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Explain your desktop

Explain your Desktop.

Mine is completely black because I get tired / saturated of any image very fast.
Also I believe is the color that uses less resources of my monitor.
I have two lines of my tool bar mainly because I use many windows in web design and I have my desktop icons there.

Show me yours:
Minimize all your windows – press “print screen” on you keyboard – paste in any image editor – resize it to 20 % - show it here.

I won't bother printing my screen because I'm too lazy to, But mines is the Windows Media Center 2005 Screen. I choose it because I don't really bother with the background like many people do.
I still keeping the microsoft idea: sky, cloud, and grass.... same style but different wallpaper... that's it...
ivanegues wrote:

Also I believe is the color that uses less resources of my monitor.

that's true...if you're using a crt. on an lcd black is the least efficient color to display since you are only wasting the energy of your backlight (the light is constantly on, but by having an all black bg you are blocking all of that light).
Already a thread open on the subject here: so -locked-

As Helios would say Thou Shalt Search Before Starting A New Thread.
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