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What is better for layout CSS ot Tables?
I think CSS only
 46%  [ 12 ]
I think tables only.
 3%  [ 1 ]
I use both.
 50%  [ 13 ]
?? What is CSS ??
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 26

Hi! This is rahul.
Very Happy
I find it difficult to choose leave tables and start using css for layout.
I found in many css tutorials that css is far more better that tables. Idea

Even i think the same way. but i found css to more difficult in coding. Shocked

What do u think ??

I currently use both css and tables although using css with divs is a lot cleaner and shorter and just 'better'! My reasons were I like 3 column layouts and I like them all to be the same length which I've never been able to achieve without tables.
However I found this site of a dude who just plays round with css all day and he produced this
Well I'm going to convert and rid myself of all tables its just finding the time to change everything over and then it perfect again. Smile
I'm working on an all css layout now. It is hard because of cross-browser compatibility, but I think it is worth it in the end.
I don't really understand CSS that well so I use tables for layout (i've been doing webpages for ages and have always used tables)
I started use CSS and can't stop with it Wink It's pitty that I didn't found it earlier, because now I would be better with it, and that would be good idea Very Happy

I dropped tables and use CSS Wink
You should read this presentation...
Isn't it tables VS divs, rather than CSS? CSS is more used for styling the already excisting page, rather than "building it", but I guess there are exceptions.

Personally I left tables behind long ago Smile
I use two tables in my page for wrapping issues (I'm new to CSS) while CSS is mainly for positioning my stuff.
CSS is supposed to be the better way now, but I still use tables because really, I can't seem to get the hang of css for positioning (all the divs). Maybe the more I work with it, the better I will get. CSS seems to be the way of the future Wink besides tables are so difficult!
In page Layout CSS is better, however you obviously dont need to bother using CSS for content to a page or anything that has to be tables. Basic layout though CSS is so much more functional.
CSS layout is little bit dificult for me. Its hard to adapt layout for all main browsers.
I use css for as much as I can and then if there are still some fiddly bits then I use tables.
A little bit ago i would have said tables only because i didnt know css but then i did a little research and found out more about css and now im in love with it
Now I use CSS layout for my webpage.

before that I use table for page layout, When I want to use AJAX technic with my site, I start to learn CSS layout and I like it.

So now in many time I use pure CSS layout my webpage but sometime cross borwser problem I must use table for page layout.
My site is purely laid out using css. I am tempted to use tables for my top menu bars. using css they render very well in FF mozilla and netscape in Opera and IE the text does not center vertically. i have beat my head on this one and am tempted to load a table if I get a match on 'msie' in the $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] variable. I know this won't eliminate all of the non-compliant browsers but I figure then i be showing a nicer page to about 95% of the folks and it'll be 100% css in most browsers that support it.
Next week.
if you use css in your website it will load fast that any thing so most of cms also use css and other top companys
With frontpage, they make Tables so much easier then css! So tables.
moejoe wrote:
With frontpage, they make Tables so much easier then css! So tables.

i agree with you but css make the web site load fast and look clean
there are so many tutorials abut css on the net. I prefer css but I use tables as well. (you can live without them). but recently I heard that HTML is to be done with <div>'s for a search engine to find it easily. and you should put everything you want to be found by a search engine on the top of your HTML code. I dont know dose this make any sence. anybody?
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