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What's the average lifespan of a CRT monitor ?

Does anyone here know the average lifespan of a CRT monitor ? I've been around computers for a long time now and I found that a CRT monitor that gets regular usage only lasts around 3 years, something goes wrong with it, and it's trashed.

Is it possible that LCD monitors that are used on a regular basis last longer ?

Here's a list that I composed of CRT monitors that I had that died on me, and what was the reasoning on why I trashed it --

- HP Ergo 1280 (17"), sparks came out of the top of it
- Dell E770P (17"), the thing started to get yellowed. Instead of being a white picture, it was yellow. Nothing wrong with the controls, so we sent it back to Dell as it was still under warranty and got a replacement
- Dell E772P (17"), the thing is starting to get very white on the right side of the screen (it still works when it's on, but when it's off it's embedded into the glass)
- Sony Trinitron (15"), not sure on the model number, but the thing started to get bad tubes and had to be slammed on a few times to get the picture back
- Apple (21"), not sure on the model number, the upper left side of the screen started to get red. Just kept the Mac-to-PC monitor adapter on the end of it and trashed it

Anyone here had any other similar occurances with monitors ?

- Mike.
I have too many CRTs. They never die on me, the worst one looks a bit washed-out because there is not enough contrast, but I spent more on a VGA cable for it than the monitor itself. I get most of my CRTs used or at thrift stores, so they are practically disposable. If you can stand cleaning them meticulously for an hour or two.

I no longer use CRTs though... My current LCD is running awesome with 0 (that is not a typo, it is 0!) brightness and 25 contrast. It is plenty bright, and it actually hurts your eyes on maximum brightness. It is like a lamp...
I can agree with you in some ways. I have a ton of CRT's lying around and only one LCD (I plan on getting more when I have the money) Very Happy, but, I tend to find a lot of CRT monitors in the trash because people are upgrading to LCD's due to their size. I can see why. But the thing that gets me is that people throw away CRT's that work, and aren't dead or broken. For me, I only throw them away when they've died for any reason (the ones I've mentioned above).

Before I got a ton of CRT's, I bought a couple at thrift stores for really cheap money. There's this one thrift store in Chicago that I go to maybe once a week, they sell them for like $8.00 apiece. Now that there is a deal that anyone who needs a CRT monitor should jump on, instead of spending a fortune on one at an electronics store. If that one dies, just go back and get another. Very Happy

- Mike.
Exactly. Also, if you are smart and clean them well, you can SELL THEM for $25-50 depending on the size.
psycosquirrel wrote:
Exactly. Also, if you are smart and clean them well, you can SELL THEM for $25-50 depending on the size.

The thing is that I don't much know who to sell them to lol. I have like 6 17" CRT's in the garage that I want to get rid of, but I don't know anyone who will take them. (And I do see your point, it is a way to make money by taking trash or really cheap deals and milking them for all they're worth).

- Mike.
Well I dont know exactly for how long a CRT monitor can work but from experience, I can say it will last for around 3 years, give or take. Till date I have owned 4 CRT monitors. The first one I had was manufactured by Acer... It worked for around 3 years. Then I got it replaced by an LG monitor.. It died after just 2 years. Got it repaired but again died after 2 months. So I replaced it with yet another LG monitor. That worked for 3 years. And as of right now, I am using an Acer monitor. It worked for around 2 years without giving me any probs but then siezed to work. So I got it repaired and its working from the past 6 months. Though it hasnt been completely fixed. I am not able to use it under a resolution depth of 800 x 600 pixels or lesser. The screen becomes really blurry if I try to use it under that resolution depth and I am unable to make out anything on the screen. Though its working fine at a depth of 1024x768 or more...

By the way, around 6 months back my bro bought a 17" Flatscreen monitor manufactured by Philips... it died within 6 months and couldnt be repaired too. It seems due to power fluctuation, all the IC's inside it got burnt... And one more thing I would like to add is that, the monitors I owned used to work for around 12 hours everyday...
{name here}
Cheap ones last around 2 years. Decent ones can last much longer. Oddly enough I have a Dell E772P that works like a charm. I had to replace the old one(E770P) which just fried after 2 years.

I like CRTs much better than LCDs - LCDs are so, limited compared to them - CRTs have crisper picture, higher refresh rates, unlimited color depths(Analog CRTs do, digital ones don't), and more resolutions all for cheaper than an LCD. The only advantage I've seen in an LCD is the size, and I have plenty of space for two CRTs.
The average CRT Monitor last 5 Yrs, I have one myself since 2001 and I can say it's still in service except the quality has been lost over the years and also the case is darker than it was.
We've had three CRTs, a Gateway 17" trinitron monitor from 1995 ($699) that still works perfectly, an emachines (crap) monitor that got all greyed out, and then a 17in mitsubishi diamondpoint (trinitron licensed).

By the way, Alkady, ad only has one "d" in it. Rolling Eyes
i had an ol phillip sfrom 92, lasted till 99 and then thrown out cuz picture was yellowed

phillips(another one) 99-now and still working fine
acer - 2002 - still working

iv heard ppl hus moins hav broken several times a year

spose it dfeoends on how u treat them (heat, humidity, operating time) or just plain shoddy manufacturing
Well, overall I would say that LCDs and CRTs have about a 3 - 5 Year life. I have had a few CRTs go bad, they are just like the older TVs, the cord usally goes bad fast, the screen goes different colors are just won't turn on at all. LCD doesn't seem to take much punishment. I guess I'm a little hard on my monitors.
I thought CRTs could last pretty much forever. I'm on an LCD now but I did use a 17" CRT for around 4 years. It's still sitting in my room and it works.
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