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Titan Quest

Woot. Finally finished my humble review on the game:

Anyway, what do you think about the game ???
Do you like this kind of RPG games?
(hehe, better question: do you like Diablo? Razz )
Am installing it right now. So I'll post back later when am done. But to say something straight off the bat... I litreally killed Diablo 1, Diablo 2 and Sacred when they came out because I loved the style of the game. I didn't like Diablo games as much as Sacred, because I played them post Sacred and not when they came out... which was probably a mistake.

I played the Titan Quest demo for ages... and I can't wait to play this...
Yeah. This game is really cool.

Anyway, you guys should try the demo before you buy!
Can't wait to play this game, but don't think my system can currently support it!

I loved Diablo II, and Sacred - still play them to this day, even though I have beaten them many times.
Titan Quest is everything I was hoping it would be, Diablo 2 + Greek Mythology * Mordern Graphics and GUI.

The only problem is that the game is fairly unstable. I crash on occasion to the desktop, and it's fairly annoying. I don't understand why people can't make games properly anymore. Though am sure a patch will be released shortly to address this.

But still irregardless, if you loved Diablo or Sacred you will absolutely love Titan Quest.
Farhad wrote:

The only problem is that the game is fairly unstable. I crash on occasion to the desktop, and it's fairly annoying. I don't understand why people can't make games properly anymore. Though am sure a patch will be released shortly to address this.

I hate that, and that might keep me away from the game!! I love the games that never seem to crash! I've played tons of Diablo II and Sacred, and I don't remember either one crashing. I like to read a lot of reviews, and usually when the reviewer says the game crashes - it turns me off of the game - quickly!!!! Thanks for the heads up!
If your game crashes, means its cracked.
(that's what theyr say in the official boards)

You have to have an original copy Wink
The review is alright, it could be much more detailed with screenshots and more professionally written.

Titan's quest is a game I'm going to play very soon. I loved Diablo and it basically turned me into a full-time gamer when I was playing it, not other game has been able to capture my attention like that for a long time.
Rsam, I'm still practising.
You can't compare me with [for example] IGN's reviewers who are doing it for money.
I will get better, eventually Razz

About Titan Quest:
There are still some features I'd like to be added, like durability.
I also would like to see new mods coming out. There is an editor they've released with the game.
The game is pretty cool.
There is just one problem my friend has. Sometimes the game just crashes
and then the character can't be loaded any more.
So... he can't actually get very far in the game.
But all in all it's pretty cool Very Happy.
donno about this one i get a bad feeling just from the trailers but i guess il give it a try sens it got a good review Wink
It's really similar to Diablo. That's about it.

Try the demo Smile

About the crashes, tell your friend to buy the game.
The pirated versions are the 'crashy' ones because you have to bypass the protection. The original version won't crash.

If he owns an original copy and it still crashes, tell him to connect with the company's support center.
I've seen some stuff about this game and my friend told me alot about it. I personally don't like this genre of game, but he says it comes with a very easy construction set to create your own levels in minutes.
nice work on the review!! ive seen a few screenies and it looks promising.. but dunno if ill play it though. but i may still get it if i have nothing else to do Razz
Helios wrote:
If your game crashes, means its cracked.
(that's what theyr say in the official boards)

You have to have an original copy Wink

Maybe that is true for this one game? But I've never had a pirated version of any game - I buy all my games (almost always after they have been out for a year or two - they are cheaper), and alot of games still crash!! Developers that I have luck with their games not crashing, usually earn more respect from me, and I'm willing to spend more on their games. Other developers that their games seem to crash a lot, don't get my money very often!!!
Well, the first stae of the solution is to get an original copy, then you have to dael with more technical stuff to fix the crash Smile

try the Titan Quest Vault's (google??) technical support forum.
The game is running decently with few crashes in between for me. The game is a very Diabloish game, not exactly but very close. The graphics are of course a major upgrade from Diablo II. I like the skill system they used, I'm at level 20, Storm/Nature. My only major quibble with this game excluding the occasional crash, is the number of slowdowns during the game, my system specs are mid-low(AMD64 3000, 6600GT, 1GB Ram), I think I should be able to run this game at a constant frame rate, but at certain points (at night, going in and out of caves) the game still drops its FPS significantly. The game certainly is still very buggy, good game but no where near the polish of Diablo II. Give it to use Blizzard, we want D3!
Helios wrote:
If your game crashes, means its cracked.
(that's what theyr say in the official boards)

You have to have an original copy Wink

Nah, it was already proven that there are no special security scripts, the game just had a bit of unoptimised code here and there (One of the places being the pre-gorgon bit). All this is fixed in 1.08 though, I've been playing that version and, despite several CDTs pre-patch, post-patch there hadn't been a single one, and I've already played through once. So if your TQ keeps crashing, just run the in-game autoupdate and enjoy.

As for the game... It's great. Sometimes it gets repetitive and over-long, but I'm generally not an action/RPG fan, preferring games like NWN instead. Still, it has a great addiction value, nice graphics, and simple and fun gameplay. I believe this to be the first non-Blizzard Diablo-type game to actually succeed full properly (In my opinion, Sacred and DS weren't quite there). One thing I really wish there was is the possibility to re-roll the second class, since I realized that Offence/Rogue would've been much deadlier than Offence/Storm (I like to klick things to death rather than wear a pointy hat, yeah). Definitely worth a try if you like Diablo-type games and your system supports it, but yes, best to try the demo, it gives a good overview of the first few levels and areas.
I like this game... but when I got it, i could play like 5 mins and then *CRASH*... So I waited for the patch -> patch error -> browsing boards --> found a solution yay...
I downloaded a torrent from |reloaded| and they provided me a working crack and patch and now i can play titan quest without crashes or other malfunctions
I am playing ver. 1.11 right now and think it's very solid game, worthy of it's ancestor Diablo. But I have two technical problems:

1. After playing 1-2 hours sound become very... stuttering. And jingle. But at the beginning sound is fine.
2. In any time if press&hold left mouse button(our hero running) picture at the first moments move smoothly, but then begin move "with gap". I.e. for one second all frozed, no move at all. Then picture shift by 50(or even 100) pixel to right and froze again. Then again pause about second and so on.

Do you have any of these troubles?
i tryd the game for a few houers now and im a bit disappointed on how the interface works nevertheless its a old and tested interface so i guess its ok even to day.

i dident really like the game cant realy put my finger on it. i gues its just one of thos games i just dont like
Titan Quest expansion pack, Immortal Throne is available now...
A new skill has been introduced, just check it out... Very Happy
I hoped that Titan Quest would be like Sacred - huge map to explore. Instead of it I saw the game straight like pipe.
One more problem - Radeon optimisation. On Gigabyte GeForce 6600 GT game runs at maximum graphic configurations on 1024x762 resolution without problems.
With my poor ATI Radeon 9800 Pro the game started lagging terribly at low graphic configuration!
Drivers of the both video cards were up to date and the disk with the game was the same. Proccessors Pentium 2.6 and mine 2.55.
What is Titian quest??
Yeah, I used to play this game and I have to say that it's very good(maybe not as good as diablo but almost as good as diablo).

Cheers Very Happy
I loved Diablo. Both the first and the sequel. Great games, the pair of them despite the fact that the sequel was so visually lacking.

Titan Quest I never got on with. The graphics are very nice indeed, but the controls I found to be very cumbersome compared to even more hardcore RPGs like Niverwinter Nights. There doesn't seem to be anywhere near enough support of ranged weapons in the game meaning you're left with either close combat weapons or frustration early on.
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