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Wind fal is a pretty good show it follows the life of 20 friends who just won a big lotto. And find out that
Money Changes every thing
And I think it is a good show. Heres a recap if you missed last episode of this show from

*spoiler* (HILIGHT IT TO READ)==>

Nina and Peter held a meeting with all the lottery winners concerning the disappearance of Zo. Afterwards, Peter let Cameron know he didn't need him to invest in his cycle business because he had other investors interested. Meanwhile, Damien's parents showed up wanting him to move back home. He told them he would think about it, but his Russian bride, Galina, was a concern.Frankie broke off her date with Damien so she could accompany her mother to Manhattan. She was surprised when she arrived to see that her mother had bought the loft they were staying at. Frankie was mad because she wasn't ready to leave her small town life for New York. She called Damien to break off their date and he lent a sympathetic ear.

After he and Nina bought a new house in a gated community, Peter agreed to go on a fishing trip with some potential investors who lived in his new neighborhood. He didn't want any of the guys to know that he was one of the lottery winners. When they arrived in Baja, one of the guys confessed that he knew about Peter's winnings. It was also clear to Peter that the men go on these fishing trips to cheat on their wives and not to fish.

Damien surprised a lonely Frankie and showed up at her mom's Manhattan loft. The two started heavily making out, but Frankie confessed she wasn't ready to have sex, yet. Damien understood and went back home to his parent's, only to find that their house had been robbed. His dad blamed Damien's new fancy lifestyle and said it attracted burglars. Damien went back to the hotel and to Galina.

After spending the day with Nina at her family's new house, Cameron returned home to Beth. He told her he was ready to try for a baby with her. Later that night, he went downtown to pick up dinner and drove to Nina's. She told him to leave, but he wanted to let her know that he couldn't get her out of his mind and he didn't know what he was doing. She began to plead for him to leave, so he did.

A frustrated Damien came back to the hotel to find Galina looking for new places to live. He told her she didn't need to rush on moving. Galina could tell that something was troubling Damien. She began to kiss him and he kissed her right back.

Frankie decided to come home early and left a message with her father. Her father was busy making love to Sonny, whom he had met at Peter and Nina's. Later on that night, he heard a noise like somebody was coming in the door. He grabbed his gun and ordered Sonny to stay in bed. He fired a shot at the intruder and hit them. But when he got a closer look, he saw that the intruder resembled Frankie.

Sean was determined to find out what happened to Zo. He believed that his former partner in crime, Jeremy, might have kidnapped her. He took Zo's sister Tally to Buffalo to look for her. Sean was worried when he found out Tally was carrying a gun with her for protection. They arrived at Jeremy's sister's house. Sean was sure that she was hiding him somewhere.

My favorite part was the meating to discuss how to protect them selves And I thought winning the lotto would be a good thing. After seeing this show I dont think i will ever buy a lotto ticket. I Think it is true that money changes every thing.
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