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I'm french and I've the new coldplay album. I want to know what do you think about his album? thanks
I love a lot of stuff on it, and I'm happy about more upbeat songs. Not many upbeat songs on their last disc.
Yes it's true but the upbeat song,i think, is not the....."speciality" of coldplay no? But i've listen a lot of melody song good but not like the other album when the bass play the song!
I thought that the "X" half of the disc was a lot better than the "Y" part.
best music team
*sigh* No... just not true. Coldplay is safe. Coldplay is nothing new. Coldplay is not everything and a bag of chips. In fact, Radiohead was doing what they are doing today, years ago. They can write music- but they have done nothing to make their music progress through time.
i love all coldplay songs, and the album is good
olivier_1988 many album coldplay have made? 3? i don't know .
merci a tous....bye
Can you share me that album using Mega Upload or similar methods?
whitch album? and why? but....i can't sorry. Do you know all the discography of colplay? thanks
merci ΰ tous
I must say I like ColdPlay very much. I bought X&Y as soon as it was on the shelves, and I'd agree it's the best one they've ever released (excluding Clocks, which deserves an album in itself).
Someone up there said they sound like RadioHead. Maybe. Speed of Sound to me it's a mix of U2 (obvious), DuranDuran (less obvious) and a touch of A-ha (not obvious at all). The rest is here and there.

But I have a feeling that ColdPlay would have to go up one notch to rock the stadium for real. I mean they're trying, but even Rick Martin himself confessed that after their current tour they're going to hit a more private scene.
Yes it's true but i think coldplay was a "private" group and the disc house have take possession of the group, and now they play music for money. The new album last 1hour: just to have a premium(most money). But clodplay is not the only group in this case(ex:U2......and many others)

I totally agree with you on a 1hour duration of the album. Damn, commercialization! It definitely drives the business but it takes too much away. Many of you probably know Dave Matthews Band, one of my favourites. I went to their last concert, and it was OK, but when they just came along Dave used to play 5 hours straight. Now it looks like a stretched 3 hour show!
Same is true about the last U2 album! Screw the money, do the art!
really boring in my opinion.One song yeah,but a disc it΄s too much
I can't stand Coldplay. The vocals sound like Kermit the frog, and they are trying to sound almost exactly like U2. They need to come up with something new and original to stand out in my eyes.
hey i luv coldplays clocks and scientist and green eyes and yellow and what not...actually u need to hear it for sometime till it catches up on u..i think coldplays btter than u2.
coldplay is much good i love this band.
they only have three (o four...) good songs in this album Confused
Coldplay is amazing !!...
I love it that's not to hard not too smooth ...

Very cool band Wink
They are very popular because the first singer got married with a famous actress. (I don't remember who is her).
Anyway they do good music and some italian journals write that they are similars of Beatles (I don't believe this but...).

For me the best is Speed of Suond.
ColdPlay is a good band~
I like the song X&Y Laughing
cold play is a very good band and i love it. More than then as someone said already it chathces you after hearing it for at least 2 times. I really thinkg that they are good and the best song i like from their albums are clocks and speed of sound infact i have them on the mobile as a ringtone too Wink
I loooove Coldplay! I never get tired of listening to their songs. You get somekind of high listening to their songs. Especially their first album. Smile
I like the new album, afcourse the new singles are very nice! But A rush to the blood head'' was more a suprise.. Dont understand me wrong, its a good album but the their first hit album was better I think..
i like his voice. i like the style of music. when i want peace and quite or to relax or be mellow i absolutely love to listen to it. i would love to see this band live. any band that has instruments like piano involved would probably be a great live show.
This album X and Y is very good!!And song Speed of sound is Great
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