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World of Warcraft - For those who pay2play.

I assume there may be some here that pay for WoW, as do I.

I was wondering what servers and which race and class.

If you don't play on the official servers, then I ask you not to post in here please, and create your own unofficial WoW topic.

I'm currently a level 46 Gnome Warlock on the PVP server, Firetree. I've been taking a break, but I am about to return. I'm currently in a guild which is very near endgame status, such as running MC and other end games instances. I also like to pvp, so if anyone plays on the same server, I'd be happy to have a couple matches.
Funny how that if you meet someone they usually play on some other server than me Razz. I play on earthen ring and have a 60 mage there.

I enjoy instancing a lot but im in an RP guild so if i want to go to instances i have to go with PUGS or assemble teams from the friendlist and guild but hey thats no biggie. A lot of them are very good. Pugs can be tiresome at times though.... "STOP HITTING MY SHEEP!".

Ive set some goals for myself in the game to have something to do when im not RPíng with the other guild members. First one was just to get to 60 but now when there i started collecting magister. This means a LOT of scholo and strat ss/ud runs.

Ive allso started upgrading it but right now ive gotten to the strath ud 45 min. Run. Thats challenging and heaps of fun with a good team. Tryed a pug (Yeah right!). Ofcource didnt work... But i assembled a team from my guild and friendlist. Allmost had it last time but our palladin lost concentration and aggroed us to death by the third tower Razz.
After running back the timer ran out when fighting bile belchers. Completed the run with ease after that though and Magister leggings dropped!. Razz

Constant focus is the only way there.

Regarding pvp im not that much into that.. Im arcane specced and it seems to me that this spec is more of an instance spec. DPS is lower than fire but i do have plenty of mana all the time.

How can you go to MC with a 49 char???
I eat mages alive most of the time. I have never tried out a RP server before, I've thought about it, but never made the jump.

Perhaps you should join a different guild more focused on instancing rather than mostly RP. You can still be friends and be in a different guild, if they'll have it.

Also, I heard in this new 1.11 patch, that you can't sheep the warlock and attack its demon. Well you can, but it unsheeps the Warlock. Twisted Evil

I've been picking up dreadmist lately, but magister set is not bad for mage, good luck on getting your set.

By the way, I can't go to MC with this character, lol. I was saying, the guild I'm in has started running the MC instance. However, at times I play a level 60 dwarf warrior.
I just stated playing the game olmost one week ago and so far im a LvL 28 Warrior on a Pve server arias peak the new server

and right now ting are going a bit slow coz im not too sure on what to do but that wil most probebly fix it self now that iv joind a guild

im looking forward to try pvp as soon as im done whit this char
Joining a guild is very helpful for newer players. Perhaps you can find someone near your level to quest or do instances with.
My human priest turned 44 today. ^^

I play on the EU Stormreaver (PVP) server, and I've played very little in groups of more than 2 (excepting in instances after Deadmines). Level 1-22 I played with my brother, and we both have high level "mains" (mine's 60 and his is 54) so we just alternated while we ran through DM. My brother gave up on the game a while ago though, sadly. :/

Level 22 and up to now, 44, I've played with my neigbhour, a rogue, and that's been heaps of fun. We take on beatchnix hard quests and beat them with ease -- I'm an imba healer and he's an imba damage dealer.. Twisted Evil
lvl 23 mage on bronzebeard (main)

spec's gonna be enough arc for PoM (what a spell) and rest in fire.
We've gotten past Luci in MC in my guild. Now we are slowing working out way towards the next boss...
Ghost Face
I have a 32 mage on Anetheron, horde side.

Down with the alliance!
I have a lvl60 Mage(Horde side) on Lordaeron(PVP) in WOW China.
Patch 1.11 didn't makes Mages stronger, but makes more choice of how to play you Mages.
Hey Smile

Playing on Sargeras, EU.
Warrior night-elf, female.

I'm just logging it because I'm MT1 in my guild, and they need me.
But apart from the instance-farming side of wow, there is nothing much to do Rolling Eyes.
Once 60, it's just a stuff competition.
i was going to get this game, but i heard after you buy it you have to still pay monthly? is that true?
ye true. but the game is quite interestant for the leveling phase, at 60 becomes a bit boring, and you have to be lucky to find an active and friendly guild Smile

besides, there is another aspect of the game, most players enjoys to explore the game, see closed places in development and other funny stuff, but slowly blizzard is killing that.
ok thanks dude.
I have a lot of friends who play the game together and they are always on it. when i see them on it, i dont think much of it, it tried fishing once lol but that was fishing so it was boring... i think i will ask one of them for a proper go so i can see what it is like and maybe get into the game... what is the good and bad points about the game? is it rely worth buying?
I am the GM of East Social Network in an Oceanic server. We are a hybrid guild and focus manily on instance runs and having a good time. As of now we need a website for the vast growth we encounted. Frihost seems to be a perfect choice. any suggestion to improving our guild? or in general.

Glad to be here in this forums
I've been playing since December. I'm currently leveling a priest at which he's currently at level 30. I play on the EU Boulderfist server, if you play on that one gimme a shout Laughing . I have to admit I just keep coming back to WoW. Every time I get bored of a class I can just remake one that has a TOTALLY different playstyle. For example I switch from a rogue to a priest and in instances instead of going full out damage I heal and keep the party alive. In my opinion WoW is the best game out there right now, I hope the expansion is the same.
I've been playing off and on since the games release (IB schoolwork was really a drag) My friends and I play on SPINEBREAKER (REPRESENT!!!) and are hardcore pvp fans. Ive played probably close to 12 alts all past at least level 20 with most past level 30. My main is a priest , 58 at the moment, and I plan on going for the end game pvp aspect of the game. nFuriate, you picked a great class. The dps from a shadowspec priest can be up there with rest of the hard hitters and their ability to solo is phenominal. The priest really shines in pvp however, where the only real threats to a good player are a tricked out warrior or shaman. I'd keep playing that priest if I were you. If anyone is on Spinebreaker, send me a shout out (name is Daniel - with a tilde n ) or anyone from the guild Teh Leet Pwn. We play alliance side with the hopes that one day the alliance may not be so horrifically slaughtered by the might of the horde. And for any of you who don't play on a PVP server, you are missing out on some mad fun!!! Twisted Evil
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