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Enhanced posting/spelling rules

To improve the general quality, respectability and readibility of the Frihost community forums, we decided to implement a few new rules and guidelines specific to the posting, spelling and layout of your posts. This is not meant to make your posting experience harder, but simply to make the forums a better place.
  1. Remember that this is not msn/chatting. Avoid 1337 language and slang.
  2. Proper sentences should start with a capital. However, not every word should start with one.
  3. Proper sentences should end with a single dot. Don't use a bunch of dots or smilies every few lines.
  4. Read your posts again before posting them to find obvious spelling mistakes.
  5. Do not reply to a thread if you have nothing useful to say.
  6. Do not reply to a thread with a bunch of smilies, points or just a few words.
  7. If you make a long post, try to break it up in a few paragraphs. This makes it much easier to read.
  8. If you make a new topic, post it in the right forum instead of the forum you are currently in.
  9. When posting a new topic, try to make your subject as descriptive about your topic as possible. Also make sure you are posting it in the right forum.
  10. Instead of excusing yourself for your English at the end of every post, rather put your efforts in correcting your mistakes. And remember, everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone is trying to correct them.
  11. Quote everything that you didn't write yourself (like copied content). In addition, don't make such a quote your entire message, or even the major part of your message, but please contribute some of your own, original thought to the discussion. People whose posts consistently contain little more than large blocks of quoted text will be warned or banned for spamming and copyright infringement.

Please note that there are always some exceptions to these rules/guidelines. You should take them as a whole and use your common sense before posting something.
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