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HI every,any LP fans here?

i am first here Laughing but i like linkin park,i like the faint,numb,papercut,don't stay....... song,how about you?
Don't Stay, Somewhere I Belong and From the Inside. But my favourite if Faint Very Happy

Generally, LP makes some kind of rap/nu-metal music - and it's great. Nothing like that before.
Didnt like them much but their new album changed my mind its pretty fav has to be breaking the habit Smile
I've always been a fan. And i would have to say that i like My December...

but the best Chester tracks, is from the soundtrack Queen of the Damned, called Dead Cell
linkin park were an awsome band, had a great first album. Their 3rd album was also quite good although not as good as the first. All this other stuff like the remix stuff and all that i find to be quite crappy and dissapointing, they have gone downhill.
I used to love Linkin Park as they were one of my first 'loud bands' (first I was into hiphop but then I got into the 'louder' music - rock, numetal and eventually just metal, and that's here to stay haha), but now that I'm a few years into metal - I don't like them anymore. They seem to have died to me anyway, especially with that album they did with Jay-Z - that was terrible in my opinion.

I won't bash them though, because I have some good memories to them.
I loved Linkin Park. Back then I liked metal and rap until I foudn these guys out they seemed like the perfect band for me.
you guys are talking as if they are over just b/c a new album isn't out and mike is working with fort minor. i heard on sirius radio when mike was doing a show on faction (hostile takeover-celeb(s) take over the station play what they want yada yada yada) he said they were working on a new one. its definetely like a blink 182 incident where they break up. as far as im concerned LP is still together and working hard on a new album. hopefully we'll see one this fall. as i cant get enough
First album was great, and I quite liked the second album..Even if it was just remix's..
The third album was awesome, then I didn't like all their Jay-Z stuff...
I liked Hybrid Theory, but I prefer Meteora much more Smile

I can't wait for their new album. It should be out by the end of the year Very Happy
I like all album but favorite songs "poinst of authority" and "A place for my head"
I really think that they will work on together, even though I think that once they have started one by one to have a bigger and bigger interest in their own projects. I like fort minor but it would look better if it would have been done under the name of Linkin Park projects and albums. However I still remain one their big fans no matter what would happen and as we know faith dies last. But still does.
but they got too commercialised.. however, their music is good......
Aha! I knew there were older Linkin Park threads.
(Actually, there are loads more, but most of them had to do with specific things like comparisons with other bands, or a particular album. Since this thread appears to be a general thread on LP, I'll -lock- it and direct you to an older general thread on LP:
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