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NEWS:PS3 Theseis canned?

PS3 Theseis canned?

Source: An article on PS3 Land reported that Track7 Games had canned the PlayStation 3 version of its Xbox 360 and PC adventure game, Theseis.

The official story: See below.

What we heard: The original article indicated that Track7 Games had contacted PS3 Land to say the game was axed, blaming the cancellation on the high cost of development for Sony's system. It even quoted Track7 managing director Vicky Valvanos as saying, "If Sony were to offer us assistance in producing a PS3 version, we would be more than happy to oblige!"

The news was repeated across the Internet by sites large and small--most of which didn't notice a PS3 version of Theseis was never actually announced. It did show up on retailer databases (as of this writing, EBgames still has a product page up for it), but Track7 apparently never acknowledged its existence.

In response to the PS3 Land article, Track7 Games posted that bit of information on its official Web site under the heading "Track7 Games responds to erroneous article."

"Track7games would like to clarify that we never cancelled something that did not exist in the first place," the notice read. "We plan to develop Theseis for PC and Xbox 360 in the near future. As for the PS3, we simply made a strategic decision to not move ahead because we deemed it not probable at this time."

PS3 Land has since updated its story to reflect Track7's denial. The site apologized for any confusion it caused, adding, "Track7 now claim that what they originally told us was a 'joke.'" Aside from that rather bizarre addendum, it's interesting that Track7 Games did not refute the quote from the original article. If the quote was fabricated in any way, the developer would almost certainly make note of that in its remark about the story.

Clearly, Track7 Games looked into the possibility of developing Theseis for the PS3, and retailers were expecting it. But the developer obviously didn't go very far down that road. One can argue semantics, but no matter who you believe, the end result is the same: a PS3 Theseis is currently not in the cards.

Bogus or not bogus?: Officially bogus, since the game was never announced in the first place. Unofficially ... who knows?
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