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earn money from home?

is it really true that you do some typing or data entry or whatever from home and in return you earn some extra money? so many website out there saying its possible but i think its scam. never even tried it. do u know whether its true and how and where one can join?!
for example see this..

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On that one, I'd be leary of doing it as well. I know there are some places that offer those kinds of jobs, but they seem to be hard to find.

I'll do a search and see if I can't come up with some that look honest.
It's all a bunch of crap. Go to college and do something worthwhile.
That link has all the look, feel and ingredients of a beautiful scam. I have seen quite a few scam sites and they all look typically like this one!
I know one way of earning money from home and want to try it out myself.
It's trading on FOREX.
I guess everyone can do it. U just need to read 3 couples of books on analysis methods and a couple of books on Elliott Wave Theory. After that you should open free demo account to increase your skills. Having trained a month you will probably be able to do real trading through net while sitting at home.
I am looking many days on Internet but I cannot find nothing usefull Sad
Good luck, and send me link if you find anything Laughing

If data entry were that simple and paying why would they hire somebody on the other side of the planet to do it? Can't they get a bunch of people and pay them full time? This way they could even beat up a few big software companies!
If there is something good inform me
while searching internet.. there is lot of data entry jobs availble but i can't find one data entry job, if any one find good one please tell here
If anyone tries to charge you money to find a job,
it's a scam.
In legit jobs, employers pay to find employees.

Forget about all the work at home data entry hype.

The last one I saw was actually a recruitement for people to do telemarketing for some phoney fundraisers, like 'fireman's ______ society' or 'auxilliary policemans ____ fund', They sucker people into making these illegal calls soliciting donations and act as a buffer between them and law enforcement.
Subtotal $49.99
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ClickBank Product: "Home Typist Program"

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would not be cool if it's not true, and.. anybody, can place a picture and write something

the picture cold just have been taken from google, i actually never trust such sites, because there is so much bull shit about it.
what do you mean by data entry? I've heard of this job around but never came across someone who's doing it. I agree with Biodiesel ... go to college and do something worthwhile. lol
I wouldn't trust any promise online to make money from home OR the newspaper either. They are always too good to be true or one of those pyramid things any way.

There are many good ways to earn money from home, though. They may not make you get rich quick but there are ways to earn an honest living.

A friend of mine is a medical transcriptionist and worked for a company out of another state and she worked from home. She had to work specific hours and was paid by the word or the line or something. You have to know your medical terminology, though.

I sell books online. The problem with that is you have to have a place to store all those books!
Anyone who falls for these scams may deserve to fall for them but, even more, they deserve to be protected from them. Thus, the referral in the link in the original post has been removed, and it is now time to


this topic.
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