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best predpaid phone serive?

I have been looking for a new phone serivce seen how my last phone bill was 1200 from overages everyone was using my phone
so i decided i want prepaid..
but there are some terribly stupid plans out there
stuff like "a dollar a day"
you have to pay a dollar everyday you have your phone
or the things over 10 a minute
‼ how crazy??? these other people wanted 24 a minute??
but enough of that does anyone know of anything better?
Net10 has the lowest price for the prepaid service, $0.10 a min all the time, but they also have the highest priced phones. They also charge for everything extra, like recieving text messages.

I think all of the prepaid services are a joke. I know because I use to have to sell them. With a good monthly plan, you actually spend less in the long run, unless you almost never use your phone.

With my $39/month plan, I get 1000 anytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekends. That works out to around $.03/min, not including what I use on the weekends.

Also, don't let people use your phone so much.
if you're worried about overages, sprint's fair-and-flexible plan would be best for you. once you go over your minutes, they just charge you $5 for 50 minute chunks, so basically $.10/min over your regular minutes.
It'd probably be a good idea to mention in your topic title which country you're talking about.
I can tell you that in India, I consider Reliance Infocomm's prepaid service to be very reasonable. Wink
O2 is the best in Britain in my opinion.
O2 in the Uk is good for texters, i get 500 free texts, 60minutes, some free wap and a free phone, for 19 a month.

Over in the states, the only resonable plan i could see is the virgin mobile one, but it seems that all phone deals in the USA have stupid clauses and rebate offers that no one can understand!
Here's an alternative: Get a headset and skype. I'm studying in China for the summer and it's been a great help. I can call the states for, I thinks, 2.2 cents per minute. I know it's not as convenient, but it saves me tons of money on long distance.
Yes skype is a very good plan. Even better if no one calls you. They're offering free outgoing calls to anywhere in the U.S, I believe, but the problem is the incoming call number. Is it less than most? Sure, but it still costs a pretty penny. Also, it's VoIP, so it requires a little know-how. I put it on my PocketPC, because my school has WiFi, which means I can access it at any time and almost anywhere in the school. So, it's a good plan, but only if it's an advantage. Don't go about changing your way of life to use the service; it's not worth it.
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