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OH My God Brazil lost germony won the game

Hey people can you believe it brazil lost the game and france won it
by 0:1 , none of the brazilian did any goal all the great stars failed
actually france not GERMANY won the game. The brazillians didn't seem to be playing at their best as in previous games. Anyways, the last time brazil and france played was at the 98' world cup final where france won it.
it was a really wondefull match..Zedane and henary really outclassed the brazillian players and played superbly..
woohoo! miracles do happen! go FRANCE.

i don't want Germany to win even though they're good and full spirited...
Well it's a big surprise that France won... no -one expect to it....
I hope it's gonna be a good games.
Germany - Italy
Portugal - France
djsamsung wrote:
woohoo! miracles do happen! go FRANCE.

i don't want Germany to win even though they're good and full spirited...

i 2 thinking tht brazil had enough now somebody else should go for the cup... n i think tht france has the potential to be number 1.
i cant believe brazil lost, i guess somethings goliath does get beat by david. oh well, no point in watching world cup now...
germany vs portugal final game

germany will win in regulation
portugal will win in pk's once again b/c of ricardos' superb goaltendin
I think France will dance all over portugal. Anyways, they have the last 4 times they've played. Then I think it will be a great match between Germany and France, Germany has the home field advantage, but France has players like Zidane and Henry who are a nortorious for setting up excellent goals.
Ya man, i was really surprised that France could beat Brazil, as the france team did not play that good in their group, i thought they were gonna go out after their group just like they exited in World Cup 2002, they after they beat Brazil which really shocked me, i think either France or Germany will win the World Cup this year.

Even though Brazil had a lot of talents in their team, they did not play that well as a team, and i think that's y they lost to france.

Go France Go................
The World Cup is now European Wink
Hmmm Brazil was a lazy team throughout the worldcup. Talented players but maybe they were too tired because of a busy and exhausting season. Anyway a shame that they were not kicked ass by Ghana, by far the better team. Maybe the ego's and expectations were too big too.
Now it is between portugal, france, italy and germany. Guess the german team will win based on their home play.

Yes its unexpecting, even the Brazilian players could have not expected it also. They could have miscalculated the french while french on the other hand gave their best and prepared really well to play against them. I think Brazilians are just overconfident with their play that they werent able to anticipate the danger coming over them.
There's not much point in making an official thread for World cup 2006 if we keep discussing individual matches in separate threads.

Please discuss World Cup at the official topic -

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