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LiveJournalling, Not Blogging.

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This place is rapidly becoming almost as addicting as LiveJournal, so I got to wondering...are there other LJ'ers around here? What're your usernames? No, I don't want to add you, nor you to add me, I'm just nosy. Rolling Eyes

FYI: My username is the same as this one, in case you're just as nosy as I am.
I don't like this place but i do like livejournal and keep my livejournal and write in my livejournal but not here. this is just sort of to keep that website I sort of made going even though it is about something that died in stockton california and in brooklyn new york oh brooklyn!!!

sixapart whatever
it's all the seem it seems quite nice maybe just as nice as ever who knows
I didn't understand half of what you just said...
I only use LiveJournal as a place to post my fiction, though I used to blog there quite a lot.

It was a big shock, coming back to LiveJournal after being away for so long and seeing so many changes! I've not have my account for very long (I've had it but haven't really bothered to use it until recently) so I haven't had a chance get used to the new features.

I adore how simple it is to make changes to the style of your layout now! I am far less fond of that midway account type--you know, the one between you standard one and the paid one--that is literally covered in ads. I understand the reasoning, of course, but really. Pfs. I am still of two minds about the little black navagation bar.

If you are interested in looking at my (completely blank) LiveJournal, my username is the same as the one I use here.
I honestly don't see what's so great about LiveJournal.
Yes, I got one a long time ago, because a lot of my online friends had one and they were just dying for me to comment on the things they were writing.
To me, LiveJournal is mostly hype.

Nowadays, I much prefer GreatestJournal, which operates the same way as LJ, is completely free and doesn't smear huge ads on every page of your journal, has 10 times more features for its users than LiveJournal, and (thus far) has proven to be infinitely more stable & reliable.

At LJ, you get to use up to 30 avatars/icons if you're a paid user.

At GJ, you get 2000 icons per user, for nothing!

Idea *If you enjoy making custom styles/layouts, custom moodthemes or anything related to these, then GreatestJournal is the place to go.

PS: The word blog sounds like something you might find near a swamp. LoL Smile
I have a GreatestJournal too, but I still much prefer LiveJournal. If you know how to use it right, it's infinitely better than GJ, even though it does have a limit to it's 'goodies'.
I haven't been thrilled with the emphasis that Livejournal has always put on trying to skim money out of its users instead of making it easier to edit and use. I glad they finally implemented post recovery, but they are painfully behind the curve on my innovations they could implement. It reminds me somewhat of myspace where it's not the best solutions that are seen on the most popular sites.
I'd never heard of GreatestJournal. I might have to check it out.

Svimmelhet wrote:
I have a GreatestJournal too, but I still much prefer LiveJournal. If you know how to use it right, it's infinitely better than GJ, even though it does have a limit to it's 'goodies'.

If GreatestJournal has more features and is, apparently, more stable, what brings you back to LiveJournal?
The fact that everyone and everything is on there. I can post asking something and in less than five minutes I have multiple replies, no matter how obscure the request/question. It's got all the communities I'm a part of, and just generally has better people.
Uh, "LiveJournaling, not Blogging"?

What's the diff?
I'm noticing more & more genre-specific journal sites popping up. I recently got myself a FilmJournal blog - if you'd like to see a sample, check out mine.
I joined LJ quite a long time ago, but have not really used it that much in the time I had it until now.
As it's popularity grew, so did the number of journals I was interested in reading, and also my desire to post in mine more grew too.
I find it a good way to keep in touch and to share with those who I don't see regularly, and to read of their lives in what ever form they choose to write.
I had never heard of GreatestJournal but I will check it out and see what it's all about.
The number of journalling sites out there seems to be growing a fast as any internet fad ever does.

My livejournal.

I haven't written in it for a while. I should probably update it.

Call me crazy but at the end of each month i print out that months entries and glue them in a folder
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