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Nation's Top Blind Students Put Their Skills to the Test


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The top blind and visually impaired students from across the United States and Canada met in Los Angeles to test their braille skills in an academic competition unlike any other.

The students, who were chosen from among more than 300 students across the country during a round of preliminary testing, took part in The 6th Annual National Braille Challenge(tm) -- the only national academic competition for blind students in the United States. This unique competition, sponsored by Braille Institute of America Inc., serves to encourage blind children of all ages to fine-tune their braille skills, which are essential to their success in the sighted world. This year's competition featured a diverse group of high achievers from as far away as Canada.

The National Braille Challenge was held at Braille Institute's Los Angeles Center, and the participants, ages 6 to 19, competed in five challenging categories which required them to transcribe, type and read braille using a device called a Perkins Brailler. Each category was designed to test their braille skills in several areas-reading comprehension, braille spelling, chart and graph reading, proofreading and braille speed and accuracy.
That's actually really cool. You know, why is it a "national" competition if Canada is involved. Just like the NBA - National Basketball Association, but there's the Toronto Raptors.

Perhaps the U.S. and Canada should just merge into one super-nation.
I also think this is all very cool!!. My Grandfather was a 100% albino, and he was the most amazing man I have ever met. He worked steady all his life teaching other blind people at The Perkins Institute for the Blind (located in Watertown, Massachusetts, US)...and he had one the greatest senses of humor anyone could hope for. While I was growing up I always felt so bad for him because of his condition....and I made the mistake one day of telling him that....he didn't actually get mad at me, but I knew I had hurt him because he wanted to be treated like everyone else and not pitied or looked down on because of his condition.

People who have to go through life with handicaps like that (for the most part) just want to fit in and be treated as normal. My Grandfather passed away some years ago, but I never forgave myself for hurting his feelings....I didn't understand his way of thinking at the time.

I honestly hope this competition grows and meets with great public support, there should be more things like this!
This is very uplifting to hear. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy There needs to be a similar competition for the deaf and more events added to the braille competition. I really hope the complexity of newer events added increases, since the concept behind the events so far is pretty simple(although with some of the most high achieving students, it can get very challenging)...More complex events, more options, since there will always be an open audience.

Vrythramax wrote:
People who have to go through life with handicaps like that (for the most part) just want to fit in and be treated as normal.

Exactly. Very Happy
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