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Wag The Dog

Wag the Dog

Directed by Barry Levinson
Produced by Barry Levinson
Written by Hilary Henkin
David Mamet
Starring Dustin Hoffman
Robert De Niro
Anne Heche
Denis Leary
William H. Macy
Willie Nelson
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date 1997
Running time 97 min.
Language English

--A movie to watch for sure, learn to keep up and you will understand its meaning. Does the dog wag the tail or the tail wag the dog?

Its about the government... when the president (no relations to ANY of the USA pres. to date ie. clinton) is caught in a scandel with a young girl and the press is about to go off on this, re-elections are in jus over a week, what are they to do? ahhh, robert deniro comes up with a the books ofcourse, to create a bit of 'slight of hand' as you watch the right hand the left hand is bein dodgy.

Create a war, doesnt have to be a real war, produce a 5 min clip of a fake war, place it on the top news channels and what will people think? that theres a REAL war going on, and lets have a war hero, doesnt have to be real, the story jus has to fit... now the press and the public are more concerned about this 'war' and comp[letely forget of his scandal.

the tail wagged the dog... now when I read of war heroes and such goin on over seas... is it real? or is it what they WANT us to believe. Its like all the Iraqi and iranian BS we have heard before....

things that m,ake you go hmmmmm
A good movie!

Makes you think about the politics of war, and that a war is sometimes more about your ratings than about righting a wrong. I am sure that most wars are started with alterior motives and it might be incredible to know how many people have died to save a person their position in office!
very well put!

Saving a position in opffice, heres a GREAT example:

FEMA Director, the dopey bastard bush put into the position who had absolutly no exp what so ever, and think of the ppl that died because they had no clue what to do, and the fact he ignored emails, I know its not a war related but never the less.

Many wars were created for the wrong reasons, I suppose you could say that those wars continued for the right reasons, them fighting back because we started it, but then again its only defending themselves and now they w\ioll tell the american people, hey, they hit us, killed our own ppl, lets get them, next thing you know all of america is very supportive of this 'new cause'.

I will add that more and more people are begining to think for themselves and have begun to grasp what the gov't is doing, props to those. and because we are really walking the line putting films on the silver screen that bash the govt and expose them. 30 years ago that film would have never been able to be published. I love the fact we stand our ground, to the best of our ability, keeping in mind that what the govt says goes, simple as - good example-

Wire taps and reading emails ect... when GW had begun his fiasco it was infact highly illegal and he should have been impeached, but now, the higher courts gave him the option to either face the consequences of his actions or implement a law saying it is ok to wiretap without a warrant, and the obvious- he did just that!

Now it is in law that GW can strip us of our rights if he sees fit, and for ****** sakes, he cant even hold a proper speach, how can he see anything fit and/or proper?
Anything written by David Mamet is worth seeing more than once. Glengarry Glen Ross, Heist, State and Maine, etc. All wonderful films.
so very true...

I jus watched a film last night called - Stay-

Bull sh*t!!!

I have watched plenty of movies where you must struggle to keep up, and I love those, I really do, but this one has taken the cake...and dropped it!

I struggled from the beginning of the film and was the most difficult time ever, then towards the end it all seemed to come together...until the very end... now nothing makes any sense what so ever... shit shit shit!
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