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Windows Media Player 11 review

The good: Windows Media Player 11 has a simple and visually effective interface; excellent performance, especially with large media libraries; and solid integration with Urge, its de facto music service.

The bad:
Still in beta, Windows Media Player 11 has some bugs to work out, though we didn't notice any major ones. Plus, there's no podcast directory yet.

The bottom line:
For Windows XP users, Windows Media Player 11 is a must-have upgrade. It's Microsoft's best jukebox effort to date, thanks to a thoughtful redesign, impressive performance, and a ton of useful features.

what do you think?
There is a downside, the music shop links sometiems do not work and also, you may find it crashing at times, or features do not work.
Although I understand the need for microsoft to always incorporate programs like Media Player and Internet Explorer into their Windows distributes, I always hated them for not really giving us a choice. I mean, windows doesn't even work with IE, and so we're stuck with having to have it installed on our computers. As for media player 11, I still haven't tested it, but my favourite Media Player from microsoft is still Media Player Classic. Althouhg I use VLC, Quicktime and iTunes, microsoft still packs a punch.

Maybe when they release the final version of mp11, they'll actually incorporate some codecs, or at least support for more files. VLC player plays nearly everything, and you don't have to install or download a single codec.

so in my opinion, microsoft still has a lot to learn about us end-users.
Yeah... as for Windows Users it was free.. so did downloaded it and installed it... looks good... but 22MB i thought it should have came with few more codec in it...

but the real fun lies with URGE... which i cant use because of my slow 512 ADSL... Sad
It's a solid player. It's the nicest looking and intuitive player I use. Just add some codecs and its perfectly functional.
I have tried it and it seems OK.
I need to get that. I wasn't even aware of it until now. Thanks for telling about it.
i have it.there is no any thing that has been changed
I have that version of Windows it Measured Player 11 but I didn't like a lot, because it is quite heavy and your designer is not very innovative, and he possesses a system for presentation of pictures, and that can be legal....
I had to delete it it had some problems with my plugins. And i only use the windows life messenger plugin and the samurize plugin that shows the track playing on the desktop. So i wait for the stable version
oh really ??

I wasntaware of it until now

it may be a very good player I guess

thanks for the information

iwll search a download
I really liked it and since I don't buy music I didn't bother looking at the store. Yes it does have some bugs to work out but it will get there. I really liked how it orginizes its music.
Da Rossa
I'd like more opinions about the performance, Memory usage, CPU usage, with and without visualization.
What's the SIZE? (For some it is important).
And the most important: what is actually NEW?
the graphic interface had change, it just like vista look, quite nice, but i cant feel any changes in the performents . it just like a change of skin only.
WMP 11 is pretty nice, interface wise. But the good thing about it is that it can connect to ipods. I plugged in my ipod and it automatically detected it, just like itunes. Maybe WMP 11 will replace itunes someday.
Da Rossa
Is it likely that WMP11 will interact with the new Zune, or are we gonna have to wait for WMP12?
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