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The UNDERDOGS [FIFA world cup, Germany]

Frankly, I've seen lots of things lately; especially the TOP Teams such as Brazil, Holland, Argentina, Italy, France, England...etc....

They don't really 'shine' these days..... I could'nt even see the best of Ronaldo or Ronaldinho..... Beckham...

BUT what I see is best shown by Ghana. They played a good game, energetic, fast..... good passing & ball controls... and Top teams ...succumbs.... Cool

This is what I meant the UNDERDOGS...

Anybody agree with me? Lets discuss....
Well they are 100000% underdogs and they have chances 1-1000000 to win the game tomorrow (against Brazil). I don't think that they gonna win.. but if yes this is will be surprise like of the 5 last year's
I have watched a few of the Ghana games, they are very quick and strong, I don't think they will beat Brazil, but the Brazillian defence has been a little shaky in this tournament and if the Ghananians can use their speed and power at run at the Brazillian defenders then who knows what could happen.
I have stuck 5 on Ghana to win the game at the bookies, because you just never know.

Come On Ghana Very Happy
i have seen that most of the underdogs really played good offense like ivory, togo and trinidad & tobago... however they need to improve their defense skills more.. most of their opponents hardly scored though. i also dont think ghana is going to win against brazil.. not this time yet..
Yeeahh... the game Ghana and Brazil is a superb game... but of course... the underdogs will fight till end and collects lots of cards, as well Laughing

The Brazilian is a bit shaky cause the're known with 'top' names with them and thy're afraid of question like :

    can this underdog beat them
    what will the fan thinks of their performance
    and a few others

of course, being TOP team is shaky of uncertainities
Well, Brazil just won. Ghana played very well though, they controlled the game and gave Brazil a lot of pressure. I think the second goal really had a great impact on the outcome. The second goal was definitely offside, and I guess Ghana got frustrated after that. If it was still 1:0, Ghana would have fought harder to get the equalizer I think. But 2:0, I guess some of them started to give up after the second goal. I still can't understand those ref. They were so "keen" in giving out cards, and yet they often mix up offside and real goals. FIFA needs to get some good ref. next time.
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