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Just out of interest

What is the reason the server cuts out all the time, because I can't seem to upload a video on my site without it cutting out.
I have the same problem with uploading big files. I wondered the same question. It really gets frusterating. Anyhow how big was the movie file? If somone could maybe do something about this it would be nice. I just need to host a big file for a day so i can have a couple people download it (it is an image file)
Can you upload movies on frihost?

And what imagefile is below 250 MB??

And doesen't it has something to do with the FTP client you use? Because I have the same problem.. but with all my domains!! Not only frihost!!
have a look on my site and it's a video site where users can submit. Even files less than 10 megs it times out. Ftp is never a problem as it's always online.
Mine does this. It's evident when I try to install Phpbb forums, it times out all the time in the middle of the upload and I make no/little progress. Very frustrating. Mad
I could be wrong, but I seem to remember reading something about a filesize limit...maybe a Mod could clarify?
Yeah, this definitely sounds like a filesize limit problem. I can't find any mention of one in the FAQs though...
There are several size limits in php. So normally it isn't possible to upload anything bigger than 5-10MB with a browser. It's the default configuration and normally most hosts should have the same thing. It's also quite good to prevent file hosting websites and similar.
but I mean when the files are smaller, it times out alot, even when I'm going around my site fixing stuff.
Can you upload movies on frihost?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I do beleive you can upload any filetype unless it's illegal.

It's evident when I try to install Phpbb forums

Yes, infact when I had massive problems with my forum and had to re-install several times I took to using two FTP programs. One for uploading and one for deleting off server. I used SmartFTP for deleting (didn't crash in the middle) and BlazeFTP for the uploading (didn't crash in the middle).

On another note I do beleive some FTP programs enable you to continue with an upload after it has crashed* (SmartFTP I think maybe has this feature but nothings crashed so far as all my files uploaded are quite small compared).

*Can someone suggest one for future referance?
ftp is normally fine for me, but the server is constantly cutting out for 5 or so minutes maybe 5 times an hour.
My uploads bigger than 2MB get messed up too Sad
Quite frustrating...

I have been using WS_FTP Pro for a number of years and I have not had any problems like the ones mentioned here. CuteFTP Pro is also pretty good in these areas, I think it's just a matter of choice.

Another thing you can try is shutting down your browser while FTP'ing, sometimes the browser will try to reload a page and it'll interupt the ftp session.
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