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the Truman Show

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I've wriitten a review about the Truman Show, a movie. I'd like to see other peoples reviews, and their opinions on mine. Thanks!

“The Truman Show” is a story about a television show, about one man. Truman is that man; he is the star of a television show that he doesn’t even know exists. He doesn’t realise it, but every aspect of his life has been shaped by those around him: the place he lives, where he works, even who he’s married. He isn’t aware of it, but everyone he knows is an actor. He’s unaware that the world is watching him twenty-four seven. Until a short while into the film, Truman seems blissfully ignorant of all this. However, Truman begins to see things he shouldn’t. First a falling studio light...then a backstage crew behind a lift. Truman is suspicious. Then his deceased father appears, and his lifetime ambition to travel to Fiji is delayed by several ‘tropical’ thunder storms. Truman, however, found a way to trick the entire crew of actors into believing he had fallen asleep, while jumping on a boat to sail away. He finds the barrier between him and the real world then walks through it. The film is the story of how one man found his own way out of the invisible prison he didn’t even realise he was in. It was original and enjoyable to watch. I liked the plot very much; I thought it was very unique and had many messages behind the story.
Camera angles and techniques used in the film seemed extremely well planned and coordinated. Each camera shot was associated with different moods, so a viewer would know instantly when something significant happened, or when the film was taking a turn. There were three main types of camera shots. The first one was a ‘hidden camera’ style shot. The camera view was edited to look like it had a dark haze around it which made it look like the kind of images a hidden camera would capture. It was almost always a quite close up shot. Often there would be obstructions or restrictions to how far the camera could turn so that the viewer could believe that it was a hidden camera from a reality TV show. I think the camera’s main aim was to de-personalise us from Truman. The next type of shot was used carefully: it was just a normal type of shot used for any average movie. It gave the viewer more of a sense that a story was being told, not just a reality TV stunt. Contrary to the ‘hidden camera’ shot, the normal angle was used to get us closer to Truman and to understand him. The final type of camera shot was one that appeared to be taken from the barrel of a gun. The shot was round, circular, and constrictive. It was used toward the end of the film to symbolise that Truman’s world was closing in around him.
You could say that the media messages contained in this film were obvious. Others might argue that there are a lot of things to be learnt from it which can’t always be seen at first glance. I think that the most obvious one was the message about the extent that advertisers will go to in aspects like product placement. Truman is constantly being shoved against billboards and his wife is always ranting on about the new “Chef’s Pal” and what it can do, or “Moco-cocoa” from the slopes of Peruvian mountains. His friend Marlon always buys the same six pack beer. I think that advertising does go to these measures by using celebrities who probably have no real need for their product, or spending millions on flashing adverts on busses and billboards which I’m beginning to see a lot more of. Another message about the media is about how reality TV takes over people’s lives. Throughout the film, you see many eager Truman Show watchers. Two old ladies who have watched the show most of their lives. Two policemen who seem to neglect their duties of protecting the community. A bar packed full of people and its staff. A man in a bath tub who never seems to leave it. These people represent the public today who seem to be obsessed with programmes such as Big Brother. Nowadays, adverts appear reminding you how long it is until it begins. Some people can’t stop talking about it until at least two weeks after it finishes. It even gets onto the newspaper headlines. It claims to be ‘reality’ TV show when all it is is a bunch of people who are acting in order to make themselves look good on television. I think the most important message behind the film is how the media has the power to control almost every aspect of our lives so easily, and how so many people can be brainwashed into believing that something is so much more important than it really is. With a whole generation of brainwashed public, the media and press would certainly exploit the power of the people.
I think the film was extremely well cast. Jim Carey is an extremely talented actor who is able to manipulate his facial expressions much more that the average person, or the average actor for that matter. He is extremely good at portraying the emotional journey that Truman undertakes. Ed Harris also made a very good Christof. He displayed himself as an obsessive megalomaniac; exactly what Christof would be (if he existed).

I would recommend the film to anyone mature enough to take notice of the important messages contained within the film, and of course to anyone who is likely to enjoy it. This film was meant to change the way we think about the press and media, and the only way its going to make any difference is if as many people as possible watch it.
I remember this movie. One of Jim Carey's best acts and one of my personal favorites. The movie, in a sense, makes you think: "Who's really watching us?" This guy Truman was literally being watched EVERY second of EVERY minute of EVERY hour of EVERY DAY of his life. Creepy stuff if you ask me. I don't know how anyone would be able to cope with that kind of attention if they knew about it. And now, with all the controversy surrounding the Echelon program and the NSA's secretive spying of American citizens, it makes me raise an eyebrow to the situation. I thought the review was really nice and it wasn't too biased at all.
Really good movie - shows that Jim Carrey can also do deep as well as slap stick. Touched a lot of emotions I believe - I think that we all have a desire to live in a world that is controlled and predictable, but at the same time need to break out of it and lose the boundaries. More than just a funny Jim Carrey movie - this one.
I love this movie. Man this concept of this movie is so original and it is so touching. I love the last part especially when he finds the end to the ocean; when his boat hits the wall and the following scene. Nice review and i would recommend anyone to watch this movie.
Oh yeah, it's good. I think I've seen it like 6-7 times...
jim carrey is a very talented actor/comedian and the film truman show was brilliant. u cant help but think if your life is like that. yeah theres cameras everywhere watching everyones every move but is there a group of people watching just you .... and the others actors making sure theres love and controversary in your life.

then u think "nah dont be stupid" and get on with your life lol
Apparently the movie was based on a film from Quebec called Louis XVI. It saw both and I iked the truman show better. It just seemed to have more heart.
I prefer Ed TV myself...but I did like Truman Show if only because I respect actors that try new things.
I think Jim Carrey totally stepped out of his box to do this film, and it payed off for him big time.

It also proved to the industry that Jim Carrey is an acting force to be reckoned with.
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