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Fortune Telling

I have this thing for fortune telling. And I love using Tarot cards.

I am not really a psychic. I just learned from books and experience. I actually do it for fun. But my friends say I'm actually getting good at it. Kinda creepy actually because some of my words actually come true. @_@

Does anybody have the same weird hobby as I do? Smile
I too am into tarot, I am into astrology more tho, I enjoy all that kind of stuff.
I haven't used my tarot cards in a while, but I'd like to start using them again.
Zug Zug
I did tarot cards for awhile...kinda creepy too...because I was right in most cases. I haven't done it for awhile though, but I do love my horoscopes! heh.. the lazy way to know your future ^_^. My mother says that she has the same kind of hobby lol, and she was correct in most cases as well ^_^ Family inheritance? Very Happy
Do you know Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling... This very popular in Turkey and lots of people belive this... And lots of people know this in Turkey... I too... Smile Because very easy and very very Funny Very Happy
Fortune telling is awesome! You don't have to believe it works to appreciate the culture and noire that goes into it. There is nothing quite like a gypsy named "The Great Bambini" reading your palm at a carnival.
As of the moment, I'm using the Lord of the Rings tarot card! LOL

Haven't done much reading in a while though, I'm alredy forgetting some of the card meanings. Very Happy
I have been using tarot for a little over 15 years now and have set up one of my three forums to this subject and others. I feel once you start useing the tarot you will find that your perception on life as a whole just may change. I find it to be fun and very relaxing to do, as do my friends and family. I dont know about anyone else but for practice Ill do a daily card, talk about some neat stuff, give it a try, just might suprise you. Thank you for posting this subject and have a good one.
I dabble in it a bit. Use to be big on wicca and other things like that. I actually have my own tarot deck and some of my readings have been coming true as well.

It's really strange, I agree. The funny part is that when we role-play, we have another tarot deck for it and i've been dubbed the fortune teller with that. Sometimes I'll pull out a card in order to help with a decision and it reads in to the situation in the game (and sometimes out of game) more than you would ever believe.
One thing for sure I can say about card reading... it can give you a headache if you read too much for one day. XD

Based from experience Smile
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