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Anyone Know Japanese Writing?

im looking for someone who knows japanese writing or knows of a "decent" site where i can either learn it or make words/phrases from english to japanese.

im wanting to learn it eventually anyway but im also wanting to decorate my bedroom with japanese writing to go with my theme.

if anyone can help me pm me please
babelfish brother
I did learn Japanese for over 7 years and still have problems with Kanji sometimes Smile Anyway start learning Katakana and Hiragana, and their appropriate Romaji syllables, you will have no problem to find English2Romaji dictionary.

There are many sites about learining Japanese writing but my favorite is:

That should give you head start Smile If you insist to learn Kanji then find some card type tutorials and just spend a lot of time with it Wink
Zug Zug
I'm going to be taking Hirigana at the local college...I'm studying pretty hard. I hate hubby used to make me do his lol. Anyway, i'm not much help on the web page...but here's the book I use for class:

Sorry I spelt Hiragana wrong. And I forgot to put down the book title.

here it is: Nakama 1, Authors: Makino/ Hatasha /Hatasha

visit:, choose the bookstore link, type in JAPN1...etc. heh.

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i din't know japanese writing . But I can talk and hear some word of japanese
Boles Roor
I enjoyed

I checked out Sappho's link, and that's quite nice too. Very Happy
Hiragana is easy to learn, because it is pretty much the alphabet. but it's no use knowing how to write when you can't for words.
But if it was me I would just put a bunch of random letters on my wall and say it meant something or σther.
R2.DETARD wrote:
Hiragana is easy to learn, because it is pretty much the alphabet. but it's no use knowing how to write when you can't for words.

Yep i agree, i personaly wouldnt advice to start learning Japanese by writing first. I would start with vocabulary (Romaji only) and grammar, which is seriously very simple, i know 8 languages and Japanese grammar is one of the easy ones if not the easiest, not counting the various polite levels that can couse confusion, but as a foreigner you can go with just 2 polite levels. Smile

Anyway he said that he just wants to check some words with dictionary and write em down to wallpaper, so hence my advice Smile
{name here}

That should give you some insight into Japanese and help you in writing characters. If you can learn to read and speak it, you can write it.
Pretty much the definitive site for collected links to sites about Japanese is Jim Breen's Japanese Page at Monash University in Australia. It it loaded with links to tutorials, dictionaries, etc.

Interestingly enough (although it makes sense), a fan website for the anime Cardcaptor Sakura has a pretty comprehensive Japanese Lesson

Of course, you should not try to learn a bunch of Kanji right away, but as far as whether or not to learn some reading and writing (with Hiragana and Katakana) from the start, one PC program from a number of years ago, called Power Japanese had an interesting take on that. They said [paraphrasing], "If you can speak a language but can't read or write it, what is that called? Illiterate!" Thus, Power Japanese started by teaching you Hiragana right off the bat. BTW, here is an excellent Hiragana and Katakana chart.

Once you get the hang of the Kana and start learning some grammar and vocabulary, you also may want to consider subscribing to the free, daily Japanese lesson by email from Hiragana Times (a Romaji - that is, letters that you're used to - version is also available). The lessons come to your email each weekday morning. Here is this past Friday's lesson as an example:

Hiragana Times Easy
Daily Japanese Lesson (Insight into Japan)
30 June, 2006 / No.237-16


にほん せいかつ じじょう

*Easy text

へや を かりる とき の アドバイス (6)

... テレビ を もって いる ひと は、NHK を みない ひと も NHK の りょうきん を はらわなければ
なり・ません。 でんわ は NTT の えいぎょうしょ で もうしこみ・ます。 しかし、ひよう が かかり・ます。
それで、 けいたい でんわ だけ を りよう する ひと が ふえて い・ます。

テレビ を もって いる ひと = person who has a TV set
NHK を みない ひと = person who does not watch NHK
りょうきん = fee
はらわなければ なり・ません = you must pay
NTT の えいぎょうしょ = local NTT office
もうしこみ ます = order
ひよう が かかり・ます = fee is required
それで = then
けいたい でんわ だけ = only mobile phone
りよう する ひと = person who uses
ふえて い・ます = is increasing

*Regular text

にゅうきょの さい の アドバイス (6)

... テレビ が ある と こうきょう・ほうそう の NHK の じゅしん・りょう を せいきゅう される。 NHK
の かかり から せいきゅう が きたら、 NHK ほうそう を みる、 みない に かかわらず
しはらわなければ ならない。 でんわ は もより の NTT えいぎょうしょ で もうしこむ。 しんせつ
に は、 でんわ・かにゅうけん と こうじひ が ひつよう に なる。 その ため、 けいたい・でんわ
のみ を しよう する ひと が ふえて いる。

*Standard Japanese text

入居の際のアドバイス (6)

... テレビがあると公共放送のNHKの受信料を請求される。NHKの係りから請求がきたら、NHK放送を

*English text

Advice for Settlement (6)

... If you have a TV set, you will be charged a public broadcasting license fee by NHK. When
you are contacted by an NHK fee collector, you have to pay regardless of whether you watch
your TV or not. Regarding telephone installation, this can be ordered through your local NTT
office. For newly installed phones, an installing right fee and a line installing fee are required to
be paid. This is one of the reasons the number of people using just a cell phone is increasing.

P.S. I'm not sure if the Japanese characters in the above quoted material will work for everyone, but they looked okay on my computer when I previewed this email. If it doesn't work for you, you may need to install Japanese fonts onto your computer (sorry, but I forget the best site for those).
All I know is that most Japanese writing comes from a style of Chinese writing.

Why not Chinese Writing?
mattchun wrote:
All I know is that most Japanese writing comes from a style of Chinese writing.

Why not Chinese Writing?

Because that's like saying "English writing is the modern equivalent of the Pro-English spoken by Germanic tribes. Why not Proto-English?"

They're similar at the core, certainly, but they're certainly not the same thing.

How's about good old You might find something useful there. I'm learning Japanese but have only been at it for half a year, so unless you want to write 'hello', 'salt', 'three' or 'aah, is that so?' I'm really not going to be much help.
personally, I think Chinese will be a better choice than Japaness. Just because everything is saying that China going to improve a lot in the next 30 years and become a world trading power. If you don't know Chinese, you will probably miss a oppertunity of working with China.
That's all well and good, Billwaa, if one wants to trade with China, but Bosleee wants to decorate a room. They're not asking for sound advice reguarding the rising economics of Asian countries, they're asking for interior design tips.
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