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Brazil Is Not Playing Well

I'm i the only one who has noticed the dullness of the brazilian team.

Ronaldinho is not himself.
Adriano has no spark and doesn't seem to possess a genuine threat
Ronaldo is absolutely not in form.
i still don't see the hype about robinho

Personally i think the best player in the team is kaka.
and also the man they didn't want ZE roberto.

The way i see it a well focused team with a sharp attack will maul this brazilian team.
Brazil isn't playing well but they don't have to, it was only the first round. Now the later stages are begun they have to do their job and i believe they can make it to the final.

Other way, all the stars have played a long season and this can be a problem for them.
totally agree here..i still have many friends who still think brazil will win the world cup. although im quite pessimistic bout them winning so.

but so far to me i think ronaldo didn't really screw up..say what u want to say but heck..he has alrdy broken pele's record n matched gerd muller's. but on the other parts like ronaldinhoo..he's rather substandard..
Ok . in this world cup Germany get the CUP.
Well we need to wait.
We all saw that in the 2 first games they played not as expect, but in the third game they won 4-1 in a huge match.
We all need to understand that peshon is the key world.
I think that Brazil is still have good chances to win the world cup.
Well, you're right about that. Brazil is just not playing good. However, think about it: Brazil is not in shape, and yet they advance to the round of 16 with no problem. They are not playing well, and yet they can beat Japan with 4-1.
So, what IF they play well? It could be pretty scary. A team usually plays well as they play on, and Brazil will surely get better and better. They didn't play well at the beginning of the 2002 world cup, but they were so good later and eventually got the cup home. Therefore I've never doubted about Brazil's ability and I think even if they cannot get the cup, they can at least get into quarter final in this tournament.
brazil never plays well the first round

they just do what they need to do: get 9 points with strategic games and then beat everyone's asses in the finals.
Brazil is really a good team. I think that they will be in the final game... and they have a big chance to win the world cup!

They maybe save a little of their energy in the first rounds... but the level of game still very good!! At least, if you compare it to Ukrania, Netherlands, etc...

They really deserve the cup!
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