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Blade the Series

Did anyone see the amazing two-hour series premiere of Blade the Series on Spike ? As a huge fan of the Blade films and Wesley Snipes, I was very pleased. Okay, so the actor who plays Blade is no Wesley but I thought he was very good. It has lots of action and the special effects are pretty cool much better than the Buffy-style exploding vampires.
I recorded it and will be watchin it shortly...I am really looking foward to it, but will it be a mini-series with a couple episodes for a full thing with like the 20 something episodes?
No, it will be a regular series. Can't wait until next week's episode.
This series is totally cool I just watched episode 6 and the storyis getting, really good.
I saw the first few episodes. It's just not the same with a different Blade tho. I'm a big fan of the original Blade movies, and can't see someone else as Blade.
had same problem but the guy grows on you, his Blade has the same personality as the original.
Oh My, I just read on internet (Comics Continum) about this show, but I didn´t realize it just started.
I hope some channel pay it and show on Brazil.
well i m a great fan of weasley snipes and Blade all three parts of the movie!!! can u guyz name the channel where it comes????plzz...
devilinheaven wrote:
well i m a great fan of weasley snipes and Blade all three parts of the movie!!! can u guyz name the channel where it comes????plzz...


I saw the first couple of eps and thought it was rather boring.. I much rather the movies where the story doesn't drag out for ten hours! ther was just missing something..
Blade the TV show seemed to me to start off pretty slow, but it is an interesting universe and the cast isn't that devoid of talent, so it is worth giving a shot to imho. Blade himself is pretty badly miscast however.
I thought about watching it, but I find it too wierd.

Now I guess I'll wait for the DVD to come out, unless one of my frnds tivod the whole season, but i doubt it.
nice series...
now i know about blade's past and other stuff about him.
Hi people,

On November We will see the premiere at this show.

I´m very excited about that.

I liked so much vampire´s subjects.
nice show! it feels good to finally dig a litte deeper into blades "normal" days. im not sure if it was meant as totally independent or if it should have some connection to the movies... cause i dont see any reference to it... well... anyho its a good new show that i hope stays on!
Does anyone have any info on a season two ? I don't know what the ratings were or how good they have to be for a renewal. But I'm crossing my fingers.
Seems like I'm disagreeing with everyone else here but this series was awful. Truly awful. But then, the Blade movies were terrible after the first one - the franchise was completely ruined with Blade 2 and then kicked in the shins by Blade Trinity. Its a pity too, because it was so promising.

This is all my personal opinion though. Feel free to disagree.
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