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Last Comic Standing

Anybody watch the current season? So far it's been a little slow and I'm still confused how some of the people made it into the top 10. Atleast the guy that played Skippy from Family Ties didn't make it.
I agree that it does seem a bit slow. I have missed an episode or two but I have been surprised by some of the ones that made it and some of the ones that did not. I thought last week's elimination was pretty good though.
I haven't watched it in awhile, but I really can't stand it. The guys they pick just plain aren't funny, well, most of them.
Its ok I like the black lady shes realy funny. I esspecialy liked her performance with the hitler.
^ Hehehe Female Hitler, Good One

@ Everyone

Sorry to say but I got tired of Comedy Shows like these, I just dont have time for this anymore, But one thing I like about this serie is this one guy who did this skit about neutering his dog and his house eventually going on fire where the dog would say: Ya thats right, Die. Burn Baby Burn, That serve you right for taking away my Manhood.

I dont remember if it was on Last Comic Standing or Something else but it was sure funny.
Well this week is the roast. I like roasts and the one they did last year was pretty good. I thought it was funny when Gary Gulman last year took the roast thing a little too far and just got nasy and not funny. I'm sure somebody is going to do that this season too.[/code]
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