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I want to setup my Linux own server

hello to everyone,
I want to setup my own linux based server with apache, PHP, MySQL. I am a newbie and want to learn more about linux system technology. I have an active internet connection and want to make it server. If anyone knows any link about this, please post it here...
You most probably want a LAMP setup. This includes Linux (the operating system), Apache (the web server), MySql (the database), and PHP (the code language).

You can install all of these on a Linux system, and many of them come with them installed. Some common forms of Linux used for web server can be found on

Any form of Linux can run a webserver. I reccomend trying Ubuntu or Fedora because they are easier to learn and work entirely in a graphical environment for a newbie.
Thanks... But can you tell me more in detail about which LAMP is good to start ?
Yes this topic could be resourceful for me as well. I would also like to know how to run a Linux Webserver. Also can it comply with your Windows Webserver with Apache, PHP, and MySQL? Because that is what I am running right now.
{name here}
With Samba, it should be able to network your servers together.
Thanks... But can you tell me more in detail about which LAMP is good to start ?

The standard LAMP setup is fine: A Linux Distro, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, and PHP. There are no substitutes for any of them except for MySQL, and not many PHP + SQL scripts are compatible with anything else but MySQL.

Really, the FreeBSD operating system will come with everything you need except for MySQL and PHP, which can easily be gotten through the packaging system/ports collection.

I suggest you learn more about how to use UNIX operating systems and how to handle them in general by reading this part of the FreeBSD handbook.
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