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LAS VEGAS: What to do there?

i will be going to vegas next month mid july, it's gonna be hot for 3 nights 4 days, anyone been? what are good things to do there besides gamble? any great restaurants? bars? clubs? secret tourists know abouts? shops?, promo codes, and past experiences are welcomed. thanks a bunch!
Buy lots and lots of hookers and sleep with them. It's legal there. In fact, buy two of them and have yourself a threesome! Or pay them to just go at it together if you don't want to get yourself dirty Very Happy

This is an excellent site about vegas from a cocktail waitress there. It'll tell you just about everything you need to know.

edit: doesn't seem to like that word :S. *maleappendagetailwaitress*.
Well as mentioned earlier you can get a hooker, Or you can visit the Golden Nugget Casino just like the one on the reality TV Show "The Golden Nugget".
Play! euuuh Play and euuuuh Play!

Never stay there more than 3 days!!!
I recommend you just walk the strip and look at all the amazing buildings, especially at night, when everything's lit up. Also, look inside then too. Several of them, such as The Veniectian (I probably spelled that wrong), and Paris have a large section that actually looks like you are outside! Another thing I recommend you see is the Freemont St. Experience. It's just so cool. Pretty much the whole street is covered by this mesh of lights and everynight they do shows like either every hour or half hour. And it's now just like a light show, it's like watching TV, only the TV is the length and width of an entire street.
If you like going to the shows there I recommend you get your tickets from Half Price ticket stand. There are several of them throughout Vegas and they sell tickets to most shows (but unfortunatly not all) at a very good discount. The only one that I can remember where is was off-hand was just inside by the big Coke bottle. You'll know it when you see it.

Well, I hope this helps you some. Have fun in Vegas!
there are many things to do in Vegas besides gamble, then entire place is geared towards the tourist trade, and entertainment in many forms. Cirque du Soliel (I know I spelled it wrong) has 2 different versions playing at 2 different hotels, there are a bunch of great resturants there, singers and comedians playing all over over the place....I'm sure if you just look around you'll be able to find much to entertain yourself without gambling....and as was so eloquently pointed out....there are always the hookers Laughing

Hope you enjoy your trip!
Shopping's great there Very Happy
get merried there. and also having an elvis presley imitator as your best man at your wedding is a must!
you could lose some money there Cool
can some one tell me how to get the point
meet in rio
Go and see 'LOVE' by Cirque du Soleil.

They're performing to Beatles music and the preview video looks amazing. I really hope they bring that show to Europe.
Been there... not impressed with the exception of....

Blue Man Group

That was freaking amazing.
HoboPelican wrote:
Been there... not impressed with the exception of....

Blue Man Group

That was freaking amazing.

I saw them last year and I have to agree....what a show! I don't know if I would really want to vacation in Vegas though....I have this fear of being caught in the middle of the desert and bursting into flames....sure, it's all good for the native who live there year round...they are used to it. As a tourist however I would more than likely die from heat stroke almost immediatly, and please don't tell me "yeah, but it's a dry heat"....great, that means it'll dry me out like kindling wood first...then I can catch on fire faster Sad
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