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Death Note

Any 'Death Note' fans? I've read the first comic and I'm so hooked. I plan on getting the second one on my next visit to the book store then I suppose I'll be reading the rest online.
I like this story too much.
I LOVE Deathnote. If I could I'd marry Light. lol j/k ^^* But anyway, seriously, Deathnote is an awesome manga. I borrowed the first 5 from my friend and chilled at Borders to read the latest book. I can't wait to find out what happens next.
Any of you looking forward to the live action movie version of the manga?
I've read the manga and I like it. The story and artwork are so good!
OMG... I love Death Note!! Very much. But, something happened there that made me feel really disappointed. I almost stopped reading. But, I continued anyway and it's still great.

I'm looking forward to the movie. Though, I'm not sure when I can watch it since I live in the Phils. I guess, I have to wait for the DVD release. Sigh...
Live action movie? That ought to be interesting. I'll have to see it eventually when I get the chance.
Death Note is a great manga! However, I thought that the animation version is going to be released soon? Rolling Eyes
I really enjoyed this manga, i was hooked right up to the end and that dousnt happen ofthen.
Yeah, it's awesome. The only thing I don't like about it is Light is depicted as kind of villians Sad(. It would be much nicer if Light is someone like an anti-hero.
yeu9h1 wrote:
Yeah, it's awesome. The only thing I don't like about it is Light is depicted as kind of villians Sad(. It would be much nicer if Light is someone like an anti-hero.

Uhhh, he's a SOCIOPATH! I'm not sure what sort of anti-hero he'd make. Also, I wouldn't say he was necessarily the "villain" per se, but certainly the antagonist.
I loved Death Note as well, even if the ending seemed a little... rushed. Really, I was expecting a lot more.

Now I'm just waiting for the anime to come out (somewhere this year, as it seems, though there's no official release date as of yet). I hope it's at least as good as the manga. Cool
I've seen trailers for the movie and can't wait until I can get a fan sub of it or it gets released in america
Oh man, Death Note. I absolutely fell in love with it after I read volume one. The art is gorgeous, and the story is fantastic. Light and L are amazing--you have to wonder if they're still human sometimes. :/

I've heard that the story goes downhill around chapter 80, though, so I'm worried. I hope that it was an exaggeration, but I trust the friend that told me. Ah well, I'll just have to wait and see.

...And then there's the movie. That looks absolutely insane. Light, in my opinion, could've been better, but... L makes up for him tenfold. It's a definite must-see Very Happy
I've never read it but heard the summary. IT's about a boy who founded this magical book. To make it work someone need to open the book, thinking of the person and that person will die. Pretty creepy. Already out the movie.
I just got the whole thing yesterday. Well at least I think its the whole thing (84 chapters). Hopefully its as good as you all say it is. I'll post my opinion on it after I've read it all.
I can't wait for both the anime, and the two movies that are coming out. So exciting. *_*
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