by that the "feel" of the movie was too much like the others. If you are going to have all new actors, which obviously you must in this case, break away from the mold.
I watched this movie last night, and have to say it was a little dissapointing Crying or Very sad

The effects were great and it really felt like you were on the plane that was hurtling to its doom! Also the dynamic between Superman Lois and Clark Kent was done really well. But unfortunately for me the story, the baddie and his henchmen and the way the movie unfolded was all pretty poor!

I was really excited the Kevin Spacey would make an excellent villain, but he was really not convincing. His henchmen made it really hard for you to take him seriously - they were comical at best!

His plan was hair brained, and who would want to live on jagged rocks anyway? Laughing Also if everyone in America was killed, then no-one would need to live on this new continent? There would be the same amount of space as before for everyone.

And finally, why did Superman bother to make a curl in his hair everytime he wanted to save the world? Wink

Despite all of this, it is probably the best one in the saga - so well done for that!
I saw it yesterday in Imax...truly amazing, we had 4 scenes in 3D! Stunning, incredible, great movie, but quite dissappointed by Lois Lane, who i found the actor was average and not as attractive as the Lois we know..Also loved kevin spacey as Lex, excellent, proved once more that superman 0wns smallville!
I liked this movie, i got all hyped up when i heard the original theme at the beginning.
was it just me? or did in some scenes Superman wear a little too much eye liner?
Anyways, it was deffinately worth the money.
My comments regarding this movie is also in this link.

Or I'll just quote it here.

I wrote:

I was amazed how the movie was made. 3D CGI Technology is awesome but in the content and the storyline of the movie, there's nothing more new to it. I mean, here's the classic Luthor - Kent rivaly and Clark's undying love with Louise and vise versa. I think to only highlight is the suspected son of Clark to Louise. There's a scene when the kid suddenly throw the piano right on the face of one of Luthor's apprentices so maybe as a viewer, I can assume maybe before Kent left for Krypton, Louise was pregnant with their son.

I think there's nothing special in the story lin, except that it's good because it's computer generated movie.
The movie really ****** up. The old superman movies was really better. And CGI is nowhere near X3.
I saw it and I think it is okey Smile
yes, people expected more features, we need something new.
if they couldn't produce new movie specials, just let it be.
there are no new ideas. but is a nice movie for a sunday evening.
Haven't had a chance to watch. My friends told me that the story drag alot Confused
It is very hard to say whether I liked Superman Returns or X-Men 3: The Last Stand better. Brandon Routh seemed to be the perfect duplicate of Christopher Reeves as Clark Kent. Routh had that funny rigidness and cute speech that Reeves brought to the character of Kent in the older version of the film. I think Superman Returns deserves a sequel yet I can care less about Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane.
desertwind wrote:
The movie really **** up. The old superman movies was really better. And CGI is nowhere near X3.

Seems to be the only other person that shares my view.

The storyline was sub-par compared to old movies. Nothing noticably wrong with it, but they forced the CGI down your throat to make up for what they lost in the actual story. The CGI itself wasn't that great either. Maybe it's my video game madness that has made me keen to this sort of thing, but I thought it was rather obvious which scenes were real, and which were completely animated, or even partially. Everyone seemed to brag about how realistic it looked, so I guess I was expecting too much. Aside from the actual graphic-effects, the director of CGI needs to learn a bit more physics. Some of the tiniest mistakes drove me made. Superman's cape stuck out in that area.

X3 was slightly better in my opinion..
As a Superman fanboi, i have to say that this is probably one of the BEST superman movies I have seen. I was very skeptical at first, but I finally went to see it on this past thursday and I was in awe of what they did with it.
betwin x3 and superman returns, i préfer x3.
in sup returns ther is nothing new , it old and remake. in my opignion...
sorry for the grammaire,,,! Cool
I totally loved superman Very Happy
The begginning wasn't that great, and it was kind of boring at the parts that superman is with that girl (i forgot what was her name) ><"
but superman is sooooo handsome Very Happy lol
I was stoked to see this movie, just the overall anticipation of seeing Superman return was intoxicating. But by the end I thought Superman Returns was overall very poor, it's hard to vouch for a movie that had 10 year olds yawning next to me. After getting past the fact it was Superman, what you are left with is a very mediocre story.

I liked the fact that the revival of Superman was dealt with so well, the whole Lois Lane and Superman dynamic and resolution was very well done. However, the threat that Superman had to deal with was completely ridiculous and yawn worthy. I mean a large self manifesting island? This is the best they could crib from the Superman Mythology? Please....
I think this late sequel deserves some thumbs up when it comes to the story line. Well at least the story about him having a son, but generally the movie, its two and a half hours of running is generally boring. If it were not for the good effects the movie is a flop.
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