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Spider-man III trailer!!!

I have just seen the most amazing least until the next comic book movie. Part of what's getting me pumped up is that I read the comic book version of the story they're putting on the screen for Spidey 3.0 and the effects look exactly like they had in the comic book, only in real life!!!!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, I ain't gonna spoil it for you. Just watch the trailer.

It's like the Phoenix saga in X3. If you read the comic book version, you sh-at your pants when it was hinted at in the ending scene of X2.

There's no need for a frihost poll on whether you think this movie is good or not, people. It's all good. Dancing At least until the reviews come out.

They could run the trailer on an endless loop for 2 hours and I'd pay theater admission to watch it!
Nice trailer but what happens in the comic book?
Damm I can't wait for it to come out, It's going to be sweet.


For those who don't know, The black suit is most likely the Venom Project. If you read the Spiderman Comics like I do, Its so obvious. We finally get to see Gwen Stacy where she will probably die to the Green Goblin like in Spiderman Originals or Carnage like in Ultimate Spiderman.
I agree Spiderman 3 Is going to be one of the best movies of my superhero line. Superman Returns is also another good one as I believe.
I don't like the ultimate Spiderman storyline that much, I prefer it where Venom was a symbiont from space. But I don't know much about the ultimate storyline anyway, I just know it sounds worse.

The trailer looks very cool though, seems like it's going to be a cool movie.
can't wait to watch it.
i hope it's worth to watch...
That movie looks amazing! It may be better than the last two.
Looks very awesome. I don't know if it can top 2 though.

Sandman Cool
looks awesome, can't wait to see it! i wish i could have seen this in theatres though, before the x3 began :\
I haven't read any spiderman comic books, and i have very little idea of what is going to happen... i''m going to look up stuff now.
Spider man has always been one of those cool superheroes. He has tons of interesting villains and is not afraid to take them out when necessary (those metropolis jails must get super crowded). The venom story is confirmed , there is a quick shot of Eddie Brock looking up at spiderman/venom. Here is another piece to gnaw on. In spiderman two, they introduce John Jameson, astronaut and son of Parker's boss at the Daily Bugle. Originally i thought this might be a give-away that venom would be in the next movie (in the animated series, J Jameson brings the symbiote from space aboard his shuttle). While indeed this happened, watch the movie again. If any of you are fans of the comic, do you notice anything strange? He is wearing a medallion, very similar to the one that gave him special abilities and he is in a shot directly under the fullmoon. He was certainly given motive during the last movie, perhaps they plan on adding the Man-Wolf into the mix! It is certainly a possibility that they have lots of leeway to excercise. Enjoy the speculation because there will be plenty of it up to that May 2007 release date... so far away Sad
It is a teaser not a trailer. Still about an year left for its release. Must be a great movie.
Yeah, there wasn't much to see yet from storyline or what so ever. Only it looks the same quality again as the previous two, so looking good. Not such a fan of Superhero movies, but enjoyed the Spiderman ones so far.
they need to make these movies more quickly, there's a very large storyline they can take from the comics. the story is practically limitlesss yet the actors are getting older everyday. make these things faster!!

I want to see how they will bring carnage into this. He has to be the coolest of the spiderman villans.

I didn't much like the previous villians they put in the movies, doc oc and the greengoblin aren't flashy enough.

But anyways, i can't wait for this movie to come out.
Yeh it looks pretty good actually.
Looks good, hopefully it will live up to the last two. I love the spiderman series, it's been my favorite of all the superhero releases so far. (Though Batman Begins was also pretty good).
Well from all the reports I've read, I wasn't surprised by the content of the teaser (Sandman & Venom were both confirmed months ago). However I was suprised to see some 2nd Green Goblin action in there - don't we think this is a little soon?

I was kinda hoping that Spidey 3 would continue Harry's hatred of Spider-man so that by the end of the movie he would be ready to become the next Green Goblin. I gotta admit that I was little worried when he uncovered the lair at the end of Spidey 2.

Also, I'm not sure how much Venom is actually going to feature. The Venom saga itself is quite long once you factor in all the symbiote spider-man stuff. I'm wondering if we'll only see the actual Venom at the end of the movie... I guess time will tell.

Roll on May 4th 2007!
Thanks. It is super awsome!

Don't remember it being called the venom project...Unless you're refferring to Ultimate Spiderman, in which case those comics blow. Also, these are only spoilers to the poor saps who have never glimpsed at the comics lol.
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