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What is the easiest way to render a picture

What is the easiest way to render a Picture/ Image using photoshop. Rendering is a process on Photoshop to cut images and transfer it on other backgrounds etc... any help or tips?
Ok you have many options..- You can spend hours on a render or only a few minutes..

Use the pen tool and set it to pathonly.. then zoom in and go around the render. (pen tool is easier as you can make curves) then go around your render slowly.. Once done right click in the middle of your render and select "make selection" then set the feather to "0" or "1" then copy the render and paste .. or hit ctrl+j once the render is selected.
Or you can just use the Extract tool (Mac: cmd+opt+x PC: ctrl+alt+x). This is especially helpful if it is a bit tougher to render the image. For example, it would be very tedious and long to draw around every single hair on a model, but with the extract tool, you can just highlight the area and it works great. It is fairly simple to use, just open up the tool and use the highlighter to draw around your subject. Then use the paint bucket in the same dialogue box to fill in the area you want to keep. Then hit "preview" to see how it looks. You can then clean up the cut out using the clean up buttons.

One other way to do it is to find the alpha channel with the most contrast between subject and background, then create a copy of that channel and make it so the background is white and what you want to copy is black. Then alt-click (Mac and PC) the alpha channel's thumbnail to select the black area. Go back to the regular version by clicking on the top thumbnail in the channels pallete, then click on the layers pallete and you should retain the selection, then it is just a matter of copy pasting onto the new background. Sounds difficult, but it isn't. For more information, go to Layers Magazine for a tutorial if you need.

Hope this helps!
Thanks guys this will be o big help! thanks!
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