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Homegrown terrorists?


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Five American citizens, a legal immigrant from Haiti and an illegal Haitian national, all of whose hardscrabble bios make them seem more sad than sinister--but at those who considered them a real threat to wage, as Attorney General Alberto Gonzales put it, "a full ground war against the United States." FBI deputy director John Pistole conceded that the men, part of a Miami group called Seas of David, were "more aspirational than operational," and its aspirations reeked of ineptitude. When alleged ringleader Narseal Batiste, 32, presented an FBI informant he thought was an al-Qaeda operative with a list of materials necessary for jihad, it did not include explosives. Instead Batiste asked for $50,000, radios, uniforms and steel-toed boots. Was the plan to blow the Sears Tower up or kick it down?

I think that the Bush administration mis-timed this event, it should have been closer to the Nov. elections. We have captured poor, mainly unemployed, poorly educated terrorists without any money, brains or weapons. If this is the extent of the billions of dollars that we spend on anti-terrorism, then perhpas it should be used for something useful (but if you trust the govt, there have been countless attempts that have been stopped due to illegal wiretaps, illegal search and seizure, illegal treatments at secret prisons and other secret stuff) It sounds like these guys were wannabe Al Quaeda;s who wanted to get the money and dress up like terrorists, but it makes me feel safer at night to know they are behind bars, while our borders and ports are open, and illegal activities by our government are making it safer?
Yes, because capturing an uneducated terrorist is just terrible! We should let them all go!

I hope you didn't miss the sarcasm.
is it possible for you to post a link to the article? I'm afraid I don't understand exactly what it was those "terrorists" actually did to warrent such attention from the feds. Did I miss something in the news perhaps?

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