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How can I make them understand?

The Conspirator
We have some plumbing problems at my house (understatement) and money problems. My mother thinks my uncle can help. She thinks he's a plumber. What she dose not get, what I tried repeatedly to explain to he is that he is a pot head (she knows that part) and as a pat head, that is what he dose. He is not a plumber, he is a pot head (thats what she dose not get).
When a person is an addict (weather they be an alcoholic, post head, cokhead or what ever) that is what they do. Every thing else revolves around that.
He can not help us cause is unreliable and cause he is an addict far more prone to mistakes than regaler people.
She dose not get it. How can I explain it to her in a way she'll under stand, that she'll listen too?
Citizen Kane
ehm... try to take her to counceling.

Just kidding. Difficult... I don't know what your relationship with your mother is so I don't know how you act when she DOES get things you say. You could try obstructing your uncle as he is going to fix things.

Why doesn't she get the things you say? is it that she has a stubborn nature or does she have a totally different image of your uncle?

And your dad? What does he have to say about things?
seems like she may just not get it, like ever. i mean, she is your aunt, so she should be closer to your uncle than you, right? maybe she's been close to your uncle for so long she can't accept that he's changed for the worse . . . i dunno, this is just what realistic fiction tells me, but stranger things have happened.

so it may be a waste of time trying to make her "understand." instead focus on the immediate issue at hand: that you need a plumber and your unclue can't do the job. tell your aunt that your uncle is too busy to do it (true, as i would imagine addicts are usually quite preoccupied), or just suggest that your "doesn't have the expertise." something like that would probably do the trick with a lot of people i know, especiallly if you already had another plumber picked out.

(also, would it do any good to tell your uncle something about the plan? a modified version, but still.)

good luck, and take my advice with a grain of salt. or ten.
You gotta consult some professional person to make her understand your point of view. For you, it seems very much hard, but with a proper, professional consultant, it would be very easy.
not all potheads are lazy. if you know for sure that he is lazy and wouldnt get the job done, then definetly hire some professional help. professionals will do the job right (hopefully) and do it as quickly as they can. just becuase your related to someone doesnt mean they have to help you, especially if you know that they will not do it right, or take weeks to do it. think about it...
The Conspirator
altikris: Its not that he is lazy, its that he is an an addict.

Well he came by yesterday but as I predicted he didn't help at all. He didn't even spend time which his mother which is supposed one of the reasons he came by. Hes spent half that time chasing his wife grand son (who they are raising) and telling story's to my grandmothers nurse that he though were funny, that were not funny and that he shouldn't have been telling.
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