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Optical Mouse LED does not work

Hi, i have a wired usb optical mouse and in works fine until yesterday. The LED won't start, I mean the usual red light emitted by it is not there. Everything works like the left and right button and the mouse wheel except for the cursor movement. It does not move since there is no light. Is it already damaged or is there a way that it can be turned on ( I heard that it automatically hibernates when not in used). I tried unplugging it and plugging it again. The laptop recognized it, drivers are good, only the cursor movement is not working.

Thanks for any advice on this.
Sounds like your LED died. You would have to get a new one, has them cheap.
Firstly, check the connection to your PC. If that's not the problem then check your old mouse isn't still under warranty before buying a new one.

Most PC Hardware has a 1 year guarentee at minimum.
If your optical mouse is by Microsoft, call them up and ask them to give you a free replacement. Microsoft offers that on all of their PC hardware. The nice thing about it is that you don't have to send in your broken hardware. They ask you for the serial number and some basic information to be faxed to them in order to get your free replacement. I done it once and it worked out nicely. If your mouse is by another manufacturer, I suggest returning it to the store if you still have the receipt. Take note that some stores have restocking fees on opened and used items. I hope I've helped.
Or you can try repairing it yourself. It is not too tough. Get hold of a red LED and U are ready to go. Me thinks it is a cable problem
You can't just use any LED, it has to be the correct luminosity, voltage, and resistance. If you have too high resistance of an LED, you will put more than 100mA on the USB or PS/2 port and slowly (or quickly, depending on the current draw) kill the motherboard, or just the USB hub if you are lucky. If you get an LED that is too bright, the optical sensor will not detect correctly, and if it is too dim, it will probably not detect at all.

Just get a new one, they are cheap...
I have an led light strip for a vehicle (12v). I wanna hook it up inside my house, and i want come directly of my computers power supply. the power supply will not be running a computer just the leds by its self. its 250 watts and powers 12v and 5v. What im asking is, will there be too many watts for the leds and burn them out or should it be fine?

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To the original poster: It sounds like the LED in your mouse died. Optical mice are cheap, so I would just go ahead and buy another one instead of trying to fix it.

To eebucy: Hooking them up directly shouldn't be a problem. LEDs generally burn out from too much voltage, not amperage, as direct current electronics only pull as many amps as necessary. However, I'm not entirely sure if just hooking them up will work. If I'm not mistaken, the 24 volt leads need to be connected to a motherboard in order to provide power to the other rails.
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