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Routers, Dynamic IP, and Internal Network Addr Translation

I hope to start this topic to resolve my problem of setting up a HTTP server within my Home Intranet.

I have an ADSL (Asychronous Digital Subsriber Line) Router, which uses Dynamic IP with my ISP. Behind the router is my Intranet Ethernet switch and my wireless LAN base station/router.

I have a HTTP server connected to the wired Ethernet LAN using an Internal Fixed IP address (10.10.x.x).

The ADSL Router supports Dynamic NAT.

What are the general issues I must address to get my HTTP server onto the Internet?

I can use Follow-Me IP address client and Dynamic DNS.

Thank you all, hope to get suggestions and also issues from those who are trying the same type of setup.
You need to look for port forwarding options in your routers configuration. Then forward port 80 (and any other posrts eg 21/22 ftp) to the ip of the server. If you don't have port forwarding look for DMZ and again forward that to the ip of the server (use port forwardning if you have it!).
That should be it. When you now go to the ip of your router (the dynamic one from your ISP) you should be forwarded to your webserver.

If you wish to use a domain you'll need to use a service such as . Some routers (Most Linksys ones do) have a DDNS config where you can enter details for online ddns services. This allows the router to send updates to the site to update your domain with your new IP. Alternatively you can use a client to do this for you
Thank you Mathiaus.

I am using a Hurricane 9000 ADSL router, and there is no port redirecting. It has a similar feature of Virtual server, which is basically port redirecting.

I have set this up for my Web Server, and also use a No-IP client to update the No-IP DDNS.

All went well, I have connected my HTTP server onto the Internet.
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