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Desperate Housewives!!!!

Here in Poland, we are in the middle of second season i think (i've watched every episode, but i'm not sure, i just don't remember)... and it's very popular tv-serie:) How is it in your countries? As i said that i watch "desperate housewives" to my friend from england, he said it's serie for gays:] i don't think so;P and You??
It's a good series which is above the average but not the top.
For gays? English people are strange sometimes. Smile
well definitely not only for gays...

a bunch of us (5 guys and 2 girls) would gather around and watch it together and enjoy it (well teh first season anyways), and yeah, english people are weird.... Wink
zlang wrote:
As i said that i watch "desperate housewives" to my friend from england, he said it's serie for gays:] i don't think so;P and You??

oh nooo, not for gays, for everybody!!!! it's s great serie, in montreal, it's the third season (1st and 2nd episode), i think, i m not sure, i'm in holidays in africa and i cant watch it Sad
my best desperate : bree (great actress)
I used to watch it religiously but after several twists and turns in the storyline, things get absurd and overly complicated. Basically, the writers don't have a strong plot and it has gotten stale. Also, whatever happened to the hot gardener. I know he's in some movie called "john tucker must die" but he was the one of my favorites on desperate housewives. hehe.
i think he called u gay because here in england its mainly only girls who watch it, so that could be why, allthough i watch it, i think it's really good and my second favourite series programme at the moment (after lost)
I don't care for it, myself.
In fact I don't even know anybody that does watch it.

To me, it's akin to chick flicks like 'Bridges Over Madison County'.

It is geared towards married female viewers to vicariasly experience extramarital affairs.

Shows that glamorize adultery as somehow being noble for following your heart, irritate me.

Adultery is not cool, no matter what the media tries to make you think.

If your not satisfied with the person your with,
get out of that relationship first,
then do some healing,
then find someone else.

Just my opinion, your mileage may vary, and that's OK too.
Desperate Housewives is a show were I watched the first episode, didn't like it and then scoffed when I heard about how popular it was. Like the post before, Why is everyone addicted to a show that basically promotes adultry, murder, and other minor/not so minor sins.

And then I got bored.., I didn't have anything better to do so I was channeling surfing and stopped at DH, and now I am like a million other viewers, hooked. It seems that here in America we're ahead in the viewing, the second season is over and I'm waiting for the next, but all I got to say is (spoiler alert!) that it's GOOD!! Many surprises, and hopefully I didn't give anything away..
jeez... enough bashing the english! im from london and i wouldnt say its for gay people ATALL!

I love desperate housewives, the second series was nowhere near as good as the first though...
I like it very much. I couldn't watch all the 2nd season. I missed some episodes from that season.

I loved the first season more. However, as you know, it's easy to develop something in the very beginning. What makes it difficult is that in the first season episodes it is so broadened that may be in the 2nd season it got a little bit out of hand.

I like it when everyone is in its own place. It fits.
Also, I rather mention that I hated george. He was way annoying character.

Good job!
I totually love desperate housewives, i'm downloading every monday the new episode, can't wait for it to be shown on swedish television
I LOVE the show started by watching the series as soon as it came out and instantly got addicted to the series..followed by my gf and we started watching it all the time...dropped plans just to watch it at times as well Razz
anyways the 3rd season looks cool wonder what twists happen this time.
My wife watches it. I've kind of gotten drawn in. Do I like it?? Not really!!
It's very man-bashing and all the male characters are very weak. I do like the fiery hispanic lady, Felicity Huffmans role and her husbands childs mother(if you can follow that) is a scream
My story is like quartnee's one, I watched one or two episodes but I got bored. One of my friends got hooked on it so I decided to watch it from the beginning, and it was great!!! I liked the first season more than the second one, but the third one has started good, so let's see...
hm, they are a bunch of desperate housewives. Lots of immoral relationship prevailing in the societies are merely exposed in the form of desperate housewives. I'm not that interest.... now how simple is what interest many people today...
I LOVE this show even though I dont watch it too often the ladies are amazing and there is ALWAYS something interesting going on. I think I might watch this sundays ep.
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