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In case none of you have ever heard of this number, its pretty much the internet on a phone... Just dial 1-800-555-TELL, Tell Me, and you speak into the phone and get tons of info.

NEWS-STOCKS-SPORTS-TRAVEL-ETC..... Just talk, it talks back to you, its a computer of course, but very very cool.
whats the cost of this? like per call, per minute? talk to me
1800? all 1800 calls are free, 1300 numbers cost, they are buissness's
Just dial 1-800-555-TELL, Tell Me, and you speak into the phone and get tons of info.

Don't suppose there's any service like this existing outside of the US?

Google does something similar, where you can text 'any' question to google who employ people to look up answers (using their search engine, of course :p) and text you back.
it must be totally oncall information cal center which is really good boom in us
The Czar
Me being from Brunei,

How do you call the characters, TELL?

Yeah, I don't know ...
type them in as you see it on a phone..
like if its


etc.. you just find the letter and click it ..
actually the number 1 has no letters, it starts with 2

so it's 1-800-555-8355
Have you guys ever used the Bot "SmarterChild" on AIM ? He's programmed to do the same sort of thing where you can have him define words and possibly even look up stocks (I'm sure he could, but I'm not into stocks myself, so I wouldn't know lol). He keeps a good conversation and helps the time pass by when I'm bored. Some of his replies are a bit dodgy and are a bit confusing, but it's something I like to mess around with. Very Happy

- Mike.
Yeh, I was just giving him a quick example..
Yes 1-800-555-TELL is toll free, you can like use it for 10 minutes, then it may say your time is up, but if so, just call back again, it will still be free.

The travel feature is really nice. If you are flying on an airline and want to check the status of your flight, just say travel, then your airline, and it will connect it to that airline and you can ask there.

This feature is by far a great service.
Also helps when you want football or baseball scores and you are away from your tv or computer.
You guys have all said that it's free and it works for about 10 minutes. After the ten minutest it's okay to hangup and call again. I'm starting to wonder how are they paying for the service. How do they make money? What's the catch? Are there ads on the phone line or something?
It could just be a big compny with some spare cash. Is it advertised on tv or something? . Isit a phone company. I'm not from the US anyways, but all 0800 number here cost loads. And yes i know it's not 0 800 lol, but i was just saying :p.

SmarterChild works on MSN too is anyone was wondering.

Indeed...I would like to know what's behind this too...looking at this forum seems to be a "hot" line...I cannot even imagine how many people overall would like it. But all at free cost?? That seems to unreal to be true. Hopefully anyone out here knows more about the background of this number. I'm very interested to here what or who is behind this...
Here you guys go.


and current call traffic:

Trust me, I've used this since November, NEVER WAS I BILLED, and I'm in the USA for everyone wondering.
Sometimes if you testing it out, your on for too long and you have to redial, its no big deal folks.

No ad's at all.
Yerr, I'd say it was just a company with spare cash...
so Cool! but weird. whats in it for them?
jabapyth wrote:
so Cool! but weird. whats in it for them?

Who knows but what a great service it is. One time I was late for a flight outta Pittsburgh, so I called this number since I had no idea of what USAIRWAYS # was, they connected me with USAIRWAYS and I was set.....

Its also great to find out high traffic areas.

My favorite use of it is sports. Especially if I am in the car and I need an update on a certain games score; i call it and i get what i need.

Spare change? EHHHH Maybe..

Great Service??? FOR SURE!
awsome, it's based in america though?
Ive called this service over an internet phone before to test it out, seems intresting. Ive noticed that any similar UK service would be run on an 09 premium number here Sad
Sounds quite good, but unfortunately it's American-based (so I guess it would cost to call it from Australia?)

. Ive noticed that any similar UK service would be run on an 09 premium number here

Ah, sounds like something similar to an Australian "1902" number... Premium rate services are usually quite expensive.
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