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Your online routine

im sure a lot of us have an online routine that we do every single day, or almost every day. so what is yours?

mine is check email
check car forum,
check a special projects forum,
check dealsclub
then frihost, to post a few things
then check out sports.

then goto bed. what's yours?
I have tabbed bookmarks:
1. email + myspace
2. 8 online comics
3. gizmodo + engadget
4. friend's blogs
5. frihost forum
6. stumbleupon
7. download
1 Car forum(s)
2 Here
4 online auction sites
5 Email (only if Im expecting something)

Then just keep repeating that for a few hours.
I have no set routine, but I do the following (the order varies daily):

1) Come here to post
2) Check e-mail/Talk on MSN
3) Play an MMORPG I like
4) Check the weather at NOAA (I like weather Smile )
5) Visit my myspace

Sometimes some surprises thrown in here and there.
In the morning I do the following while eating breakfast before work:

Check email
Cheack Local News
Check World News

Once I get home, I do the same thing, but add other juicey bits in as welll, such as Frihost now and then, and Gamespot everyday, torrent sites, and play Call of Duty 2 online for a bit. Chatting on MSN is something I do all the time if I am online and there is someone to talk to. I do that while doing other stuff, including working in Photoshop and such.
LOL, this is a really good topic. First one of it's type I've ever come across. Very Happy

So anyway, this is what I do when I come online:

-Sign-in MSN Messenger (appear offline)
-Sign-in GoogleTalk (appear offline)
-Sign-in Yahoo Messenger (appear offline)
-Check my Gmail inbox
-Chat with my family via Googletalk
-Post at some forums/fora that I am a member in and spend a few hours doing this
-Update some of my websites
-Go back to some of the forums/fora
-Change my IM status to 'busy' and chat with a few friends
-Check my Yahoo Inbox
-Surf the web

And that's it. Very Happy I can spend all day online, lol.
My activities when online :
1. Checking email (Yahoo,Gmail,Hotmail)
2. Posting on several forums
3. Downloading something (mp3,manga,videos)
4. Surfing
5. Play MMORPGs (Ragnarok Online,O2Jam,RAN Online)
1. Check email (Gmail and Yahoo)
2. Read news
3. Visits sereral forums including Frihost
4. Play online game (Maple Story and Rakion)
5. Surfing around the net Razz
My daily online schedule...
1. Turn on the computer, log in
2. double click the icon "Outlook Express"
3. Check Email, and also new threads/ new replies from newsgroup I subscribed.
(if -5 points warning received, then turn to step 5 immediatley!)
4. Administratively look after my forum by

5. Launch IE, open, look for int0eresting topics, reply if I have mood....
Pablo Diablo
My online routine for the last 6 months has been as follows:

- Turn on MSN.
- Check my email.
- Check out daily news.
- Look through 3 - 7 websites for a job.
- Email resume.
- Turn off computer.
1. Email
2. Rooster Teeth Productions Forums
3. RTC Fusion Productions Website (my own website)
4. MySpace
5. Frihost Forums
6. FileFront
7. YouTube
8. Wittenberg University

My routine rarely varies...

-Check e-mail
-Read the webcomics that update that day
-Check the Garden Terrace
-Check my RP sites
-Check my Oekakis
-Continue in generally this pattern until I get bored/need to leave for something...
Sign Msn messenger
Check my mails
Join my forum
Join others forums
Download anything Very Happy
I dont have a set routine
but I do this alot

sign into yahoo and msn via trillian
check gmail
if i have time come in here
if people are online i want to talk to at the time i'll talk to them too
if i've heard a song i like i'll download it and update my iPod soon as its done

thats about it...
1. log on msngers
2. check email(s)
3. get on fpsc forums
4. multitask teh fpsc forums with shock forums
5. sign onto eclipse forums
6. check myspace
7. check neopets *yes i play neopets get over it*
8. update my site.. *my none frih stie*
9. consider getting on frih
10. dont get on frih for awhile and do somthing else like mess with limewire
11. get on frihost.. chat a little..log off
12. stay on fpsc forums
13. work on my games i create
14. code a little in torque
15. work some sprites in eclipse
16. log into secondlife... check up on my grp "The Rebellion" then log out
17. check into everquest 2
18. check into WoW
19. check into Mom (minions of mirth)
20. play MoM for about...... 4-16 hours
21. log out and go to bed around 5-7am
22. repeat next day starting at 5ish
this is quite possibly the most pointless thread but i didn't realize so many others took the internet in steps...

1. Gmail & Hotmail
2. Myspace (what I just leave that tab open and refresh until I get a random message)
3. H.B.O. a halo fansite that is awesome
4. Frihost

lather rinse repeat... i also go on hotmail again before im off cos i get like 30 junk messages a day even with severe filtering on.

also other random jusnk throughout the day
-uni website
-random trawling
1) gmail
2) yahoo mail
3) yahoo news
4) aim
5) world gossip
5) literati/other games
*yahoo mail-frihost
*msn messenger
{name here}
Check all my email through Opera
Qbasic Sites
My sites
repeat from step #3
There's my routine...
i usually check news while on msn(worthless news) because that's my homepage, too lazy to change it. then i go to google and spend few hours just by browsing. maybe play some games to kill the time. then i make fun of some people over msn messenger... i have a boring life.....
1. Check email
2. Check Myspace/Facebook
3. Look at the musician forums
4. Look at offtopic
5. Look at Frihost
6. Browse torrents
1. check online forum for wierdO's..
2. check
3. check Frihost

Maybe check the emails, chat with somebody on MSN...
in no particular order:

1. Monkey Productions
2. My forums
3. Noob Design
4. Check surf report
5. Email
meet in rio
1. Sign onto MSN in 'appear offline' mode.
2. Check and reply to hotmail email.
3. Check on
4. Check gmail if I remember.
5. Check on bebo/myspace/friendster if my friends remind me.
6. Fiddle around with my website a bit/learn stuff.
7. Wikipedia.
- Check my emails
- Check my friendster
- Download / Update anti-virus definitions
- Chat with some friends that are online
- Read some technical blogs
- Visit FriHost
The very first thing I do is minimise AOL and load a decent browser - Opera!


Check emails.
Check my forum.
Check Frihost forum.
Check NakedScientists forum.
(not necessarily in that order)
Check out my RSS feeds.
Start JSAS (if not already running) & check for updates.
Look on Snapfiles, Sourceforge and various script sites to see if there's anything new & interesting.

After that, it depends. If I'm not doing any work then I may play with Stumbleupon for a while, or just have a womble around. More often than not, though, I'm looking for something specific.
1. Go on msn and check email
2. Check forums (tricking, frihost, a game forum)
3. Check out lyrics or whatever
4. Leave

This is pretty much my online routine. Always when playing metal Cool
1. Connecting on google Razz
2. Going on my online game
3. My d&d forum
4. Frihost
5. Talking on MSN
Get up.
Check e-mail (all in Thunderbird).
Open MSN (appear offline!)
Check BBC website, especially the football gossip column (Firefox).
Do something useful with my day!
omg pickle
1: get onto msn ^^
2: check god i am addicted to that game O__o
3: check
4: check
5: chat a lot and get my homework off the internet
6: turn it off and go have fun, e.g. beach
As soon as I find a connection (Lan Jacking)

Log on yahoo and msn
Open Commview (Packet monitor)
Start SSH
Surf the web for info and toys
CHeck e-mail
work on forum
chat on forum(s) fucit,frihost,few private forums
-if found new hack technique will try out
1. Check Emails
2. Friendster
3. Chat Chat Chat!! msn
4. Friendster
5. Chat Chat Chat!! msn (sms at d same time..lolx)
6. Friendster ( again...lolx )
7. Chat Chat Chat! msn
8. Moneybooking (check my amount of money i earn..)
9. Oxado
10. 07 Online Website (my current and troop website)
11. Chat Chat Chat msn (sms at d same time..lolx)
12. Frihost
13. Chat Chat Chat msn (sms at d same time..lolx)
14. Friendster...

Tis are my common order...haha... Twisted Evil
Personal Email.
Site Emails.
Writing Emails.
Graphics Email.
4 Graphics forums.
6 RPGs.
Friends' blogs.
See if friend is online.
If yes - chat.
If not - go.
-Check website stats
-Sign into yahoo messenger
-Go to google ig homepage to check email, weather etc
-check my video plays on youtube (usually 0 Razz jk)
- Crank up winamp
- Get coding some stuff
I have somewhat a routine:

1. Do daily clicks on Neopets, and manage my NeoHome
2. Do something on web design or do something on my website
3. Check email
4. Wonder around the web
5. Check on my NeoHome again
6. Play around or designs a website in Dreamweaver
My daily routine concerning internet/computer

0. wake up and shut off the alarm clock
1. turn on the laptop on my desk
2. go to the toilet
3. log in to ubuntu
4. get dressed Smile
5. start up evolution mail and check emails
6. check skype and MSN contact list for "long time no see"-friends
7. eat breakfast
8. check emails again and shut down computer
9. go to work and use business laptop all day.
There's no routine as such, but I check mail, visit some forums, play WoW and chat on msnm daily. All in all I spend 2-10 hours online every day, depending on whether I got work or not.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a job.. Cool
I probably should have more of a routine online.

Sign on Trillian
Check e-mail --> leads to myspace and other networking sites
Check various blogs --> Engadget, Starbucks Gossip
Post on FriHost --> not often enough.
Everytime I start my computer its like:

- Open Mail
- Open Opera
- Open ICQ & MSN

- Check Mail
- Write back
- Check Again

- Check some blogs
- Check Applegeeks
- Post in forums

Yeah aand all that stuff i forgot about Very Happy
well, most of our activities are somehow joined with our cotidian activities, that's why before I go anywhere i check the weather. then if i think i have some free time besides studies and trainings I may get on chat and talk for few hours. a new interest that I have is finding sky maps. in rest checking mail, frihost and tones of others activities.
I just go to a variety of forums and post. Then I just surf for a bit looking at new applications, occasionally go to for news, but mainly just search stuff that I think of in the middle of the day.

Check emails
surf web
See some forum
wake up and shut off the alarm clock
I check e-mail ASAP this is mostly due to the fact that I am not able to get onto the internet at my apartment anymore. So all of my work e-mails during the weekend and during days that I don't go to the shop don't get answered nearly as fast as they should be.
Then I kick myself remembering to post and spend a little time in the forums at FriHost usually because I have an e-mail saying they're gonna delete me (IM SORRY!)
And of course since I connect to the internet at the In-Laws house you can guess how long I really want to stay!

Then of course there is myspace where I don't end up ever posting anything just replying to friends back in TX.

Then I complete any work through the net that I need to and if my wife is over with me and I can't leave until she does I get freetime to just "surf"

I'm pretty fed up with it and I'm trying to figure out a way to get the internet at my apartment again.

You see at first there were kind neighbors who really were just dumb about security and had an open wireless router. Since then I think they moved out. They didn't just hide their SSID because I can see hidden ones aswell.
So now I need to budget for the internet and unfortunatly it isn't worth it unless it's high-speed.

Strange thing is... if I get DSL and NO land line then it's 44.99/Mo if I DO get the land ling then it is 46.99/Mo and the land line is about 10/Mo
They "discount" the DSL service if you use them for a land line. Ridiculous I tell you!
Problem all goes back to the government letting the phone companies get away with not letting other people use their lines. Now the telephone company is required to let other phone companies use their lines. But now they say that "data" is not covered under that law and for some reason the government said okay... HORRIBLE!

Sorry I started to rant, and I appologize that I wrote this so fast I couldn't harness any of my gramatical skills.
Well I start off by checking a few forums (one or two, depending on what day it is) Then I go and check my gmail and clear out my spam.

Somedays I check my hotmail, others I check and some I check Frihost. Somedays I even check all of them Very Happy

After that, depending on the time of day I will usally go and check MSN Messenger, not very often though.

thats my day to day routine
1. Check MSN messages
2. Reply if neccessary
3. Check Mail
4. Forum
my routine is quite long:

checking mails
vsiting various forums
checking mails again
appying for jobs
creating scripts for my shopping site
looking for whats new
checking out advanced features of other websites
checking mails

Check the result on
read mail

do more on

gaming, working on my site

set my team up at
check e-mail
google something
download daily music
For me it is ...

check email
search for new web design tools
upload new web site and page updates

and at the moment ...

searching for a good free host for my latest site
think I may have found it
My Routine is Get online in the morning.
Check my 3 different email accounts.
Check on my fantasy baseball team.
Check Frihost so i can post a few things.
Check the news around the world.
Then I work for a while.
Check mail
Check Mail.
Come back from lunch check mail.
And work some more
Here's mine :

-Sign in MSN messenger/Gtalk
-Open Music
-Come to frihost
-Chat with my friends
-Post on forums
-See pictures on
-Sometimes go to check music bands websites

This topic idea is really good Smile
My ROutine:

Check Mail
My Website
My dad's Website
Check movie reviews
Download wallpapers etc. etc.


My schedule is uptight.

1. Wake Up
4. Warcraft
5. Programming
6. Frihost
7. That Computer Guy Forum
8. Stealthbot
9. Aim
10. Ventrilo
11. Counter Strike
12. Myspace

I cant count... Lol too lazy to fix it
Whenever I get online, I normally check all my email for new stuff - mainly messages from friends and other whatnot. After that, I check on my fanlistings (to see if I have any new members that have recently joined), and if there are any I normally update. However, since school has been a bother I have been updating them weekly instead. Afterwards, I check the forums I frequent - Frihost included, of course, and reply to a few threads, and go onto the blog community I also frequent. I check a lot of community blogs there, and then I go off on some of the most random tangents I know (I have been known to be sucked into Wikipedia tangents rather easily XD).
1. Loggon to msn
2. Loggon to a better host.
3. Check email
4. Loggon to frihost
5. Logg back on to the other host.
6 Logon to my Da and my Cpannal. [/url]
1a. Get online. (I have dial-up, so I have to get connected)
1b. Check Email if I'm expecting anything.
2. Go To Frihost and browse the forums and check for interesting topics.
3. Go to my site and do some re-modeling/editing. (if necessary)
4. Talk on AIM/MSN with friends.
5. Surf around.
6. Sign off of everything and turn off computer
-check who is online
-check e-mail
-check news
-check upcomming events and activities
-play some counter strike
Open my com---

0.) Msn messenger
1.) gmail
2.) my frih site (to check if it is still there ;p)
3.) come here to earn some quality post
Open my com---

0.) Msn messenger

Haha yeah... I swear it's almost an addiction for me.


1. Open MSN (appear offline status)
2. Check Gmail
3. Visit my most regular forums (,,,, and
4. I'll continue on MSN unless I have something else to do
CPU's always opened...

1. Check an online game I play on
2. Check out my website's forum
3. Check frihost (if I have time)

Repeat several times a day!

Randomly checking MSN...
Before I had more to do but I got rid of a lot of scrap. Wink
well, mine is get
check email
reply to email
curse at the @#!@%$& spam
open two new windows
go to frihost on my original one,
got my my admin panel in the 1st new one
and go to my site in the 2nd new one
then, its:
for a few hours.
working on my site.
thats about it
so. later.
It's a bit random, but I usually check:

* This place Wink
* A Swedish cat-forum
* Avalible jobs
* My virtual soccer-team
* Play some scrabble (unsure of how you spell that... lol)
* Check out the homepages guestbook
* Take a peak at some news
Check email
check irish dance forums
get on aim
random sites
Zug Zug
1. Check E-mail
2. Check forums on
3. Log on to wow and play all day long ^_^
4. talk a lil bit on aim

That's basically it ^_^ I love playing my Wow! Warlocks for the win Very Happy
- Chat on Msn Messenger
- Check email using Thunderbird
- Surf forums
- Read tech news and reviews at TechReport.
- Read news on Yahoo
- Play DoTA
- Listen to music
- Read blogs

this should be it. Wink
My daily routine (well it varies):
1. Check email (I have like 3 Gmail accounts)
2. Read news (CNN ^^!!)
3. Visit the two forums i'm in - if I have time
4. Play some kind of game - if I'm really bored
1) Check email
2) Check Vertigo Gaming forums
3) Check my website and its forums
4) Check Frihost (yay)
5) Check various other Forums
The Czar
Hello everybody, I am still new. I'll tell you mine.

I usually 1. Check For Security Updates
2. Check For Anti-Virus Updates
3. Sign In On MSN
4. Download Some Music
5. Research Something (Anything)
my routine goes something like this-
-log on to msn and chat for a few hours.
-play videogames.
-chat on my friend's board and Frihost.
-play videogames.
-make my website for some more.
-play videogames.
dinner(11:00) Smile
I don't really have a 'routine' as such, but I do generally check sites in a particular order... I usually check the numerous webcomics I read first, then other frequently updated but quick websites (eg. I'll spend a few minutes reading and then I'll go to my favourite forums. If I've got a lot of time I might go to other, less favourite forums or check my e-mail (I barely ever GET any e-mail other than spam, so it doesn't really matter). But if I feel like something in particular I'll just go to that site first. Or sometimes I go to completely different sites, or just search for new sites to go to. You know. Surfing the net to pass time.
.check forums
.check my points in frihost
.check my website
---update, add and remove
.chat a bit on msn
.check mails
.play flash games
.chat on forums
1. Check Vertigo Gaming Forums
2. Check Tycoon Online
3. Check my forum
4. Check something else
5. Check another thing
6. Surf.
Get up
Check iDesiR forums
Post Post Post ...
Mines kind of random but all in all when I'm online I do the following:

Check forums
Check Email
Check AIM
Check All of my websites
Work on new websites with constant interruptions of any of the above
My online routine usually...
- starts with checking my email, then
- reading world news (BBC), followed by
- a search on churro and food recipes.

From there, I usually just search the internet for whatever I signed on for, sometimes coming here, or just browsing for answers to questions.

- Mr. Churro
my routine goes something like this-
-chece emails (gmail)
-log on to OICQ and chat for a few hours.
-play counter-strike
-make my website for some more.
-play counter-strike .
Yay another good topic to join in on.
My online routine usually is like this:
-sign in to msn messenger
-visit 3 favorite webcomics
-check email
-go to neopets...[sad I know]
-post on frihost!
-work on website etc
-maybe download music
-then stumble

This could take up to 4 hours if you do it right....Laughing
*World Of Gyria
*MSN Messenger
Smile well there is no order 4 stuff i do surfing but

1 open Firefox (4 to 6 webs ready all the time )

hotmail - frihost - youtube - myspace - yahoo - gagreport -etc

and then everything that looks interesting (like some design and art webs)
Mine is as follow:

1. Checking emails (this has taken most of my time, because I have several mailboxes to go through. And replaying emails is the most time consuming one.
2. Checking forum (frihost Smile)
3. Read news.
4. Update my work related knowledge.
5. homepage improvement.
6. online chatting.
7. General browsing and download.
8. Watch online video or tv.
I have a vague routine which i generally follow when i boot up my PC.

1. Check email
2. Sign in to MSN
3. Check my website
4. Check downloads

After that it comes onto whatever it was that I booted up the PC for in the first place IF i can remember. Laughing
Here it is:

1. Check CNN
2. Check BBC
3. Check email
4. Check ebay
5. Visit Wikipedia

I do all of this things every day without fail. Its really has become a part of my life.
1. Check my site and add content to it
2. Check the statistics of my site
3. Gmail.
4. Check my site again
5. Statistics
6. Search something
7. Add content to my site
8. Gmail
9. Review some of my favorites
10. Some porn
12. My site again
11. gmail
Log on to IM.
Check email.
Browse to three to five different sites.
Days i have to go to school:

1. Check Yahoo Mail.
2. Check Bank Accounts
3. Check Military E-mail
4. Post on FriHost
..... work then school

at school
1. Check Email
2. Post on Frihost
3. Play yahoo games because teacher is boring.

Days with no school:

1. Check Yahoo Mail.
2. Check Bank Accounts
3. Post on FriHost
.... work

1. Check Yahoo Mail
2. Check Military E-mail
In the morning I do the following while eating breakfast before work:

Check email
Cheack Local News
Check World News
Well my homepage is set to blank. But i follow my daily routine.

- Email

- My Yahoo
- Headlines
- Weather
- Nascar
- Tv Schedule

- Bank Account

- Ebay

- OPEC Price

- Credit Card Overview

- Check Points on Frih

Not too much right? Smile
well me!?
i check my mail first:
then i got my site to upload or delete stuff:
after that go HERE to post some Reply Or start a topic:
then i opn my msn msger to chat with friend:
after that disconnect!!

thats all, kind of bore when you have nothing to do!
Some stuffs
2.Lots of stuff about web hosting, web designing (of course frihost)
3.Some tech sites like gizmodo, anandtech
4.Testing new softwares and scripts.

Next stop - blogging Cool
I don't do these things in any particular order, but I usually do these things in this order.

1. Login to MSN.
2. Go to my Google Page.
3. Fix dodgy modem.
4. Go to TechDirt and AlbinoBlackSheep.
5. Check e-mails.
6. Fix dodgy modem again.
7. Play Travian and Project Rockstar.
8. StumbeUpon
I usually wake up
Check Trillan to see who is online
Check my mail
Browse the web

That is pretty much it. Those are really the only things I do on a regular basis.
Sign in
Check emails
Open 2 Forums
Check Three forums
Update main site
Create pages then upload
Check email
Run Maint. On forums
Moderate on other boards
Shut 2 forums down
Check email for third time
Sign off
Here is mine:

1. Check my email. See if there are any replies to posts I am watching on the forums I participate on. If there are, I read them and reply if needed
2. See for other important emails.
3. Check my google a/c to see how much money I have made for the previous day(my fav part)
4. Visit my websites to see if everything is working fine and is in order
5. Start chatting on MSN/Yahoo
6. Visit a few sites and forums...
I do the same thing every time I turn on my computer.

- MSN Messnger
- E-mail
- Penny-Arcade
- PvP Online
- Applegeeks
(I likee the webcomics)

Then I'll usually start up WoW and waste the rest of my day.
My daily routine is:

- Check email
- Check my site for the new posts
- Check my posts on various forums like: - Frihost,,

That is all.
According to these checks i start to work on my site or my posts
Dont have a routine...It consists of..Sittin here while I'm not working and cramming as much knowledge as I can about networking into my brain as possible..Usually I'm on mIRC and/or dinking around on my Linux Box...chatting with friends...and doing things we shouldnt be
Changes from day to day, but this would be the normal routine.

Sign into MSN
Sign into Trillion
Check Yahoo Mail
Check own mail account
Wizz through the sites I work on to see what has to be done.
Log onto RMP, review posts
Log onto other forum, posts.....again
Log onto a bit
Have a gander on bebo
Then look around the net for a bit

Then sleepys Smile
Get on MSN
Open Firefox
Open my blog feed in tabs
Read those blogs
Read my isp e-mail
Read the BBC, CBC and NY Times
cool... seems like everyone has a set of routine including forums and email mostly...i can't seem to break my routine, i try to incorporate different sites sometimes...
diddle threads
4.then i check updates for online games
My routine is checking mails, listening to music in chat rooms, checking new music album releases, chatting with my friends.

check e-mails (I have three e-mail addresses),
check frihost forums,
publish website,
(all this takes a long time),
Then have a little fun!

-sign in to msn (offline)
-check emails
-check other emails
-check my ebay
-appear online on msn (sometimes Very Happy )
-log into my hundred million game accounts
-crack it coz my web page plays up or in this most recent incident went off completely
-restart my computer coz i've usually wrecked something
-do it aaaaaaaaall again
Well.. very interesting. As I thought almost everyone do almost same thing like others.Anyway...
I'm checking my emails (cleaning up the spam Razz) and answerting too . Then visiting an Bulgarian astrology forum. Meanwhile visiting frihost forums (primary literature,php,games categories). Then I'm pretty busy man and then I'm coding. So my routines are just theese 2 things. Then my course of the day is taking different routes than last day. Razz
Well mine is basically ... Wake UP Smile and see if my internet line still is active. I unfortunately live in an area where people steal the telephone cables and then it takes about two weeks to get the telco to replace it again. So - check connection ... do emails ... pray that tomorrow I still will have a connection !
email, forums, msn Smile
the staff of any online junky which includes me
then if theres any time left over i'll use it on uni lol
I'm not so dissimilar. I wake up, shower, get dressed for the day. Sometimes I watch a little TV.

When I get online I:

1. Check my email;
2. Set all of my messenger program statuses to "Appear Online";
3. Change my IRC chat name and poke some people until they respond;
4. By now it's nearly midday. I start to organise my study papers and work on my next assignment;
5. At 5PM I stop and play WoW.
ok, first thing i do is start my browser... after that I start my IM client and check who is online, did i get any new mails, mostly see if there is any good reason to let my IM client to hog up my PC's resources, after which I start browsing or downloading stuff, mostly music (yeah, I know it's not legal...) or anime/manga (big fan of these!). Like that's about it... oh, yeah, post on a few forums... almost forgot!
<Off Topic>

96than your basically spamming. Please be patient and frihost staff will check your request as soon as possible. You need to make quality posts.
I guess I'm not different than most here. I don't have a set order I do things, but I do have certain pages and forums I visit everyday, usually first thing as well.

So in no particular order:

    Check online email.
    If I'm not dreading any terrible work emails, I'll also start-up my Outlook email. Well, I do this even if I'm dreading some emails, but maybe not before breakfast.
    Check an online expat forum here where I live.
    Then I look at my regular webpages. Look at,, and Not very newsy any of them, but first thing in the morning, I just want to wake up and read some light stuff. Any news can wait until later.

After that, it varies, depending on what I have or don't have to do that day.
wake up, check email, check journal, check frihost, and browse deviantart and other artsy sites for a while, and that's basically my routine Smile
1. Check my mail
2. Check MSN-messenger
2. Visit some webpages
3. Discuss on a forum
4. Find software
5. Update software
6. Turn off my browser and take a break
10:00 AM
Check Yahoo Mail

10:15 AM
Check Gmail

10:30 AM
Compose a new blog entry

11:00 AM
Check company email

11:30 AM
check forum

start of work (programming.. programming.. coding)
google for help

around 3:00 pm

blog hopping

read online news (

re check all emails

surf surf surf...
1. Check wether there is a new translation for One Piece, Naruto & Bleach in &
2. Playing game in :
3. Turn on Yahoo Massanger
4. Playing game in : &
5. Check e-mails, milist, etc
6. Browsing all the way Very Happy
I was looking at all the responses and it actually gave me some idea on what to do when I am online also.

1)Check My Outlook 2003 Email
2)Play Travian for about 30mins
3)End up getting lost in my computer because I'm cleaning and organizing files.
4)Try to learn something online
5)Check some forums
I first go to the Hotmail. The Hotmail tells me if there is any new fun on the Myspace. Sometimes there is and then I go there. The Myspace has a link to the Livejournal, where I go to see if my friends have written any new or interesting things. After that I maybe stick around awhile and ogle pages. Then I go to GoDaddy where I have an email account and maybe there is some new something there. Usually not. And maybe even I go to OkCupid. Not usually though. That's about it.
1. check gmail
2. check hotmail
3. check scanlation sites (aku-tenshi, shannaro, etc.)
4. go on IM for 30 min.
5. play RPG game
6. surf
7. brose deviantArt
8. waste time by going to random favorite sites... T_T
I'm always online except I sleep...
I don't have routine for computer and internet...
Don't really have a fixed routine but I visit these sites at least once a day:
1. check
2. check all of my blogs (like 20, to lazy to write them here)
3. check (swedish community)
4. check (picturediary)
5. check my visitorsstats.
6. check whats on the telly.
7. check if there is anything interesting (for me) on frihost.
8. click on some random links, and then away!
Here is mine-
Check mail
Check Ebay
Play Call of Duty online
Check Ebay (again)!
Play Pro Evo 5 online
Check mail
BED Shocked
i come on, sign on msn open firefox wich has seperate tabs as my home page with diffrent forums on. i check the new posts on about 10 forums, post on some then just talk on msn, play games, reply on forums, as i am doiing now, check emails, on various email adresses. Very Happy thats it rely
Long walk Smile

the list is as I have it in windows in avant brovser (so not as a start page, but as saved)
1. gmail
2. blog of my friend
3. my page my sql (some fixes)
4. AdSense
5. page of my radio
6. page of my newspaper
7. some pages with torrents
8. frihost page
9. frihost mysql
10. onet email
on ff:
1. frihost form- polish
2. frihost form- mod
3. sfon- another page where I'm a mod
4. Pajacyk- page where you click to give by sponsors money for childrens dinners in Poland
5. forum of my school

that would be all Smile
Mine depends on how much time I have - usually it's

1) The main RPG that I'm currently playing (one called "Nowhere Else and Beyond" at the moment)

2) A handful of art sites that I constantly check for updates

3) My webcomics (Inverloch, Alice!, and Order of the Stick)

4) Whatever else springs to mind - my e-mail if I'm expecting anything other than spam, LiveJournal, Fictionpress, directories and link exchanges to enter my forum into, stuff like or Googling my real name if I can't think of anything else to do...yeah, you get the point.

Also, I check my forums in between websites (NEaB's forum, an RPG that I run called Tia'Orre, an art forum or two, and here, though I don't always get around to each one of them), and I occasionally like to listen to some online radio while I do all of this.
1- check my emails
2- check my website forums, answers when necessary
3- check my website stats
4- come here to see if I can find a subject to participate in
5- go participate to some parenting forums
6- check on my chinchilla website

During all this time, I'll also take care of my baby and reply on MSN/Skype...

And at the end of the day, somehow, I get the feeling like I didn't do anything...
Mine is ...
01.Log in Yahoo Messenger and Msn , sometimes talking to friiends
02.Log in Gmail to check any new letters
03.Visit some websites that teach or introduce new stuffs about making a personal web.
04.Discuss with strangers on Knowledge Plus(Hosted by Taiwan Yahoo) and learn more information in various fileds.
05.Blogging, sometime write my feelings, sometimes post what I find interstiong or informative

Something like that

- logon to Y! messenger
- check & reply to gmail & yahoo-mails
- orkut around
- make a few changes to my google-pages (applies currently)
- blog an interesting thought
- on my RSS reader what's new, available for free and adds value to all of us
- look for free & open-source software to improve my productivity
- chat around with friends
- read the official google blog
- visit youtube &
1 : MSN Logged on...
2 : Check Hotmail
3 : Check other mail accounts (online)
4 : Check to see if any postings of faceparty
5 : Check out the hotties on faceparty
6 : Wait for replies on faceparty
7 : Chat on MSN if anyone is there
8 : Check BBC News
9 : Repeat 2 - 8 all night
Home and repeat until dead with the occasional pint in and there to keep lubricated
My daily internet routine is as follows:

  1. Sign into Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk.
  2. Check my emails
  3. Check my AdSense Earnings (If any Razz)
  4. Go through my RSS Feeds, which has everything from blogs to tech to news.
  5. Go to
  6. Visit my blog to delete the Spam Comments caught by Akismet
  7. Visit a few forums.
  8. Check the web-stats of my forum and blog

Well that sums up most of it Very Happy
Hi all,

Here's mine :

Checking eMail
Checking recent posts on various forums (including this very one)
Checking Google sitemaps to see when Googlebot last crawled my sites
Working on various websites (design & codes)
Manually submitting my sites (includes customer ones) to various forums, directories and search engines when I find relevant new ones
Checking Myspace, listening to music profiles randomly
Trying not to be interrupted and stay focused on my work when receiving incoming mail or listening to some very good music
Mine is , get on msn,
check mail
contact Richard, co worker on a modification for unreal tournament- brothers of honor
open mic contact to him if he is online
talk about work and other things of that sort,
play a game with him , possibly
check gameing sites
been talking and gameing.
going to bed 3 -4 in the morning, sleep to 12 or 13
1. Browse AP News Headlines on Yahoo.
2. Check my auctions obsessively on Ebay.
3. Browse Craigslists classified for cheap computer stuff.
4. Check Myspace for new emails.
5. Check all 5 of my email accounts.
6. Check on my online casino stats.
7. Play Texas Hold'em for money.
8. Surf eBay aimlessly for an hour.
9. Pry my cold dead fingers off the keyboard, so I can use the restroom.
10. I'm back now, so I can continue writing my posts at FriHosts.
Make coffee, (first imperative)
check email
wake up kids
make them breakfast
take kids to school (or camp if summer)
Mow grass, trim limbs, water plants, prune plants,
more landscaping, ok, even more...
pick up kids, do homework w/ them
back outside to do more yard work.
fix supper do evening activities (church, recovery, singing etc) TV then bed

not too complicated, and quite rewarding!
just a do list that never ends! I suppose better than the alternative.
1. Check email
2. Read SomethingAwful
3. Sign on to aim because I forgot to when I first logged on.
4. Look up whatever I logged on to research in the first place.
What a cute idea for a thread:


- check e-mail
- start convos on MSN/AIM
- browse my site
- update my site
- go on my blogs
- go on ll, which I don't do much anymore
- and umm wrap up my convos
- close my windows
- get off the net...

I think that's it, lol
Mine are the following:

check mail
check the forums for new posts on my site / update my site
check frihost forums and see if i can add something on the discussions
play Skyblade: Sword of the Heavens
play again
check my email
check my website
check frihost forums again
then, sleep...
My routine is..

Get up.
Check all neccessary things. [29 yes, I counted]
Eat breakfast.
Play computer games.
Do whatever else, TV, etc etc.
Sleep. Smile

Summer vacation for me is my computer and the Internet, of course.
things that i did routinely online were,

1. Check all email accounts: gmail, yahoo, lycos and hotmail.
2. Check community online friends on friendster and myspace.
3. Check and chat for a while in yahoo messenger.
4. Post something in Frihost (yosh!)
5. Enjoying Frihost Wink

Thats all
check email (i use gmail)
go to some cartoon sites that I go
go to my math forum
go to my school site
go to my school2 site
come to frihost
it differs after that.
Early morning routine:

Check company mail
check personal mail
connecting skype
see daily planning
check site gathering of tweakers
this forum if i have replies to my posts
sign into msn... check email
sign 2 forums and check pm's and new topics
talk 2 my mates
listenin 2 some music
watchin online vids
Wow its sick that this exists. Well alright heres what I do in a day in no particular order.

- Read about Computers (one thing or another)
- Play SW/SC/BW (Starcrafts)
- Log on gAIM on my Linux T41
- Check my emails (to many addys to list)
- Update my website that is being ruined by a glitchy host...
- Rant on forums about stuff that bothers me
- And be sucked into some new forums that apparently pimp out web hosting for memebers... lol
I check the e-mail first.
Look over my blog.
Read my daily blogs, which often lead me to new places.
Continue wandering around the web
Often I do a blog post after that, or at least make some notes for a future post.
I have tabbed bookmarks:
1 email + myspace
2 Check e-mail/Talk on MSN
3 Surfing
4 Email
5 surfing
I have most of my main website I check tabbed at startup in firefox.
First I check my email and go on live messenger
Then I check engadget for stuff
After that I have a look on ebay
then I go on several forums.
This topic is interesting. My routine is check my email, watch the news in the macwolrd (with MacG and Macbidouille website), watch the last news in the real world (a newspaper website). Since I am new in Frihost, I suppose in the next few wekks I will also check the frihost forums ...
Rev` -
When I turn on my PC and the internet I do this things:

1. Open my Firefox Laughing
2. CoD community page
3. I check 4-5 clan forums and I tab them
4. Open my Thunderbird and check my Gmail inbox
5. Sign in on my MSN Messanger and get spammed by a lot of them Laughing
6. Go on and see what's new in the country.
7. After my registration, check the Frihost forums.
8. Talk with my friends on Teamspeak
9. Go play some Call of Duty or some other game

That's all, nothing less, nothing more.
-Check email
-Open up IRC, check if anyone is in my channel
-Open up Trillian
-Open up Thunderbird
-Surf net for a while then play games until someone comes online, since I usually get up really early.

I don't shut off the computer til like 2am
I must be one of the few who do not check their emails first.

1. I begin by ensuring that all of my security stuff is online and up-to-date

2. then I check my emails (this happens throughout the rest of the day too)

3. check the news BBC (as I'm a Brit, and therefore have trust issues with every other news agency)

4. check the message boards and forums, (Fihost is the latest in this list)

5. follow up on any oppurtunities of work etc. news on the media industry or at least my little section of it. Check out what other people are up to that sort of thing.

that's pretty much my online day, otherwise I'm in offline mode working on designs and images.
i. Email
ii. News
iii. Browsing through some forums to piss people off Smile
iv. News
v. Offline
- check emails(MSN,gmail)
- chat on messenger
- check my own website, not done)
- read news
- play some flash games Very Happy thats all it!
I work in the computer industry so when I get home from work I find that I am tired of being at the keyboard. My routine is to check my email, check my ebay auctions and get out.
I wake up to some classy death metal,
then check mail
then check my university forum
then check the filesharing client upload logs
read the news and the latest gaming stuff via rss
then it's checking on the other three forums(frihost included)
then i say good morning to all my friends, courtesy gtalk
then it's to the mess hall for breakfast.
Oh yeah, I usually surf in my boxers. Very Happy
A full day:
Wake up 'round noon.
Get a snack, then to the basement to play Halo for a few hours.
Round 3 I stop--I go on HTML Forums, check a few blogs, come here, and if I'm still really energetic, I'll check out a few other forums.
Then it's back to the basement.
Come up for supper, and fall asleep watching TV.

It's been like that for the past few weeks. Should I be scared or proud?
Mysterious Euphony
I wouldn't say that I do this every day, but it's close enough.

I open my Firefox and check my Gmail first - I always either expect an e-mail from my friend Lil, one from my boss Jenna, or one from I reply wherever applicable, then log out of my Gmail account and sign onto MSN.

Afterwards, I go to my friend Jen's online journal; there's always something new to find there, regardless of whether or not I had been there the day or night before. She updates her blog once every three days, so if there is a new entry, then I read it (she makes even the most deluded of ramblings seem funny) and express my opinion and thoughts in a comment.

Next in line is just sheer web browsing. Usually I visit The Dark Arts - a graphic design community of which I've been a member since last October - and several others that pertain to the same subject matter. And occasionally, I update my LiveJournal.

All of these activities miraculously manage to fill close to seven hours - aren't I terribly productive? Rolling Eyes ^_^
Well, I don't realy have a order in what I do, but here are the things I do:

- MSN,
- Check eMail,
- Check lemon64
- Check PETSCII Forums
- Check for new microdownloadz on micromusic
- Read some info on

and some more things I forgot to write down Wink

evilryu530 wrote:
im sure a lot of us have an online routine that we do every single day, or almost every day. so what is yours?

mine is check email
check car forum,
check a special projects forum,
check dealsclub
then frihost, to post a few things
then check out sports.

then goto bed. what's yours?

( my site that is getting worked on ( no you can't see it ) )

my myspace

My friends myspaces - my forum, trying to figure out how to download smilies on to it..




work on my site a little more.

And that's about it..
Since I run an online guild with about 300 members with my online friend. I usually spend the morning checking email and making sure the forum wasnt spammed the night before. This routine is the most mundane part of my internet routine and has become somewhat drudgery of the past few months - especially since we mostly use free sites (hint hint) to host our guild, it can be a somewhat painful process.

However after all the "work" is taken care of, I spend a few minutes looking for poker freerolls tournaments that are hosted by a variety of sites during the day and schedule them according to my work or activity schedule for the day if i can fit them in.

At this point I fire up the good ole MSN Messenger and address friends and guild mates who are online and gaming for the day. I have found that I enjoy playing online RPGs, so having a guild full of people to discuss this common interest has really enhanced the experience for me and also made me one of the most successful players in the games I play.

Towards the middle of a day, when there is no other work, I spend my time publishing articles to the guild and researching other items of interest including recipes (I love to cook) and current events.

Towards the evening I settle back to actually play poker and games with my online friends and collegues. This is more or less my usual pattern of internet insanity in all its glory. Snafoo

1 Open msn, look 1 hour for my long list hehe
2 open my university mail, read another hour all that mail list ...
3 open skype to speak with my english friends (im chilean)
4 play play and play ..
AR Styles
go to forums and log off lol
Really funny all your rutines, guys. I don´t exactly have a routine. (i.e I don´t do this daily). But everytime I go online, I try to do at least:

1- check my e-mail
2- Get info about pc´s (pcmag ´n stuff)
3- Post in a couple of tv shows forums, check
4- check and for something funny.
5- check shoutwire.

And that´s about it...

Then, I go and play some RPG Very Happy
before,i just read some posts in the forums,
now, i must find a job for my life,so ,i go to some HR website,\
but i still do not find a job now.
- visit frihost
- check email
- check google-analytics
- work on website
- repeat
My routine varies but for the most part I:

1.Check E-mail several times a day from PDA Cell phone.

2.Answer any e-mail that needs answered.

3.Check G-mail and delete spam from G-mail.

4.Work on learning projects that I am currently involved with.
Right now it is learning PHP/MySQL.

5.Work on graphics for website.

6.Work on website design layout.

At times I just goof off and surf the internet as a break from the normal routine. I am working on starting a couple of businesses as well and this involves a lot of online research and I have my home page set to Google news to keep up to date about events in the industries that I am starting a business in.
For me it's:

Open bittorent download stuff
Surf the web for interesting stuff
Emails & Frihost
Download stuff from bittorent again(i'm on t3 lol -_-)
Either Wc3 DOTA or Titan Quest.
Listen to music.
(i pretty much do all of it at the same time, alt tab )

1) Logon MSN/Check Email
2) Check Communities for responses to my topics/programming-products
3) Start Music
4) Talk to the interesting MSN contacts
5) Start community-browsing; while programming.

1. check email
2. see who's on line on Skype
3. go get a cup of tea and cook breakfast
Wake Up
Check email @ gmail
Online @ Yahoo Messenger
Open websites
Browsing @ Google
Research n Try something new
chat on messenger
usually research something
Utopia GFR

Mine is first to wake up, then check my emails, then go to work, play videogames (pc and xbox live), listen to music, hang out with some friends, develop websites, write and publish articles.

Should i mention that i host some radio shows on as well Smile

Apart from work, im not sure everyday represents a routine to me Smile
I wish I had a "routine". My routine is before I sit down at the computer. I smoke a cigarette, drink a nice cup of black coffee or tea.

Then it is off to Googleville. Where nothing is the same, you can do what you want, Twisted Evil and you never...never Twisted Evil have to go, whim google searches, at least two smart ass forum posts and blog bickerings...more games, repository dumpster diving, sourcecode searching, and finally.......SPLAT...**$#!!!!CRASH....&&*^^BOOM^^*&&. Then it is no longer 3pm, but 3am...., make sure I have saved what little actual work I have gotten done, and hit the hay. Why did they invent that internet thingy anyway...really?
email is my homepage
than i usually go to myspace
used to be followed by jeepforum, but that doesnt work for me anymore for some reason.
Okey, I have ADSL-connection so I'm online when I start my PC. I start my gDesklet-applet to see weather, nice candy toolbar, etc. I also see via that, how many users are online on my PC, mostly just me Razz Then I start firefox, gaim and irssi via toolbar I just opened. I check from gaim, if my friends are online in GTalk, MSN and ICQ. Then I go to irssi and check what type of conversation they used to chat today. After irssi I change to my Internet-desktop and get firefox with six tabs: Google, Gmail, Frihost, Ubuntu-fi, Ubuntu and my personal homepage. I have personalized my google search and I read latest computer news on that. I have also some newspaper's RSS. I go to GMail if have email. Then I surf net and check Frihost's and Ubuntu-fi's forums and might write in there. I often irc, but if it is boring I go to play Enemy Territory. If I have some pages to do, then I do them. [offtopic]I listen music on background everytime. Not when I play Wink[/offtopic] If I get messages from ICQ, I might answer to them, if profile is pleased Wink Not too young and not too old.

I do different thing on online, so I have mixed routines. Online all the time Very Happy
My online routine:

1. MSN/YM/Google Talk Sign in
2. Open BitComet (download immediately)
3. Open winamp (sound trip)
4. Check hotmail, yahoomail and gmail
5. Check out torrent sites
6. Visit forums
7. Surf randomly
Since I'm always online
YM automatically logged in
updates automatically checked

1. check my Thunderbird
2. check my blog
3. check colleagues' blogs and post comments
4. check MTS2
5. check Frihost
1.Turn on my PC
2.Open Mozilla
3.Google, i dont know why, i think is by inercia that i do that but i always go to google.
4.I connect to my msn messenger.
5.I enter to the
6.I check my email to see if i dont have -5 points warning
7.I post in frihost, in art gallery, the moderator thoug that i was a scammer because i post a lot in that room.
No particular order, but I do all of this everyday (some of it is kinda pointless, cause those websites dont update everyday)

- Check out the latest page on
- Check out the latest page on
- Check out the latest page on
- Check out the latest page on perry bible fellowship
- Check out the latest page on
- Check out the latest page on
- Look at videos on
- Look at videos on
- Check the latest Naruto manga and anime out
- Check the latest Bleach manga and anime out
- Email/Messenger
- Surf for something to download (as I'm a downloadaholic)
hmm get on check my email
check for pms
read a few forum section new posts
look at old ones that im into
go work on websites and gaming clan site and servers
go and play maybe scrim a few clans
do the first three lines again and chat with a few ppl
then i get off
this is what i usually do when i get home from whatever i do in the day
ohh.. as a fulltime college student..
all i do from the start is..

wake up early,
eat my breakfast,
brush my teeth and take a bath,
check my e-mails,
read and post in Frihost,
check my EARNINGS (you too can earn, just click my signature!),
play mmorpg games,
go to school,
go back home after school,
check e-mails,
check frihost,
manage and check my website,
then play mmorpg games,
then take a batha and brush my teeth,
went to bed.

im like a child-i know, but mind you, i enjoy life still im young!
My daily routine is:

- Check Hotmail

- Sign out and read headlines at Ninemsn

- Check my work emails and forward on any funny stuff to my brother

- Check if any library items have come in for collection

- Then do some work!!
1. Open up 3 autosurf programs for website traffic (new tab)
2. Check my gmail
3. Check my web traffic
4. Post on frih
5. Mess around with
Not always te same order, but always these thinggs:
-check mail: gmail Very Happy
-check (Dutch gaming site)
-check (Dutch computer related news site)
-hang around at some forums(like this one Razz )
my habitats online is:

read every morning news concern my country
read news about my favourite fottball club
check mail
perpetual obsering GPW (Polish stock exchange)

and finally : talk with my friends
First off, when I start up my computer, I get eMule and BearShare running if I have any downloads to take care of. Then I if I feel like talking to anybody, I start up Trillian. And then these sites, based on if its their day to be updated.
1. AppleGeeks (Mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri.)
2. Crap I Drew On My Lunchbreak (whenever; currently on hiatus)
3. Ctrl+Alt+Del (not quite sure what the schedule is on that)
4. Facebook (everyday; sometimes not; I don't know)
5. Hotmail (usually, Trillian lets me know if I have any mail and its usually spam :/ )
6. MacHall (I think it used to be Tues. and Thurs. but now its more bi-monthly)
7. If I have any posts on then I check up on those
8. PennyArcade (they usually update twice weekly; like all the other web comics here, they used to have a schedule)
9. San's Web Blast ( :3 )
10. Staccato ("Monday/Wednesday/Friday-ish")
11. VGCats (Mon.)
Also, I usually have Outlook running in the background with my personal and business G-Mail accounts. And, yes, theres also MySpace. This one is really weird. I kind of go on there when I first go online, but I keep opening it back up by accident from habit of going on there so much.
After all that, I take care of what I actually came online to do, like doing a specific HTTP available download or some research into tech.
only 2 things i always do:
GamePark (if some new games are aviable)
1. Check emails
2. Check SimV forum
3. Check FriHost Forum
4. Check Downloads
5. Chat
6. Check SimV Forum
7. Check FriHost Forum

etc etc etc Very Happy
My routine started as arbitrary, but now I've put in my bookmarks in order, so that I go through them one at a time on my routine. Depending on how much I'm home, I can go through this routine up to 4 times a day (out of boredom!):
1. Check Hotmail.
2. Check Gmail.
3. Check Yahoo!Mail (excessive, I know)
4. Read LiveJournal friends' page & respond to things that need responding to.
5. Read another forum I belong to and respond to those posts that merit it.
6. Do my daily clicks for charity on sites like & Care.
7. Check MySpace for any new comments/mail/changed friend's profiles.

The rest of my stuff is only sporadic through the week...I check for new editions of a weekly manga I read, check my bank account/credit card online, look at FriHost, read BBCnews, etc.
Similar activities everyday:
1. Always and my school email
2. Check world news
3. Check game information
4. Go to check new release
5. Recently, check news and results of the world cup
6. If at home, then instant messaging and so on.
almost everybody has 1 same task to do, well here's mine for now:

1. Login to yahoo mail account
2. Login to yahoo messenger
3. Check job sites for possible job opportunity
4. Chat with my wife
5. Send my resume to possible employers
6. Browse some interesting sites
7. Read some messages on frihost
8. Watch TV
9. Sleep Rolling Eyes
my daily routine...

work on one of my project (game design is my hobby)
cycle through like 5 forums when i'm bored
add in some soft drinks, and repeat Laughing

it's just i never check my e-mail. it's some habbit i made years ago, and i can't shack away from it.
log on
post at websites
check mine
check email
scar scripts
Get up.
Go to work.
Return from work.
Check email.
Play ut2k4.
Chat with some friends.
Play some more ut2k4.
Go to bed.

Might vary a bit sometimes Very Happy
1 check email
2 collectting webhosting infomation
3 my blog & forums
4 read jp comic news..[/i]
I don't really have a "routene", but I do most of the below stuff on a regular basis.

Listen to AIO
Listen to any other radio dramas out for the day
Check the ToO
Check TEBF
Check FriHost
Check my e-mail
Talk to people on my IM progs
any other random stuff I need to do at the moment
1. AIM
2. Facebook
3. Email
4. Update my site [url=]My Site[/url]
5. Play games on my site. *hah im so pathetic*
6. Myspace
7. Email
8. Read jokes around various webpages.
9. Look up cheats for various games.
10. Frihost forums
11. friend's blogs and forums
12. friend's site
13. AIM
14. More online games
15. more facebook
16. Limewire Pro
17. Visit sites
Total time spent online 5+ hrs
Michael B
Mine changes daily but here is a list of thinks that I do.

Check email and reply.
Open up my irc chat program
Open up my Mozilla extention devolopment folder.
Open FireFox and diside what to do next on My extention.
Go to Google and spend a while there.
Read stuff from
Come here somtimes
Read Garfeild comics.
Call a friend on Skype.
Fill out a survay once a week from Ciao to earn $5

It all depends on how much school work I have to do really.
So I'm not the only one who visits My Space, eh? That's good.

1. Visit
2. Follow the links on the first page.
3. Check Gmail.
4. Check My Space ( )
5. Log on to Yahoo! Messenger(most friends are offline :-/ )
6. Follow the wind.

Pretty boring, I know.
lets see, when i wake up...

check all my email accounts... >_>
spiked humor
clan website
day of defeat

and then i spend the rest of the day on my computer...

unemployment is bad. Sad
seems like everyone check their emails first.

1. check mail
2. go to digg/newsvine
3. play css
Ever since i've got hooked to all-you-can-eat broadband access, my routine has been:


So I can indulge in news from the gizmo world and dream about some fancy stuff Wink

Then, its off to a certain website which lets me download cool stuff (no pointers sorry) which is what happens overnight.

Oh and I occasionally use e-mail and IM.
check frihost and add new posts
check orkut for scraps and reply
check yahoo mail
check gmail

.............presently a bit out of routine as we don't have proper net access as trainees at Infosys.......
1) Open my website
2) Check my orkut
3) Check FHBD forum
4) Check Frihost forum
5) Check my Gmail
6) Check TUF and Webmasters foruns
7) Check my other e-mails

Rarely I open MSN, because it gets on my nerves. I hate MSN, and only use it to talk to my boyfriend. Wanna talk to me? Send me a scrap on orkut or comment on my blog. Very Happy
After checking e-mai lI usually check PDA247 (as I have a palm) and then (I'm never really certain if it's DAP review or DA Preview). But then it depends what I want to do.
Check email #1
Check email #2
Check email #3
answer emails
list books
Check email #1
Check email #2
Check email #3
list books
Check email #1
Check email #2
Check email #3
think about getting a life
Check my e-fed
Check my Mets
Check my e-mail

Unfortunatly, since I got a paid for server, I don't come on these boards as much.
My online routine:

1. Messenger (Win Live Mes)
2. E-mail
3. Check ii2 (FIN) and Lunarstorm (SWE)
4. Frihost
google as home page .. atn to be searched only through google

Orkut is opened all day

check mail

My lifelines Yahoo and windows live messenger


these are some of my fav things :->

peace out ppl
Get up goto work
At work usual msdn forums
get home check email
check myspace
work on company website
usually download anything
1. login to msn
2. check mail
3. join irc channels
4. check the downloads on my server :p
5. lay back and watch a movie/tv-series (it's vacation, have nothing else to do)
My routine is as follows and seldom varies:

1) Check e-mail. I use a shareware program for this! It has a scheduler built in and can also dial-up and log off automatically.It usually only takes about 2 minutes to logon and download mail. Then I quickly browse through the subject lines and read a handful of the most important emails immediately.

2) I go to Frihost and see what's happening and find interesting topics to reply to, or occasionally, start a new topic.

3) I go to Google and do searches on topics I need info on for work or personal use.

4) I check the home pages for the different software I own to see if there are any updates.

5) I browse top download sites and look for new software (freeware and shareware), especially in the various Internet categories, then in the categories of software I already own to see if anything better has been written. I also monitor what's happening in the line of Linux distros.

That's about it. I generally download a heck of a lot of software every month.
check e-mail
go on msn
go to summer school
study Rolling Eyes
watch tv!
more internet surfing and msn
bed time!
mine is currently....

1. email
2. myspace
3. photobucket stuff
4. livejournal
&& now....
5. FriHost forum. Very Happy
For me it's:
1. Check messages on deviantART
2. Play with HTML (or) write in my LiveJournal
3. Check my email
4. Look up information on my interests =>w<=

It really varies from day to day, but that's it in a nutshell. =OwO=
I'm afraid too many of us do get into a routine, even with our online lives. Since I have just changed jobs, and just ended a lengthy online job search, my "routine" is under major construction! I do have three email accounts I like to check each day, and part of one of them is to look at the job listings that have been sent to me by companies' job agents that are still active, then I visit the web sites of each company and deactivate the job agents. Then I check my blogs for interesting topics.

Arrgh! Am I that predictable?
computeworldwide wrote:
I'm afraid too many of us do get into a routine, even with our online lives. Since I have just changed jobs, and just ended a lengthy online job search, my "routine" is under major construction! I do have three email accounts I like to check each day, and part of one of them is to look at the job listings that have been sent to me by companies' job agents that are still active, then I visit the web sites of each company and deactivate the job agents. Then I check my blogs for interesting topics.

Arrgh! Am I that predictable?
XD No. I think it's just that people tend to sink into daily routines whether they'd like to or not. I mean, it's possible to be unbelievably spontaneous, but you can only get so active while going online. Even if you liked visiting random websites, it'd be under the routine category of "browsing" or "surfing the web".

Good luck on your new job~! Sounds busy. Smile
Mine is

1.I check my e-mail
2.Talk on ICQ/MSN
3.Play World Of Warcraft / C.S
4.Go post somthing on frihost and other forums
Obviously we all have our own unique schedules and tasks we must do. I myself don't have a routine, but it seems that most of us use the internet for the same daily things, such as checking email, weather, sports, news, auctions. It's amazing that we have such similar interests when we could be doing so much more with technology.
Sabrina wrote:
LOL, this is a really good topic. First one of it's type I've ever come across. Very Happy
So anyway, this is what I do when I come online:
-Sign-in MSN Messenger (appear offline)
-Sign-in GoogleTalk (appear offline)
-Sign-in Yahoo Messenger (appear offline)
-Chat with my family via Googletalk
-Change my IM status to 'busy' and chat with a few friends
And that's it. Very Happy I can spend all day online, lol.

Hey Sabrina,
You and I have a similar routine. Here's my routine:
Download / Update anti-virus definitions
Download / Update Spybot search and destroy, Adware and Spyware Doctor
and chat on MSN Messenger (appear offline)
and chat on Yahoo IM (appear offline)
and chat on ICQ (appear offline)
and chat on Skype (appear offline)
and chat on GoogleTalk (appear offline)
check email on 5 different accounts
Surf the web
Check out NewsGroups
Post or repond to forums at FriHost
Shop on the Internet
Play around with some non-linear editing projects
And when I am really bored, I try to organize a million personal documents, data files, music and video files in logical directorys so that I can find them withou using the Search function.

After I've done all that, I try to grab a few hours sleep and then start again the next day and night.

"How deep does the rabbit hole go," you ask? I'm still falling and haven't hit bottom yet.
Open Firefox
Open Yahoo Msngr
Open MSN Msngr
Check Univerisities site for resuts
Back to studies!!
1. Six impossible things
2. breakfast

I usually pick up where I left off last night, either with what I left open (including non-web things) or what's restored with SessionSaver (firefox extension). I think I'm on a giant multi-day cycle with checking up on things, but sometimes I forget to do parts of it for a while. For instance, I check every couple of days, but sometimes I forget for weeks or even months. I check my email every day in theory, but in practice it's about once every two or three days, and sometimes a week goes by before I notice anything amiss.

I was keeping up with checking and updating my Google Calendar twice daily for a bit after I started using it, but then I kinda stopped for the last few weeks.

I'm not very good with routines. I'm not sure that's entirely healthy. (says the man in negative frihost points)
This is what I do when I come online:

1. check E-mail
2. visit English studying forum (for studying English)
3. Frihost and post
4. go to (korean portal site)
5. some news sites (CNN,
6. Downloads some korean dramas...
- Turn on my monitor and check how did e-mule or a rendering did over night.

- Wait until i have a bad rate there, and reestart my pc. (i dont know why it locks my conection after loging out)

- Msn/hotmail/msn hompage.

- Most days: g.mail, frihost, my web pages.

- start the work of the day.
Here is my routine...

1. I go to Yahoo.Com to read a bit of news
2. Login to my email account to see what's in it and reply to what's worth replying to
3. Then I play my Real Player checking radio channels or listening to music

Then I close the computer.

I usually do this three times a week when I am not feeling so tired. Now that I've discovered this forum, I'd probably adding it after email and Real Player. Very Happy
morning online routine...

1. drag the laptop & coffee out (most definately at the same time, vision is important)
2. sift through all the email from all the email accounts
3. check ebay (of course!)
4. post at the forums that I hang some games, etc.
5. surf, surf, & surf
6. try to absorb some of the info that has sifted in
7. surf some more...checking out all the cool stuff out there!

isn't the web fabulous! Smile
hmm, my online rutine? well....
i go online
sign in to msn and chek whos online
cheek my emails in different email accounts
go to myspace and chek my profiles
update my profiles
and waist my time on the net
3) DeviantART
4) LJ
6) Frihost and my site
7) various forums and random sites.
here it goes........
# check ma mail
# serach for new ebooks...( jus luv to collect more)
# jus frihost....diggin in....
# check ma mails at yahoo......
# jus keep updating all ma software specially norton....
# some messenger
# some searces , clearing doubts
# quite a lot wikipedia (jus luv tat!)
# watch some movie trailers
# after all great downloads starts.......

and atlast jus logs onto my site.............
looks like my routine is about the same as everyone else's...

read the boeing news now web page
read my HotMail
check my LiveJournal friends page, sometimes update
check the web page
scan the headlines at
check in at and see if I have any new reviews, or listen to artist Mosh

now i'm adding post on FriHost... Smile
checking emails
logging in frihost
reading something on frihost forums

but, not every day Razz Razz Razz Razz
Fantastic. This made me reflect quite a bit on the useless things I spend much of my life doing. Shocked

1. Log onto MSN (I'm online whenever I'm home. So if you don't see me online, either I'm out or I blocked you Razz)
2. Log on to Googletalk
3. Check mails (hotmail, yahoo, and gmail) and reply if necesssary
4. Read blogs
5. Update my blog (if I feel like writing)
6. Check out news
7. Check out forums
8. Start doing work, i.e. research and writing
9. Chat on MSN as and when friends message and I decide to reply. Haha..
10. Check the weather forecast page (I'm not joking)
11. Bed-time (still online and still blasting music through my speakers)

The end.
check email
chat with my girl
other forums
my own website
check out the site of Färjestads BK.
check communities
read a couple of newpapers
you know, i've been using computers for 13 years, the internet for 10 years, and i've been a computer technican for 5 years, but somehow i haven't developed any sort of routine. maybe that would help me get a lot more done. i'm always like "oops, forgot to log into trillian," "woah, it's afternoon and i haven't checked my email yet," "dude, i haven't checked in weeks," etc. hmm, maybe i should start a routine.
"dude, i haven't checked in weeks,"

That results in tradgedy and many hours of "valuble catching up time".
every day i:

-check ma email
-set up internet radio
-work on my site
and talk on aim
My M-F routine is

Log on to WORK

Check e-mail
answer various emails
Log on to
Log on to Google
Check sports
Log on to
check and reply to post and pms.
Check out various other sites.
Log out

My weekend routine is play spades and hearts on with Hold'em on Ultimate
1- open msn and check who's online
2- open internet explorer and look at the sports news and international news
3- chat and surf
4- find some new music
First, webcomics. Since I always forget to bookmark the ones I find that I like, this ends up taking a lot of time just because I have to find them all again. I read at least twenty webcomics a day, and if I find a really great new one, I'll spend all day and night reading the archives until I'm finished. Smile Crazy.

Next, E-mail. My sister Cara sometimes e-mails me, and those are the mails I look for. Nothing too interesting really ends up getting sent to me, other than that.

Next, Azureus. Because I lubz my Peer-to-peer.

Also, I like to download podcasts, particularly TwiT (This week in Tech) and the Daily Giz Wiz. Haha, that sounds really nerdy.

Then, check for any cool news.

I usually read too. I don't know why...

Sometimes I go to and grab a bunch of Flash tutorials to run through.

Sometimes I will head over to my Deviantart page and be embarassed by it and how long it's been since I updated last. (

By then I'm probably feeling like playing a game or working on a project, so I just download in the background for the rest of the day.
First things first. Check emails. Yeah I have lots of accounts.

Check/Update my blog

My online gallery.

Then get lost on my usual hobby of forums and talking to communities in Livejournal, and several other art communities.

Wander around the web with a particular interest I have that day while downloading some mangas or mp3s
    Check Gmail ( on my mac)
    Check or update blog
    Mess around with my ubuntu
    come to frihost
    PORN!! @ and
chk mail (gmail)
chk blog
chk about 10 torrent sites
chk ubuntu (linux forums)
chk (polish internet radio)

others come along but this is the "usual"
Go online:
-Check mail
-Check IGN
-Check Baka-updates
-Surf for random stuffs for an hour =P
I wouldnt say i have a proper time table, i just go on what i feel like... Mostly its something along the lines of

1) Check my emails - wouldnt wanna miss anything important Razz

2) Shopping - just have a brief look at what dvd's etc are coming out soon

3) Bands - Have a look at anything new about some of the bands i listen to

4) Forums - This one and my mates for Guild Wars Surprised

5) Blogs - Gotta check on ma mates

6) GUILD WARS - Gotta play that every amazing!!!!!!! Cool

Then whatever else i can think of

Cya Later Ppl
1. Check email
2. Visit
3. Visit
4. Check forums
5. See if my site is running okay.
DarkCore wrote:
1. Check email
2. Visit
3. Visit
4. Check forums
5. See if my site is running okay.

Hey dude, this is a bit off topic but the other thread contributors will have to excuse me temporarily. Your username I'm guessing is refering to the musical genre of DarkCore? I love it... infact I'd consider my music as within that genre. Never really met anyone else who likes it that's why I ask.
Watch porn
Check mail
Watch porn
Read news
Watch porn
play online
Watch porn
just kidding guys...
Log on,
open all tabs, (web comics and forums, email)
then yah.. I pretend that I have something to do untill I get a call
and then the rest of the day just refresing forums to see if anyone else is as bored as I am.
Basically I do the important things first, ie, check email, check accounts, read whats new, maybe if im not busy or something watch a vid at youtube. Basically i have to follow a routine since i dont have my own internet connection as of yet. I list what i have to do in an organizer.

:: graeinler Mr. Noone Special
ah, for me :

the icq, msn and qq will automatically turn on, and i check the messages if there are any.

and then, i check emails in yahoo and gmail.

i go to mailfriends, as i am one of the moderators there, to see is there anyone posting something wrong and making trouble.

i check my blog to see is there anyone leaving comments. If there is any, i reply.

go to forums like here or those based in Hong Kong.

free time~~

that's all~
ZergZoul wrote:
just kidding guys...

i was about to say. that must be sad if it was true. i still can't believe people even do that. if your gonna watch porn all day, u might as well just try and get laid that whole time instead[/quote]
log into msn,
check mail,
check myspace
checks bands myspace
talk on msn

and thats it... Wink
for me
1) Come here and oher forums to post
2) Check e-mail
3) Play world of warcraft and others
4) anyother things i like
1. myspace
2. hotmail
3. msn messsenger
4. (326 games)
1. Check Gmail
2. Chat on MSN
3. Read news
4. Work on My Flash Site
5. Post on FriHost
Check my email (mostly deleting spam)
Check my fotolog/friends fotolog account
Check the lineage 2 server status I play
Check several auction sites.
Log on to lineage and play for about 4-6 hours
Yes, this is really what my routine is about. Procrastination. Whenever I am anywhere near my computer, I look at as many websites as possible, hit the "get mail" button about a thousand times, read pointless news. Actually, though, I do have a routine: open computer (its a laptop), wait for comptuter to register with wifi, check email, check my tech websites (engadget, /., gizmodo, macrumors, etc. 17 in all), then I zone out, get bored, and leave. How's that for a first post?
1. gmail
2. yahoo mail
3. myspace
4. job search!!
5. mortal kombat: shaolin monks guide
agreed... for sure
At 9:00 am in my lovely AOL Explorer...

1) Check myspace
2) DeviantART
4) Chatting on Skype and AIM with my many friends
4.5) Make misc. things on GIMP, try to figure out what I want to do with my new site.
5) Get off, because by 6:30 pm, mother is home and it's time to spend time with real people

1. Open MSN. See if my good friends are on
2. Check all email
3. Go to a graphics forum, fill requests
4. RP on boards for a bit
5. Open up photoshop and get cracking on those requests
6. Frihost
7. Blogs/sites if I'm bored

All while chatting too. Rolling Eyes
1. Open M-agent(something like ICQ), my good friends are offline (at 6 am)
2. Checking e-mail.
3. Visit this forum.
4. Visit my forum.
5. Visit another forum.
6. My blog
1. Yahoo Messenger - Invisible Mode
2. Yahoo Messenger - Available to Some Contacts
3. Yahoo Messenger - Available to All Contacts
4. Microsoft Outlook.
5. MSN Messenger
6. Friendster
7. Myspace
8. Gmail
9. Sametime
10. Stumble Upon on Firefox
11. Google N91
Below are some of my daily activities on the net:
    Reading news
    Checking of mails
    Checking my messengers for offline mesages and voice messages
    Checking of my blogs for comments and tags
    Updating my blogs
    Searching for new songs and videos

There could be more
1 Mozilla
2 my mails
3 looking my website (i think it will be opened soon from frihost Smile)
4 looking 2 of forum sites
5 looking my teamat hattrick

thats not enjoyable i know Smile...
For me it's:
1.Check email (a must!)
2.Check my website
3.Check some of my friends' blogs
4.Check school portal
5.Sometime Frihost
6.Check game websites, play a little games
7.Do homework Very Happy
Ah yes. Daily Online Routine:

School day:

1. Log in while getting ready for school
2. Check weather
3. Check Google Mail
4. Check Yahoo Mail
5. If time Check Forums
6. If time Check News
7. If time Check Groups
8. Log out


9. Log in
10: Log in to Messengers
11: Check mail
12. Check Forums
13. Check Groups
14: Chat with friends as do following
15: Respond to Mail if needed
16: Post on Forums
17: Post on Groups
18: Homework
19: Surf web some
20: Work on one of my various art projects

9 threw 20 I do on non-school days as well.
1.Sign on aim
2.Go online and do stuff like Frihost.
3.Play a few online FPS
4.Leave the cpu idle and go outside
5.Come back inside and repeat 1-3
My online routine is rather simple:

check mail,
check complaint file,
ruin someones day (usually mine),
Go Home,
Repeat from step one.

Who says the Internet is nothing but a life-sucking medium?
When PC is on, it's like this:

-Check Linux updates,
- Mail
- Forum
- etc
each day, i check my email which leads to about 100 other tasks which need being done. sometimes i get an email which says "your frihost count is negative again" so i come here and talk a little. some times i get emails about sites not working and i go fix them, etc, etc.
I go on my blog sites. I go on
I check my email.
check gtaforums....
and at what time does your online life start ? Is this after all the stuffs of the real world or as soon as you wake up ? or even still in bed ?
Check mail.
Check for new posts in the Sudoku Assistenten forum.
Maybe post a bit on Frihost.
Maybe check for new things on Tromso Judoclub´s site...
Very Happy
My usual routine:
Check my 5 mail accounts and reply as needed, compose as needed.
Check my team site for new posts, reply and compose as needed
do any searches for info I might have need for
check my myspace account
- check email.

- post on ign.

- post on MaE.

- Do some stuff to the boards im a mod at.

- Work on animations on pivot.

- Look at videos on youtube.

- Then just whatever.
Update my websites Very Happy
Check email Razz
Check Forums Razz
Chat with my friends
- First im checking my emails
- gathering informations regarding my online biz
- Improving my own websites
- Posting at mmf forum
- checking various favorite sites of my interrest

and ofcourse listening to music via WinAmp
I load my moring coffee in firefox....the best extn
Each morning...before anything I check my various email addresses, check my fave blogs for new posts, newspaper online and then into the shower.

Even at work, I'm compelled to check my email (personal) every 1/2 hour or so...just in case!!

If I see something, or hear something during the day I Google it until I know everything I could possibly want to about the subject! And I have live news feeds on my screen all day too.

1. Email
2. Online Role Play
3. Message boards
4. Online 'mindless zombie' games

wow... i do less online than I thought... how pathetic. lol
check email (in FireFox)
Check my website
go to school
check the mailbox
check my email again to see any new mail (for your info, I love getting letters or cards or emails!! Feel free to PM or mail me somethin)
and.......... I don't know
LoL Smile
allright... same thing almost ever time i open a browser:

check mail
check pleonast (
check facebook
check myspace
then surf to my hearts content
close, do it again the next hour!

(why is it always the same....)
Mine would be:

stare at layouts
check my mail
chat on msn
stare at more layouts
fuss about my own layouts
check my fanlistings
make random layouts/graphics for my site
visit some friends webbies
draw on oekakis
learn something new online
download music (not illegally)
*starts back all over again from the beginning*
Once on the comp.

Log on to msn
Go to (if theres any good news il then go scan other psp forums)
Go to
Check emails
Talk to random people on msn about random stuff.
Ghost Rider103
1. Check myspace
2. check friends list on
3. Check
4. Check Close Combat forums.
5. Check
5. Check
6. Now on the list, check forums
Very Happy
1. Check my email
2. Look for bass lessons
3. Look for useful codes and syntax
4. Look for great paintings
5. Check my friendster account
6. Check my myspace account
7. Check the
8. Check online album reviews
9. Browse
10. Enter a chatroom and just read the messages that the chatters are typing
There's a reason we don't post our routines.

People going by will see these routines and be able to do research based on our responses.

With that said I:

Immediately go to every time I'm online.
Do nothing else but click on banner ads

1. Check mail log from 5 servers. . .
2. Check backup history
3. Check network traffic
4. Take a hot chocolate cup
5. Listing music
6. Read feeds, personal mail's
7. Resolve problems of day-a-day
8. Go home =]
Check my Email
Do Misc. Work
Play Around on Corel Draw
Log onto computer open up google talk netscape adobe photoshop flash 8 pro all at once once done loading I log into google talk minimize photo shop and flash go to my forum on netscape open another tab go to gmail open another tab just browse the web for new codes or tutorials on flash or photoshop. watch them then when I am done I just log off of google chat and put comp on hybernate till next day. so on so on

Nice idea for a thread it is a realy good hit.
1. digg
2. hotmail/gmail/rss feeds
3. Stumbleupon
4. Check for online comics
5. Randomly surf forums
6. Randomly surf websites
go to GeekWorld Forum
Then Frihost, to post
Then Digit Forum
after that, FIFA 2006
Then do some online project
then do nothing Razz
finally go to bed...
Well I turn on Firefox and Thunderbird and Trillian.

I check who's on my Trillian; if nobody, I turn it off.

I check my inbox for mail, and delete the hundreds of spam letters... and then close it.

I open up Facebook, Myspace, my college's online space for news about school, ctrl+alt+del comic, penny-arcade comic, two forums, craigslist for my area, wikipedia, and the Sect of homokaasu. I open these all at the same time with tabs... I check my messages on facebook/myspace and close, I glance at the college page, check for new comics, check new forum posts, read craigslist listing, and play a game at the Sect... usually in that order.

All the while I'm listening to music on winamp, and then I'll either fire up a PC game or Stumble (my stumbleupon page is my home page and comes up first). I'm on the computer for about 10 hours a day at least. From when I wake up until I work, and then after work until sleep. Rarely do I do something else.
- Thunderbird: check emails
- Firefox: online comics
- Firefox: blogs
- starting to work
(Morning Routine -> Classes)
- Cancel Away Message.
- Check email.
- Respond to email if I have any.
- Check homework.
- Anime
- Submit homework.
- Set Away Message.
(Night Routine -> Sleep)

A wonderful life! Confirm?
1 - News (in my native langauge)
2 - Webstats
3 - Email
4 - Log on to forums
5 - checks my priv messages
6 - post where required
7 - search google
8 - check my rating at google
9 - msn messenger
Doctor Tohma
Sign into Msn Messenger, while that's going, open three internet windows. Have one of them on Gaia Online, another on Myspace, and another on my band's website. Open inbox, then open a further three internet pages, for whatever I need.
* appear as 'invisible' on gadu-gadu (polish communicator thing) and check if i have new msgs
* run opera
* check mail on 3 accounts
* check the news
* visit my personal photo gallery to prove myself how smart i am Wink)))
Well todaywhat im gonna do, which is pritty much like any other day:

Get up 3:30pm
Check mail
Reply to mail
Check FriHost
Post on Frihost
Sign on msn
listen to music.

1) Sign onto Msn.
2) Check E-mail
3) Write in Blog
4) Get game tips and Cheats Very Happy
5) Come post here
6) Work on my website
My routine.

Sign into msn check email.
check my work email
Then check to see what downloads have completed since the night before
then myspace
then que some more downloads
then update my ftp server with files
and now these forums
Well this is what i do daily:
1. Check my mail from my office mail
2. Open the sites and
3. Read from some blog sites
4. Read from one forum
5. Sign into msn
check e-mail
play Guild Wars
do work
check forums on a few different sites
surf and research
• Check email (99% is spam)
• View my tagboard (
• Read car reviews ( (great car site)
• Upload new HTMLs and images for my new webpage
1) Read my email
2) Check out News at
3) Break to the toilet
4) Go to bed
5) Eat dinner. Haha.
1) Winamp
2) AIM
3) Various message boards
4) Various blogs
5) Various article reading
6) Facebook
7) Various message boards
Cool Various article reading
9) Offline.
1. sign in to trillian
2. check and send emails
3. surf the web, watch videos, post on forums, etc.
4. switch to away mode
5. unpause downloads
Hmm.. My online routine, is often as follows:

- Sign into Windows Live Messenger (Appear Offline -Invisible-)
- Check my email
- Check the weather
- Check Frihost and make some posts, moderate. (I've been away for a while, but I'm back now.)
- Talk on Windows Live Messenger, appearing busy or away.
- All while music is playing in the background.

Other than that, there isn't really much more that I do currently online, I don't even have time to maintain my website, I'm sooo busy, perhaps, on the weekend, I'll be able to do some work on it. Very Happy
1. Sign in into messengers MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, and sometimes Skype - if i am expecting some calls]
2. Check Mails [Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail]
3. Check my office mails
4. Respond to mails accordingly.
5. Change the IM status to 'Busy' or 'Appear Offline',

6. Chat with some frens, or colleagues in the background

[Office work hours comes between]

7. Visit forums, php, dot net etc.
8. Visit Frihost forum, when i have mood to post something.
9. Visit my my blog and my website, Post something if in mood.
10. Surf some entertainment sites, quotes, and blogs.
11. Go home.
(Me is back from the dead~)

Lets see,

I have the Gmail plugins for Firefox so I check that first to see if there are anything new with my 5 gmail accounts.

Then I check my University email.

Check msn live to see who's on and chat with those I feel like

hmm, then it's animesuki, verycd, and btchina to check for any new anime/manga to download.

Get on Gamespot to check game updates and add more to my list XD

That's pretty much about it unless I had something special. (Like before I used to check here, my site, and my server forums. but since school killed me I haven't been to these places in months >< time to rebuild)
Um well first I unchain my self from the wall and crawl over to my computer
strap on my helmet
I creep around the stock exchanges
Peep though a cycber hole my neighbors house
I download files from the african Gov
create animations of pies hitting people in the face
and then I give my self a computer virus
This is what i do everytime i wake up Very Happy
1. Go on the computer
2. Check msn
3. Play some fps (for a few hours)
4. Go and eat
5. Play some more fps (for more hours)
6. Take a shower at 11:00pm
7. Play some fps (for a few hours untill like 3:00am or lower)
8. Watch tv or a movie
9. Go to sleep
Interesting topic.. I'll supply mine:

1- Check my fantasy sports teams (Yahoo)
2- Check my forum and perform admin duties if needed (usually not)
3- Goto a couple of other forums
4- Fix a random error on my wife's computer
5- Come to fihost and interject my opinion on a post or two.
6- Play some kind of game. (Usually for a really long time)
7- sleep

Notice the absence of checking email- I always have over 100 messages it seems (bad Xeon)
Notice the absence of turning on messenger - Its always on.

And recently steps 2-7 get skipped because I got a new PS2.

Sometimes when I get really bored I come to frihost and start cliking on things (Google ads, people's sigs, etc.)
i check my mail on gmail, read slashdot, check out cnn and drudge report.
sign on msn messenger
check e-mail
check news
look at facebook
check other e-mail accounts
read blogs
My routine goes like this:

1. Sign into Messenger + Skype.
2. Check Hotmail Email.
3. Check Google Email.

the rest of the time depends on who talks to me, or who's emailed me. Now I'll be spending time on the FRIHOST forum!
hmm simple,

checking mails
looking for new stuff on e-bay and well
check some boards for new messages

tab 1: gmail
tab 2: personalized google homepage
tab 3:
tab 4:
tab 5: yahoo chess
tab 6: counterstrike forums
tab 7: C++ tutorial
tab 8: friends website
tab 9: MPJA store
tab 10: voIP
tab 11: box-to-box
tab 12: frihost (new)
tab 13: sourceforge
tab 14: wired news
My online routine is anything but routine, it varies from researching things to playing Legend Of The Green Dragon, and chatting with friends and family. Most of my research goes into my company or vehicles, both of which are proud things of mine. Well I guess that is all, and no one ever has a "routine"
My online routine is :

1. Check all e-mail (I've so many e-mails like yahoo, hotmail, gmail, my company mails etc)
2. make all the reply and compose new mails as required
3. read some newspaper on current news
4. check on bittorrent for new torrent in my interest topic
5. forum checking
6. look on my VOIP GK billing system
7. check all VOIP devices online and working well
8. listing song
9. download some tutorials on selected topics.
I am a webcomic addict. is a daily must-check for me.

It's going to be VERY hard for me when I actually start traveling, because internet access is spotty and I'm going to miss whole story arcs.
wake up!
Check my E-mail,
check my second e-mail,
Check the status of my on-line chess game,
Make few moves.
Look for a job!
Open Caffinated Begerage of Choice

Open Msn and TeamSpeak

Open Winamp and load appropriate music

Control Northern California Airspace as Oakland Center

Hop in a Canadair Regional Jet and fly from San Fransisco (KSFO) to Denver (KDEN)

Take a break and kill a few of my online buddies (Perferably with a sniper rifle)

That is my buddy Andy Razz

Take some time to Check Mail and Manage My Airline

Then finish it all off with a couple hours struggle for world domination

Ironicly, that little yellow dot is also my friend Andy lol

Hope you have this much fun with your computer Razz
1.) Update my website, add fresh news and check the stats.
2.) Code my next website, (the one that is for sale).
3.) Visit Zone-H to check for security news that is helpful in protecting my sites.
4.) Visit our Province Website, Moderate the Chatbox and the Forum.
5.) Surf and look some new and interesting things.
Well, there are some things like:

- reading news and weather forecast
- checking e-mail
- read a daily newsletter of a european car magazine and completing my own car database with this information
- checking my favourite MP3-site for new added songs

that I make everyday, but most of my favourite pages are visited only once a week or once a month. Then I started to post here, mainly to get a free Web Host, so I will have lots of work to complete my new HP in the next weeks.
here is my usual internet rutine
1. check gmail
2. read forums about vista
3. gallery2 forums
4. phpbb forums
5. here
6. check local news and weather
1. Check e-mail
2. Check today's freeware game and software (
3. Check few forums for answers to my questions (

And when I do checks 2. and 3. I sometimes read some news about computers and electronics.
mine is:
login to gmail
login to orkut
scrapping friends
making new friends
checking my frihost account
modifing site details
checking mails
visiting some java forums
searching net for more resources.
reading ebooks
Hi Dear Friends,
I need help to host a tamil webpage how to place the tamil Unicode font there.please any one can help
I have been online for exactly 11 years now, starting with the Lynx browsers, upgrading to Mosaic, playing around in MUD's, MOO's, flirting with VERONICA and making ARCHIE jealous, it was fun!

Right now, I am working on a new concept on the Internet, which occupies most of my time! One day I will share that idea with you all!
My first post, interesting I hope :

1.Log into Yahoo Messenger (tells me if I have mail)
2.check out = greeat comic inspired b half-life 2
3.check put autoitscript forums
4.Bash my keyboard for typing wrong and making me look syupid
I check Yahoo
Myspace (if I had comments which appear in my Yahoo)
LiveJournal and Xanga
here if there is something I am following

various other websites that are sent to me throughout the day

I don't really have a routine I just make sure that I visit certain places
Check Mail
Update Webpage
I check my email, than I check ebay.
I usually start by checking all of the webcomics I read:

Then I move on to some current events, ie:

Lastly, I check out the discussions by hitting up the forums I frequent.

I usually don't check my emails first thing in the morning, but later in the afternoon/evening, it's all fair game.
emel - gmail, yahoo
bank- just to see my current status eventhough i know nothin happen
deviant art - idea for design
work - usually use

next time maybe frihost become my habit, who knows?
Play World of Warcraft
Post on these forums
Play World of Warcraft

then email here and there
check mail,

promote my website,

attend in forums,

browse some porns,

i don't really have a routine in that i do all of these things everytime, but here's a list of things i do most often:

1. check my emails (obviously the most often out of all of the following)
2. chat with friends to figure out what's going on for the night/weekend
3. find new torrents to download, which i will do now after thinking about it
4. go to for my local news and forecast
5. see the new cartoons on - my favourite -, and

for those with light stomachs and the inability to find mindless gore, i wouldn't recommend the last one. believe me, the title is deceiving.

6. post on frihost Razz
7. work on website(s)
8. go on to find something stupid to watch
9. google something stupid
10. be stupid
my ryutine is as follows

- i check my email
- surf ebay
-look for anything new
-enjoy some free downloads
First I check my e-mails (about 300 times a day;-)
2. Check mushroom's forum (about 1 times a day:-)
3. Improve my forum (a private one:-)
4. check my blog or post new pictures I made (
5. check for new Jobs (I find one now!Smile so no more searching Jobs online for a while
hey everyone!.. I usually start my online routine by checking my email and nem comments in my blog. I also write new posts and chat in the MSN with my friends. it's all the same erveryday.. my routine changes when i need to search for tools for my website or news about new technology.
1. Check at least one email account.
2. Check my MySpace.
3. Check my Xanga.
4. Sometimes check my LiveJournal.
5. Go read on

I spend way too much time on all of this, but it's routine...
I check all my email accounts.
Download / Update anti-virus definitions.
Pop into a few forums.
Read some news of the day.
check frihost and add new posts
check orkut for scraps and reply
check yahoo mail
check gmail

Log into gMail
Check webcomics if Monday, Wednesday, or Friday
Check forums
Check updates on stuff
Log into whatever I'm into at the time.
Man I am boring compared to the others

-check gmail
-check espn
-look at dice, careerbuilder, monster, hotjobs
The first what I do on comp is:
turn on winamp
check Gmail
check forum (all in polish)
check frihost
check Travian
read some information from world.
and possibly some games :]
when i get online for my daily routine -- what do i do? or should i say what don't i do.

check email (3 accounts)
check my fantasy sports teams
pay bills
check bank accounts
check myspace and facebook for new messages from friends
click on random posts on frihost
respond to a few frihost posts
watch sports scores
work on computers all day long
email people
watch google videos
then get off.

hows that for a few things to do while on the internet.
SAP (of course)


get up
switch on pc
go outisde for fresh air and sun
TRY and meditate
go online
MSN (trying to hold off on it)


repeat x

I turn on my computer, check out the warcraft forums, then I usually start the day playing warcraft 3 till I get tired. Then I take a break for a while then I play poker on pokerstars.
1) e-mail
2) orkut
3) livejournal
4) other rss feeds (friends, tech, news)
5) forums
6) downloads
7) wrk wrk wrk
i am boring and new to all this online stuff (even though my work revolves around it)

Check email (all day non stop)
Check out F1 news during lunch
Figure out how this forums work lately (lol)
look around for free or cheap stuff for my business

That's it

PS if you can read this I have succesfully posted my first comments on a forum Very Happy
I go on Aim and talk to my friends
then check my email
then go on myspace
then check out weather
Drink coffee. Smoke cigarette (bad, I know...) Drive to work. Smoke cigarette & drink coffee. Check e-mail. Check blog. Read news. Check other blogs. Work. Periodically check e-mail and blog. Go home. Smoke a cigarette. Check e-mail. Read news. Read blogs. Post on blog.

Go to bed. Zzzzzz.
My Life is slightly more boring and monotonous than some guys in a sense.

7am - Wake up for work
9am - Check emails in the office
11am - Meeting
1pm - Write my blog and lunch
5pm - Drink, smoke and chill with friends in the pub
7pm - Dinner with the kids
10pm - Write my blog
11pm - Play warcraft and tuck the kids to sleep
12am - THE REST IS
- check an email couple times a day
- ran a music on my pc, so it`s going to be listened when I`m doing sth.
- go to my project forum, post some
- talk about assingments and project with my people
- read some book
- write some for my projects -> 1. do some mind-map 2. write
- ride a bike if I can once a day
- stroll through the net searching 4 sth. interesting
check email yeah outlook
then i look @ affiliate clix thru xy7
then myspace
porn lol

step1.Chek email
Chek games forums
go to gamespot
play online
online chez
Update things....
downlaod "thingz" Razz bad ones
step2.sleep...ZzZzZzZ.repeat step 1
Well, immediately i get to work,:

1. Automatically sign in to Yahoo (offline!)
2. Sign in to MSN(offline!)
3. Check My Yahoo page, visit any interesting links there, and my mail
4. http://aboutdisgirl.deviantart.comMy Deviantart Page
5. Check my Hotmail
6. Frihost, drop some posts
7. Google, cos there's ALWAYS something im looking for
8. And anything else that catches my eye!
Well, immediately i get to work,:

1. Automatically sign in to Yahoo (offline!)
2. Sign in to MSN(offline!)
3. Check My Yahoo page, visit any interesting links there, and my mail
4. http://aboutdisgirl.deviantart.comMy Deviantart Page
5. Check my Hotmail
6. Frihost, drop some posts
7. Google, cos there's ALWAYS something im looking for
8. Download pics, songs and tutorials
Getting a chance to sit in the Internet Lab of our college in difficult. Generally I get one hour per day for it. Somedays I can not browse. If I get sometime I do as follows.

1.Check my emails
1.1(Optional) If some requests in my email, do that.
2. Login to Orkut
3. Visit
4. Do some seaches if required
5. Visit
Plaing games, check email,playing games,check email
surf internet get info,check email, surf internet check info

I hope i can go back to play games like before again XD
Check game news
Check mail
I do have a sorta 1
-Check Emails
-Check 3-4 Forums
-Check 3 Game Sites For updates
-Browse the Web!
It a perty good one and after that i just go find other forums to post on!
i check emails
read top stories in 3 newspapers
check 4 forums..5 now..
then it is just surfing..
Daily routine:
Spend 10 minutes checking and replying mail
Spend 1 hour doing my work
Spend 1 hour researching on some topics that are taught in school
Recheck our emails again.
Arrow . log on msngers
Arrow . check email(s)
Arrow . search anything in google
Arrow . consider getting on frih
Arrow . dont get on frih for awhile and do somthing else like mess with bearshare
Arrow . get on frihost.. chat a little..log off
Arrow . work on my games i create
Arrow . play Aok:tc (age of kings:the conq)
Arrow . play underground for about...... 2-8 hours
Arrow . log out and go to bed around 12-1am
Arrow . repeat next day starting at 5ish

but, now frih is starting to caome to the front. i actually havent checked my mail for about a week Shocked
eagame forum
my ipb skin project
gfx forum
game news
Sorta crawl/fall outta bed.
Turn off WoW glider that has been botting all night.
Check first e-mail.
Check second e-mail.
Open AIM, actually Trillian.
Turn on my Hype playlist on itunes. (the first song is Get Ready to Die by AWK)
Then take a shower.
GrieverCRO wrote:
i usually check news while on msn(worthless news) because that's my homepage, too lazy to change it. then i go to google and spend few hours just by browsing. maybe play some games to kill the time. then i make fun of some people over msn messenger... i have a boring life.....

My online life is boring too. Once I logon to the web in the morning

1. I check my Gmail and Hotmail
2. I check the daily news (Washingtong Post, CNN, Philippine news sites)
3. I read the blogs I get through my RSS Reader (SAGE, right off the FireFox)

The above usually takes an hour. Then before going to sleep at night i log on again

4. I visit Zenit
5. I go to the ChristianForums where I am a regular.
6. Visit the Wikipedia to check how some articles are being developed.

The above takes a longer time, about 1 and a half hours. If the Frihost forums become a habit, it'll probably take longer. Very Happy
Log to messenger
Check e-mail
Check the news (
Read an article in at or other similar site.

Then start working coz you gotta make a living!!
I'd have to say mine is:

Check homepage
Check Myspace
Check email
Check homepage again (my homepage is a forum)
Play CSS or another game
Read the news
Check slashdot
Start working ;p
evilryu530 wrote:

My online routine is :

open frihost and check all forums
check my mails
browsing through different game sites
searching in google for various technologies.
mine are:
check email;
check the visits number of my site;
chat with my friends;
post on this forum.
Check email
Read some It news
Update my site
Update other sites
Talk to my girlfriend
Sometimes play online game
Sometimes write messages here
Read many manuals online
And googling every hour for many answers
Also use google as calculator (yes its very nice and easy calculator)
rulz here ^^
the following isnt in a certain order.
I have no ordered routine

>News (mostly local)
>MSN / Jabber / ICQ / IRC

non internet routines

>testing some python tacticts that i have thought about during work time
>playing some:
4 in a row
>checking the:
memory use
cpu speed and temp
system load
some logs to see if something interesting have happened
Online my msn
surf the net
open winamp
i was happy when i surf the net because it .......
1) Open my website
2) Check my orkut
3) Check FHBD forum
4) Check Frihost forum
5) Check my Gmail
6) Check TUF and Webmasters foruns
7) Check my other e-mails

Rarely I open MSN, because it gets on my nerves. I hate MSN, and only use it to talk to my boyfriend. Wanna talk to me? Send me a scrap on orkut or comment on my blog. Very Happy
Check my calendar for day (essentialPIM)
college work
work on website
google news if bored
games sites
chat with google talk
I can't believe some people have such long routines.

I check my e-mail I guess, but then I just do whatever I want. Like today I'm here!
My online routine is as follows:

1.) Do College stuff
2.) Post at Frihost
3.) More College stuff
4.) Ebay
5.) Play Quake or COD or Halo
the 10 things i end up doing...

+ download software/games/movies/music/book from torrent indexes.
+ google vids.
+ check out news in depth. (incl. movies/games)
+ scan forums/shoutwire/blogs, whats hot on the net today.
+ research something random
+ go shopping through shop engines and ebay.
+ forever tweaking my system setup.
+ play games, mostly good fps and rts (and anything by introversion)
+ watch movies
+ work on projects ( psp, html )

hope something here inspires you to do more
This is what I usually do to start the day in my office.

1. Open Internet Explorer, view
2. Check Yahoo! mail
3. Check Google Mail
4. Check my friendster account
5. Open my Microsoft Outlook and check my company emails
6. Read blogs... blogs.. blogs...
7. Read Mens Health Online
8. work.
My daily rituals are as follows:

Check e-mail
Check ESPN
Check the other news sites
Check e-mail
Go to bed
before my usual online routine is just to chat, check email, play online games, update my website... it's a different story now. when i go online, i just check my email, post here, update my website and chat for a couple of minutes then logout and go home... Smile
James Yu
Wake up
rush to office

login...check company emails.


8 hours of repetitive work

go home
Eat some fast food.
Check my hotmail
Check, check the stock market
Checked, in particular, check Australia I.T news
Checked the lastest news on PC hardware.

Now i am going to add a new routine, check frihost.

Any aussie here?
Opera - check email
Opera - Frihost
Opera - other forums
Internet Explorer - Livejournal
ICQ - My friends
Last step for 2 or 3 hours=)
Opera - check email
All over now.
For me everyday is different, i dont actually have any routine, maybe only checkin this site for funny and strange posts
Well it goes like this:
1. Come to Frihost, post a bit
2. Get new renders for sigs
3. Check email
4. Post more in Frihost
5. Watch Homestar Runner
My daily internet routine are as follows:

Check Emails

Check Softwares Updates

Check Friendster

Chat Friends

Reading BBC Technology News

Frihost Forum Posting

Searching Tutorials

Playing Games
computer sites
ie. engadget, ...
psp sites
check email (thunderbird/popfile)
log on to meebo, or gaim
open google reader check digg, and other bookmarks
1-Check Homestar
2-Check Email
3-Check Forums #1-7
4-Check Webcomics
5-Check DeviantArt
6-Repeat 2, 3, and 5 until I think of something better to do.
First of all, connect to something ONLINE RADIO and listen eletronic music
Arrow - Open my emails and answer .
Arrow - Open a lot of forums that i like to participate and help some peoples, ur post interesting posts.
Arrow - Log in OGAME(a nice game)
Arrow - play a Counter-Strike with some friends
Arrow - Talk at Msn
Arrow - See a lot of sites with NEWS about the world or the country
Arrow - Search something in google, or other sites
Its this !!!

My only routine is checking my myspace every time i log on...after that i wing it.
I guess reading news is important for me
My routine might change due to the fact I just joined FriHost, but here's how it went before I joined FriHost:

1. Check Absolute Zero Forums
2. Check the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del
3. Check the webcomic Least I Could Do
4. Check the forum/blog site, MMOTales
5. Check deviantART, except on thursdays and fridays, check NarutoFan first for any updates.
6. Usually just chat on MSN, check my RP site if I get notified of an update.. just surfing the 'net basically.
1>login on msn
2>fire up firefox and load,,,
3>start browsing by searching for something at google
4>IF I REMEMBER: log in on
5>logout everywhere Very Happy


From the 3rd step on, anything could happend. Depends on what I stumble into.
1.) Log into Personalized Google.
2.) Check Gmail
3.) Check AOL
4.) Surf
5.) Myspace or Freewebs
6.) Here
7.) City of Heroes
Boing Boing
Wikipedia (typically)
Frihost (now!)
Various other blogs and sites if I have time to surf about
evilryu530 wrote:
im sure a lot of us have an online routine that we do every single day, or almost every day. so what is yours?

mine is check email
check car forum,
check a special projects forum,
check dealsclub
then frihost, to post a few things
then check out sports.

then goto bed. what's yours?

Something Similar

1. On the PC
2. Check Mail on
3. Some News
4. Check Forum
5. Play Road Rash
6. Chat on Yahoo
7. Shutdown PC
Mine is
-get up check my msn and email and drink a coffee
-got to work 10am-8:30pm
- come home check my msn and email again
-Check Frihost for topics and post
-play some pogo)
-Then Chat with my friends between doing that
First I open (I have an alias URL at Avant, so I only have to type "gg" and hit enter, and for Opera, I use speed dial)
so I:

    ->check mail;
    ->check site status (Analytics);
    ->check site indexed status;
  • my site
    -> click on the statistics to see who viewed my site;
    ->probably add something new;
  • open Yahoo! Messenger to check my offline messages;
  • go to geekdomain dot net;
  • go to frihost dot com;
  • do a project;
(Normal Work Days)
-Wake up check gmail.
-Say hi to friends on aim.
-Go to work/Come home form work
-Listen to some music followed by Checking the Youtube.
-Browsing the Muchosucko Going to bed.

( On my days not at work )
So for me it starts off when i wake up.

-Log into my Gmail account and check my mail.
-Turn on Joost and watch a couple shows while i wake up.
-Then ill log onto youtube and see if any of my subscribers have replied to any of my video's.
-Then its onto saying hi to all my friends on Aim.
-After that i move on to Play Dota for a while or World of Warcraft
-Followed by Other random things threw out the day.
Well once I get up or get on the computer

1 - Email
2 - might have somthing nice !
3 - Frihost forum - because i want to keep hosting Very Happy
4 - - FREE RP/anime website
5 -
6 - might have some nice new software
7 - check out the websites of my favorite tv channels and there is to many to list
8 - then do whatever I do
JC Denton
1. A swedish forum - because it's my start page.

After that I kinda don't have any order, but I use to:

Check mail
Check some webcomics
Check Gametrailers for some new stuff
Search around for weird computer stuff which I can conquer the world with or just use on my friend to scare them.
Search for cute stuff to fill my computer with.
Manus et Therion
Since I work from home on the Internet, I do have a pretty set routine. First, I boot up the puter. I use IE 7 and have eight home pages that load up right away. While they're loading, I log on to my MSN Live and Yahoo IM accounts. I open my spread sheets. I start my Outlook which downloads my mail for me. Then I check out my home pages:
3) (which is where most my junk mail goes)
4) MySpace
6) Aeclectic Tarot's website
7) FriHost
Cool Windstream (to watch the Reutters news service)

Then I work all day going back and forth and checking out other sites and forums.
My daily online routine goes something like this:

1) Turn on the computer and connect to the internet at 8pm (I can access the internet from 8pm to 8am)
2) Check my hotmail, gmail and sometimes yahoomail. All I get is spam mails.
3) Log on to facebook and hi5 to reply to some wall messages/profile comments, give photo comments and browse the newly added stuffs of my friends.
4) Frihost and other similar forums.
5) Sign in to msn messenger and chat with my buddies.
6) Do my daily routine of maintaining my nation/colony at the browser based games cybernations & lunarwars.
7) Continue chatting until I feel sleepy and then I disconnect at around 12 am.
No particular order, but I do all of this everyday (some of it is kinda pointless, cause those websites dont update everyday)

- Check out the latest page on
- Check out the latest page on
- Check out the latest page on
- Check out the latest page on perry bible fellowship
- Check out the latest page on
- Check out the latest page on
- Look at videos on
- Look at videos on
- Check the latest Naruto manga and anime out
- Check the latest Bleach manga and anime out
- Email/Messenger
- Surf for something to download (as I'm a downloadaholic)
i stay online almost the whole day everyday and yet i can't remember what i did. What i can remember is:

check mail
check frihost
check neowin
check neopets
online gaming. Laughing
2. (see 1.)
4. See 3.
5. Homepage: Google reader/Gmail (seperate tabs)
6. Nothing better to do, finished reading, then FriHost (1st bookmark).
this is my online routine

checking mails
yahoo messenger
go to forums
I also check my frihost everyday.
1. aim
2. email
3. myspace
4. forums (about three of them)
5. delicious (which leads to blogs, news, etc. all my feeds)
Wait for Gmail to Check.
Open Firefox.
Sign in to Yahoo Messenger.
Check Multiply.
Go to Kingdom of Loathing.
Surf away.
1. Launch Apple Mail. wait for mails to arrive.
2. Go to and
3. download if something useful is listed there.
4. go to popular
5. follow interesting links from there
6. start yahoo messenger.
7. visit orkut if at all i remember
8. visit
9. launch netnewswire.
10. visit
11. launch itunes.
1. Usually get up around 06:30

2. Power up hardware. While that's happening go for SSS.

3. Make breakfast - Coffee, muffins, some fruit.

4. Review eMail while eating breakfast. Have some time out checking out forums.

5. Dig out bought-and-paid-for items (eBay, Amazon and GSIS), pack them up.

6. Off to the Post Office. Visit suppliers.

7. Return to record sales in accounts.

8a. Add replacements for sold items (where necessary). Have some time out checking out forums.

8b. Do some work on the GSIS web site, contacting clients and adding new goods and services. Have some time out checking out forums.

9. Now it's around 18:00. Relax if possible (usually not). Work if there's work to be done.

10. Wonder if I should get a life. Rolling Eyes
I am online at least 12 hours a day (because I am online at work as well) but I'm assuming that 'online routine' you are referring to what we do in our spare time online.

Here goes my list:

  • Right when I get on the computer I login into my Yahoo! Mail.
  • Then I login and check my Hotmail account.
  • After that I go my online forum: Serene Distraction
  • Then I go to Task Toy and there I see what I have in my To Do list.
  • After clearing that out I usually repeat the process until it's time to eat, or if i have errands to run, or sleep Smile

-Open mIRC
-Check on my forums
-Check on my clan's forums
-Check my e-mail account(s)
-Play RuneScape
Hey all!

Well... for me, it's almost always different, but I've got a little routine which is:

1. Check my e-mails and reply if needed or compose mails if needed.
2. Look frihost if there are any interesting subjects I can discuss about or make one myself.
3. Work on web site
4. Always different on here... depends of days!

Cya all.

I'm no different than most here, I think. I don't have a set order I do things, but I do have certain pages and forums I visit everyday, usually first thing as well.

So in no particular order:

Check online email.
If I'm not dreading any terrible work emails, I'll also start-up my Outlook email. Well, I do this even if I'm dreading some emails, but maybe not before breakfast.
Check an online expat forum here where I live.
Then I look at my regular webpages. Look at,, and Not very newsy any of them, but first thing in the morning, I just want to wake up and read some light stuff. Any news can wait until later.
I don’t do the same every day but generally, I check my email, search Google or forums for some tutorials if I’m having some problems with my work or if I just want to learn something new. Then I check a website for job search and see what they’re looking for. If I’m really bored I surf and read some articles and news but that rarely happens, unless it’s something I’m really interesting in.
Of late my online routine has been reduced a lot, and here's how it stands currently.
  1. Check Emails
  2. Check Offline Messages
  3. Check if I was luck enough if somebody clicked on the ads on my blog.
  4. Then I move on to see all the local-world-business news
  5. Also check my Google Reader feeds update
  6. Finally Put stuff on download and go to sleep.
1. check email
2. read fan fiction
3. check myspace
4. read fan fiction
5. check these forums
6. read more fan fiction
7. check through my other accounts for updates
8. read yet more fan fiction
9. lather rinse repeat

...there might be a pattern there.
check gmail, yahoo mails, orkut and frihost and thats all
1.) Spend all of my not-so-free time playing Runescape

2.) Post on Frihost

3.) Work on my runescape fansite, and other sites
My daily routine starts like this I suppose=p

1. Check mail
2. MSN
3. Counterstrike xD
4. Starcraft
5. Frihost
6. Youtube
7. More MSN
8. Own more noobs in CS/SC xD
9. Check the weather for tommorow
10. Get me some zzzzzzzzzzzz's
Log on msn, xfire, yahoo.
Check and see if i have downloads running that finished.
Go on teamspeak with some friends
Check a couple forums.
See if anyone has replied to my topics in some forums.
Play some Enemy Territory
Play WoW
Play Starcraft
Play around with website security
Look up coding tutorials for C/C++ ,VB etc..

These are a list of things i usually do online.
try to get up
if pc's off (which is allmost never is so) turn it on or calls the power company and start scolding,
while it (re)booting (to clean out my low mem) i slowly drag myself to the kitchen get sum redbull/coffee
get my ass on the pc desk chair
checking mall
putting on a hiphop internetradio station playing
rolling a joint while reading mail
booting up my online games secondlife ect
playing surfing sum watching news or and sum videos
scripting sum
checking frihost and other forums im active at
playing sum more games in between rolling sum mo j's and drinking sum mo redbulls, cola ect
ow its allready getting light again damn...
Cool Confused Razz
I open up two of my email accounts (I have too many of those) and my gaming clan forum first up. Then I check a few gaming websites, some movie and sport sites.
mysapce & facebook Razz
trillian (aim/msn/yahoo)
start talking
check sports
do some other stuff
then sign off all and go do something physical Smile
I usually start with checking my account (gad I love that site), then facebook (gad I love that site. MYSPACE SUCKS), and dont forget frihost! Wink
then move on to lesser things like,, penny arcade comics and control alt delete comics
check mail
listen latest songs
find car wallpapers
check wwe results..

these are necessary...sometimes something else..
Hi all,

Mine is....

Yahoo Mail
MSN Mail
Indiatimes Mail

Google Adsense


My Blog Very Happy
Frenz Blog
What i do almost every day:

Checking my mail
Log in onto MSN and chat
Go to
Surf the web
Play some games
that is dangerous, since we do not have any idea what we want to do online, and just follow the routine that we think we need to do subconsciously. And that is how time is killed online and we can totally not realize it. i check mail, read forum and rss news, download software and music and do all the stuffs that talked above by you guys, but I realize that i don't really necessarily need those stuffs. And all i want to do is to stay online and see if something is going on there, even if I don't know how long i should wait for the next event... it's terrible.
Log on to MSN and IRC
Check my clan's forums for anything new/anything that needs moderating
Play RuneScape
Check my own forums to see if they've been upgraded from invisionfree to zetaboards yet Mad
Read other clans' public forums

meh that's basically all...
ainieas interesting I never thought of my oline time as a routine but now that I think of it, turns out, it is a routine! How does it go -

- check mail
- check off-line yahoo msgs in invisible mode
- check out frihost
- check you tbe videos
- search random things on google
My online routine is:

1: check my orkut account for any scraps.

2: check my income at adsense.

3: check Gtalk.

4: check yahoo.

5: check emails (I have lotta email accounts!!)

6: check orkut again.

7: check any software online.

8: make any website(refine them)

9: keep chatting on orkut till 2 in the morning.

10: die out...
My routines are:

- Open msn
- Check e-mails
- Check themepark forum (1)
- Check themepark forum (2)
- Check this forum
- Open itunes for music
- Check my forum
- Search things or play sometimes runescape.

That are my normal routines.
1. check my gmail (job mail)
2. open outlook and check my other emails (personal emails)
3. open yahoo
4. open msn.
5. go to some forums (planet-f1) - this is usually in my break time.
6. once in a while go to or search online tutorials etc.
my's check emails
friend blog
read newspaper Smile
routine check e-mail reply to e-mails work reply to emails work reply to e-mails youtube - emails catch up on News - emails - note to self - must go here more often !
asim wrote:
Hi all,

Mine is....

Yahoo Mail
MSN Mail
Indiatimes Mail

Google Adsense
OUr Blogz :

I scrunched up paragraphs 2,3 and ,4 for you

now its Hiaku!

- Log into GTalk
- Rightclick gtlak icon, Select Check Mail now option
- See if i have any new emails from my friends or buddies
- Then google on some technology products
- open IE and log onto
- view some videos online
- Read a local news channel website
- Gothru for the stock market performances across all indices
- log into yahoo, and see if i have any old friends online
- chat with my friends
- log into MSN
- browse other sites
- log into frih and go through some forums
- reply for some forums on the topics that iam familiar with...

Above are the activities that i usually perform when iam online... And to tell the turth, i hate to browse [Smile]

Keep Smiling - Keep Living !!!

Happy browsing,,,,,,,,,

as alwayZz - Cheers and Cherish
Visit me @ :
All I can say is that there aint any fixed rule!! Smile

I am an Internet addict by the way
Hm... this topic is very interesting Very Happy. So... to the subject >>

1. Start computer
2. Select within 2 seconds the operating system (let's choose Windows XP)

After all the programs that start at startup are fully loaded

3. Start Firefox
4. Start Thunderbird
5. Start Foobar
6. Start Yahoo Msg
7. Check utorrent... check the ratio for torrents... looking for something to remove from seed
8. Getting back to Firefox. Load my favorite web page (hm... a community were i'm an admin..)
9. Checking another 4 webpages related to the page at point 8
10. Paying attention to Thunderbird. Read email msg (hm... the average is 6 mails every day from 3 mail boxes [spam doesn't count])
11 ... etc...etc...
Here is my on-line routine at home:

Check my personal email
Check frihost
Check IMDB for movie ratings
Check NBA updates
Check new music albums

Here is my on-line routine at the office:

Check my business email
Check our team's site
Check our intranet
Check Oracle's Partner Network
Do some research
Browse the net for some books about anything

mine is check email

check webmail for projects and msgs from pals
check my forums for new posts/manage it
login ym/gtalk
check if downloads are finished
check gotoandlearn forums for msgs and stuff
frihost to post Very Happy
log on to wow
play dota ggclient lol
1. Online Problem Slove
2. Translations
3. News
4. Forums
Turn on the comp and put msn on...
Then I check who's on and check my emails
Answer my emails (If any)
Check Myspace to see if any of the bands have new music
Than I either play games or do some sort of programming...
Then go through that loop Brick wall
I don't really have an online routine. Most of the time I'm just listening to music, working on my website, posting on this forum, checking my email, or researching things that interest me (that takes up the most time). I spend a lot of time researching things that interest me. The internet is an extremely educational place.
My daily routine is:
1. Checking mail
2. Orkut
3. Facebook
4. Youtube surfing
5. New Gadgets news
6. Sports news
My daily routine is a lot like other people I guess. I check my email and there's several accounts there - hotmail, gmail, and of course work. Then I usually go and check some gaming sites such as shacknews and ign and see what's happening in the world of games.

Then I generally check some sporting sites or a news site, but by this time it's time to get down to some work!
hmmm mine would have to be:
Start msn
Check myspace
Play music on itunes =]
Check this forum and inme forums

Thats repeated over 100x throughout the day
My online routine:

1. Check my torrent downloads/uploads
2. Start Mozilla Firefox
3. Check my livejournal
(Check mail if necessary)
4. Sign up into forums
.. then do whatever stuff that comes to mind.

I used to sign up into messengers before starting my browsers but now i rarely do.
oh snaps, i cant believe this thread is still going! epic. anyways my online routine has changed.

i check \

slightly changed.
I log into runescape to get some kills in bh, i go to pandora for great music, i check some websites on sedo and other domain related sites
gmail->orkut->news->my blog->lil porn
I'm using Firefox with 11 tabs set to forums I visit, 2 email sites and the TV guide. So I check all of those and a separate email programme.

RSS, SailingAnarchy, KingdomofLoathing. Email is just sorta constantly open.
First thing to do on my online routine is to check my emails if there are new orders coming or not, next is to check my website then check my private email, log on to my yahoo messenger, hotmail messenger, my skype, my multiply, myspace, my friendster, do online marketing for 6 hours straight but all those messengers were appear invisible though and last but not the least check my frihost account and respond to my private mails.
Wake up.
Check email.
Check non-photosynthetic corals and invertebrates forums, 3 of them, answer.
Take a look at watch: Oh, ..., I already spent too much time again Laughing
Run to catch up with the things.
Check Email
Open Facebook (and maybe browse)
Online Banking, if necessary
Begin the days Downloads.
Check personal and official mails
Take a look at BetaNews technology forum
Check whether somebody on the net for a small chat
Reply to comments posted in Orkut
Frihost forum
Quick look at world news
My routine :
Check Email
Check Profiles(aka Myspace and Facebook)
Check for program updates
Check out latest homebrew news and releases
Check news on favorite games
Look through forums
get bored
repeat(lol jk)
1) checkout my feeds on my yahoo page
2) check email
3) go on mirc and see whos around
4) digg .com.... check out the 24hr and 7 day tab
7) go to all the forums i belong to
mine is check email
check forum,
check stock market.

everyday same thing.
go online
open firefox
go to facebook
go to AIM express
go to meebo
go to yahoo
go to gmail
go to weblab
go to webassign
do hw online
upload files
maybe browse some news
check updates on music
leave it there and forget about it
Mine's pretty short:
Google reader (saves me the time of visiting Digg, Lifehacker, Engadget, Gizmodo, etc.)
Facebook (as much as I cringe saying that)
Check who's on msn.
Hang out here a bit.

Some days I write in my blog and check out friends' blogs.
open firefox
open thunderbird
open outlook express
open outlook

that's it really it recently. I have alot of email accounts.
I spend most of the time catching up and waiting for new email. lol
I do work also but the first 4 is the basic routine that always occurs.
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