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hi guys,
this one match in tha quarter finals is going to be a spectular one...what do u think??

brazil r playing good..have big stars n ronaldo is coming to form at the right time..on the other hand france played very good against spain....
i hadnt thought france win that game..but it happened..they have lot of good players ...
so what do u think????
Should be a good game. Brazil will win 2-0. Zidane is good, but he's getting old. It's a pity that Cisse is injured, because that really would be something to see!
well, it's gonna be a good match... I think that Brazil gonna win.. they are the favorites... but we saw what France did when they come as Underdog, I think it's gonna be a very good match between 2 good teams.
its hard to say who will really win on this match.. i think the game will come to a draw until the penalty shootout. If this happens then France has a bigger chance to win. Its really unpredictable who will win this match. But i feel, its Brazil whos gonna win this match but hard to tell if they will get the Cup.
Wow, a 1998 WC Final re-run. An exciting match it will be I think, though this time Brazil has a much better chance of winning. Still, it's unpredictable. I didn't see the match between France and Spain, but I heard that the blues played really good. If both France and Brazil bring out their max. performance by that time, it could be the best game in this WC probably. (The problem is that both teams are not in their toppest form yet)
brazil somehow seem to miss the fire, they are winning games nevertheless.

The players don't seem to connect, the set pieces don't seem to work, yet somehow the goals seem to come. This was fine, but from now on its a higher league and they gotta up their game.

Ronaldinho the man who got barca the UEFA title still has to weave his magic. He really seems lost on the field....
Well it seems that there will be tough game. I am not sure whether Brazil will win quite easily, France might have something up their sleeves for them.
by the way i would like france to move forward from this game.
hhhhhmmmm.... This game is a very hard game to pick..... Brazil are just beginning to pick up there game, while France have had about 1 good performance the entire tournament so far! Shocked !.....

... Zidane has been a bit of a 'bogey-man' for Brazil over the years

.... I'm just hoping that it is a good game to watch though, I'm looking foward to it, my pick, Brazil by 1, or Brazil by penalties..... Reason being that Brazil has been very lucky so far that they havent conceded more goals through their veeeeery poor defending!
Personnaly I think that everything's possible. When you see how France played against Spain, Brazil can be worried. And Brazil wasn't very impressive since the beginning of the competition. For us (yes, I'm French Smile ), the problem is that Brazil didn't play against great teams, so they weren't very motivate... And Ronaldinho didn't play very well. If Ronaldinho plays as he plays in Barcelona, there will be few chances to win for us.
The french are extremely arrogant, but not self-confident at all, They have been playing against middle class sides (like the swiss) who can't play football, have no ideas and have no rytthme in their game, but are extremely disciplined and althhough they lack fantasy and imagination, they have more than it take in strictness ... the french have been frustrated by such teams and have had a poor display .... I've bee really happy that they ghad to face spain and not ukraine, because for them it is easier .... strange but french, I wouldn't have been surprised at all them being beaten by the ukrainians, they need striong opponents.

Against spain where they were the underdogs, they showed some of their real value, and Zidane has regained confidence ih himself, so now they are reclimbing and are becoming more dangerous, they just need to go past Brazil, which is a very very hard call ...
France against Brazil might well be the challenge both of themneeds to finally wake up and show what tehy've got, France are defensively extremely good, and if they concentrate enough (unlike against S.Korea) tehy might well give Dida some "sueurs froides" Very Happy
The brazlians will really have to show what tehey've got, cos otherwise the french are not gonna let them through. So it might well be the match of the world cup so far....!! enjoy and allez les bleux,

PS: I see well Trezeguet scoring the 3-2 winning goal!!
Should be a cracker, bring it on I say and may the best team win.
Although I'm brazilian, I don't think that Brazil is playing a good football in this World Cup. We are just doing the necessary to win the matches, instead of playing a good game. I really hope that this game make Brazil wake up in this World Cup, otherwise we are far away from winning.
France is playing a good football, and will pose a hard match to Brazil. If Brazil wake up in this match, I think that we will win, otherwise France is going to advance to the quarter-finals...
I'm laughing hearing the same thing : France players are too old, specially Zidane.

Spanish people told the same thing. Before the match, "Marca" spanish newspapers titled : "We'll put Zidane to retreat". We know the story. and the next day, Marca titled "Zidane put Spain on vacancy"

France'defense with Sagnol, Thuram, Gallas & Abidal is strong. And this was a reason of ur success in 1998 & 2000. And this year Patrick Vieira is on his best age. And we got a real good newbie Frank Ribery.

france will win against Brazil
France will win if they play with Henry.

U know that Henry was the best premier league player this year too. Why you think? It is because all Arsenal players played with Henry and he was the top scorer.

Similarly, if French will play with Henry rather than playing with Zidane they will 100% win the game, i think.

And one more thing, if french players swing in from sides, how Croatia did in the second half with Brazil, they will surely win.
In my opinion, i would most probably say that it's gonna be brazil that will win the match because of several things:
- France's defense is kinda old and brazil has some very good players who's got excellent skills and in the 1 on 1 they'll surely pass the french defense.

- France has yet to incounter a team that can actually control the midfield.
This has not yet happened with any team france has played against so they were always the ones to control the midfield from where they could create a lot of opportunities. But in brazil's case, france will have a hard time controlling the midfield and it will be brazil that will have the upper hand and always attacking.

BUT i still have to watch a very good game for brazil, they haven't showen their best in this tournament yet but i think they are hiding something.
Whatever it is, if they can organize their defense and tighten it then they won't need it.
I think it will be strong match ..
so i hope France to win
because i can't stand brazilian team
i don't like thim at all Evil or Very Mad
I have to admit that I was wrong. Zidane may be old be he and France played extremely well and deserved to win.
France played extremely well today Cool
well it was a lacklustre game! esp from the brazillian point of view. nobody looked serious enough and they were punished.

zidane played like a king! controlled the game from the midfield. knew when to change the pace, when to attract a foul. Well I'm a brazil supporter but france really looked like winning the game!

well my World cup ends here with both brazil and england out.
yeah, zidane is a football king!
Brasilian played bad match...
Brazil let themselves down. The french played their socks off. Maybe a leason to learn Brazil, famous though you maybe you still have to play the game. Nice to see Madonna and his "hand of god" didnt stick around to long. Ha!
I thought Brazil will win but they did not. Anyway, France is a good team as well. Confused
The french played extremely well and they deserved the win. It was tactically a master-piece from les bleus. They played extremenly solid, kept it tight and that was the hard part, being sucessfull at not letting the berrazilians even breath, you goot to be good to stop them, I don't believe the brazilians were bad, they just met stringer and they couldn't react to someone who aborted their footbal fantasies.
next time for brazil, in the end, the ones everybody feared would not make it through the first round made it to the semi-finals and with a good shot at the final, cos I assume portugal will be no easy piece of cheese (not cake, I'm french Very Happy) and we all remember the EM2000 when France were champions defeating italy in the finals, they had a hard time beating portugal in the semis but they did it. although the portugues ehad an outstanding team back then. I'd say 2-1 for France in the semi-final.
from the start that Brazil played on this years world cup, i already noticed that they may not make it to the finals. Their play was very different unlike last year. I was expecting some show from the team but there is nothing. All, could be with their coach, or could be with their training. As we all know much of their players are distributed in european leagues. I was kinda shock coz im not expecting France to win. France have a bigger percentage of ball position, and that was because France have improve their defence. I can say they are really prepared to play against Brazil and Brazil on the other hand seems very relaxed and confident on their teammates that it went all to nothing.
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