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US Wold Cup team need real development ?

The United States World Cup soccer team showed that a lack of overall team speed is a recipe for disaster at the highest levels of competition. Future success for American soccer is dependent on implementing a more effective speed development program at every level.
US team needs more than speed. First off they dont have a consistant attack. they dont have a set attack such as an air, ground, or counter attack. in my opinoin because of their size they should work on becoming a passing team like argentina. another thing they need work on is their set plays. they looked so sad on set plays this world cup (besides the fact that they hardly ever got any).
then u got defense. onyewu brings a strong phisical game to their side but he has to watch his fouls (foul against ghana that gave them the pk was bs). other than that their defeis weak. a lot of changes will have to be made to the us team in order for them to be competitive again.
I don't think it was a lack of speed. I think they had speed. They just didn't seem to care to use it. They have to be more willing to push forward and by push I mean charge like they mean it. No more of those sissy backward passes either.

They really need a really powerful striker too. It's not like most of the high profile strikers have been performing all that well in the cup but McBride, despite his strong will, doesn't seem to be the type of dangerous striker that can potentially score at any moment. And he's pretty old too so he may not be around next time. Eddie Johnson may be the guy or maybe Taylor Twellman or Brian Ching.

Midfield was pretty much a joke. Bless Reyna, he tried his best and was okay but his age definitely caught up to him. O'Brien was injured so I don't know how much we should've expected from him. Beasley and Convey were way too hesitant and Donovan was pretty much nonexistent. The only one who seemed to play well was Dempsey. In four years I'm pretty sure Adu will be playing somewhere in midfield if not at forward. Hopefully he'll be finally playing in Europe by then too. We'll certainly need him to inject some life into this team and try to stir up some competition for midfield starting jobs.

The defense wasn't too bad. The Czech Republic match speaks for itself but the other two matches were pretty good defensive efforts. For the Ghana match the two goals came from a crap penalty call and Claudio Reyna getting his left knee taken out. I was especially impressed with Jimmy Conrad. Although I'm pretty certain that Eddie Lewis should NOT be our left back. Jonathan Spector would be a better choice if he could get some more playing time in Europe.

Basically, we need to start playing like we mean it and with something to prove next time around, I think we can expect a much better performace in 2010.
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