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Hey Please Give me feed back about my WEBSITE at

PLease give both positive and negative thoughts///
See I am not an expert at making Website bUT i hope I have made this right.....
Hi there,

I saw a pop-up... most probably will be blocked by the pop-up blocker
now... Wink

Also, bravenet popup another page... quite annoying... Sad

Then your page looks good... however, take away the clock script
as it is blocking me seeing the content a bit...

That's all from me.. good job!
Pink .. i don't know ... but - maybe someone likes pink Smile
I hate this clock sticked to cursor ...
Table based... formated in HTML doc, no css (it will be hard to rebuild), javascript inside document (put it in outside file)...
{name here}
Lucky I've got popup blocker and disabled javascript to remove that clock.

Try harder, or get a CMS like MkPortal or PHPWebsite.
thumbs down, in all categories including content, layout, coding, and especaially the annyoances.
Hey guys,
Don't be harsh on the lad. It is his first website.
I am sure he will improve, but I agree a lot of things should be changed.
But give him constructive advise on not just "Thumbs down for all categories"
* I think the site looks a bit eightees.
* Colour combo is not good. Find on the internet for good colour combos that look clean and professional.
* Get rid of the Bravenet provided utilities such as guestbooks,... They all come with popups wich , as you already noticed from the messages above, annoy the visitors. Plus it slows down everything.
* Get rid of the clock. It offers nothing extra to the visitor. And blocks the view on the content.
* Learn how to work with CSS files, because like this it will be too hard to give your site a new look in one go.

I am not an expert myself but you will learn by trying out and getting info and advise from other. Most of the time it will be negative though Wink

Thanks all a lot for ur suggestions

Anyway Its my first Website..

All dont like the CLOCK and the POPUPS
Popups are not due to me, but come as i host free in their domain. I gonna change the domain SOON.

Then the clock can be removed simply. I will do that.

Now about CSS. Actually I dont know about CSS and all these. Not an expert in Webdesign. Just know a bit HTML. Anyway I will try to learn it.

Ok here is my new site in freewebs, ALSO check this one OUT!!!

You will suresly like this ONE
The Clock is annoying. The site isgood but try to find some free hosting that don't have popup and banner with it.
Takw away the clock, it is really annyoing
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