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Castes Exists In India?

A vast Majority Youth Beleive that Reservations are nothing but dividing India on Caste Lines.
So is the Reality That Caste Discrimination Existed But Does not Exists Today... As Our Political Leaders Say...India Is A Secular Naiton...Thn Y Are They Talking Abt Castes ? All Castes Shuld Get Equal Oppurtunities... Thn Y These Reservations ? So Shuld We Believe Tht Caste System Exist Today ??? Wht Are Your Views ?Share...

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A big Contraversy and strikes going on regarding that Reservations..
I think, government is not going to withdraw the bad reservation system!!
More Intelligent students are struggling to get in to good colleges beacuse of the higher caste only!!

sure dude...wht can we do to protest against this...
I understand the problem. that's why india is still down. We should prove ourselves.

Its up to us now. Maybe websites can be built and petitions etc. etc. Strikes / bans. Will these work out ?????

Suggestions pls. and BTW iam Indian too


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hmm...caste each one of us have mentioned rightly..we need have a revolution a revolution against the so called Politicians who for a greter pie in the vote bank come up with such non sense ideas.. Twisted Evil ...may be we can take some pointers from the moview RDB !!
what say folks??
I haven't watched the movie, but about the reservations... there really seems to be nothing we can do about it.

And even though the IIMs have reported that if the reservations are rolled in in one single step, they can't cope, the government seems keen on implementing the cursed things in one step, which is bad news for those who are seeking an MBA from the IIMs or other premier B-Schools in the near future.

SO, what can we do now? People have protested... many have gone on a successful hunger strike (they succeeded in dying of hunger) etc etc, and if this has not changed the government's stand, then I doubt anything is likely to. So, I suppose we'll just have to live with it Sad
We gotta face it , biasness, racism, caste etc they exist throughout nations.
It is sad , but that is reality, India has a long way to go especially when it is regarding their internal affairs.

We can't blame anyone, and if you really want to make a change you'd prolly need to backed by powerful people, or you'd either get screwed or your idea dismissed. World is unfair, and retribution often comes when it's too late. All i can say is that we gotta do what we gotta do.

btw i'm a singaporean indian -_-

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yeah thats casted which is making india still back..
It could still exist today.
Nepal, neighbour to India is also exactly going through the same problem. I regard caste system as a social problem. Lets sort it out together.
If India is a Secular nation, and Caste is essentially a religious system, why does Caste enter politics? Shouldn't Caste remain in religion and matter only in religious matters and not affect political decisions?

Or am I mistaken about what the Caste system really is?

The main problem faced by the Indian Govt and the people against such Caste based discrimination or favouratism is that for the people of a particular caste that stand to lose from such decisions , there are equal or more number of people of the caste who stand to gain from it.

So the solution lies in educating the public about the negative aspects of this system. But as it is not, the politicians find the whole thing useful and easy to use as a ploy to get votes. So we can't really expect them to slay their own golden goose right...

There is little hope for a solution. But the effort should go on to abolish this system.
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