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Fire Emblem?

Fire Boar
Have any of you people played Fire Emblem? I have played both the English GBA versions and Path of Radience on the Gamecube. Is there anyone in the world who's played it and doesn't think it's awesome? As you can probably tell by my avatar, I am a huge FE fan. What about the rest of you?
i played FE8 for my gameboy. the animations are extremely beautiful and well done! There is also alot of character depth i totally love it. I am also a big Joshua fan Smile But my favourite character is definitely Myrr. Dragon power!!!
That was a particualrly good game, but I don't want to play it twice. I need to get around to downloading a rom of the older version so I can play it on my computer, as of now I've only played the new one.
Fire Boar
Oh, I was forgetting about Myrrh! Yay go Myrrh! Best stat growths ever (over 100% hp and def growth WOOT!) and levels up too fast to be true! Shame she can only attack 50 times in total before becoming completely redundant (apart from as a meat-shield of course).
I haven't seen many Fire Emblem fans lately, so it's good to know that there's some out there besides me! Smile I have all three games and liked them all (though I'm not entirely through the original or Path of Radiance), but I'm disappointed that despite the high ratings they've been given, they aren't as popular as they deserve to be... I must admit that some of the levels are insanely difficult, especially since the enemies always seem to go after your healer. -_-
i thought it looked cool when i saw it but i dont know i was never able to buy it, i had no money and decided to get shadow of the collossues instead which was the coolest game ever.
Fire Boar
UPDATE: There is now a way of playing FE6 in English! (It was released only in Japan, for those of you who don't know.) There are some fans who have brought out an English Translation patch for the FE6 rom. The toughest part is actually tracking the rom down; the patch is findable via google easily. I can't post a link here, so good luck for those of you who want to pursue this opportunity.
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