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Java Has Failed!

I read a comment in a post about Java. I didn't read it completely because I am STRONGLY anti-Java.

As far as I am concerned, JAVA has failed. It started with a hype - Write Once, Run Anywhere. Has anyone done that? I don't think so. One good thing, JAVa opened our eyes to a concept which was right under our noses: use a platform specific engine while the high level language can be written in well - high level. The code is translated to a intermediate form which is run.

.NET from Microsoft uses the same principle, so is RunRev (from

A friend of mine wanted to convert me to Java, giving me theory, history and other .... I stopped withone simple question "Which JAVA program have you written that runs on Windows (all variants), Linux, Unix, Mac, Solaris, OS2, Symbian, Palm"

Java programmers in the house, eat my head off.
I wrote some. They are small utilities, conversion tools and similar stuff. I wrote them under Window$, more than a year ago. Now I tri-boot my computer with WinXP, Debian and Solaris 10. And I simply double-click my programs under any of them, and they run.
Is that what you wanted to ask?
A friend of mine wanted to convert me to Java, giving me theory, history and other .... I stopped withone simple question "Which JAVA program have you written that runs on Windows (all variants), Linux, Unix, Mac, Solaris, OS2, Symbian, Palm"

I would say that Java is HIGHLY sucessful, although possibly not as sucessful as we would all have liked.

There are loads of Java apps out there, especially in the OSS world. Take Azureus for example: that runs on pretty much anything.

Your point is valid, it is not always possible to write for any OS because of exact API calls but you can rest assured it is infinitely easier to modify a Java app than to rewrite a C++ program from scratch.
Well, I don't like Java, it takes up way too much resources/memory Razz

The one stupid thing that happened with Java is when Microsoft added all their properietary extensions to the Java VM bundled with Internet Explorer (I don't know the exact details, but it's something like that). If someone used those extensions, then the Java applet would only work on Windows Sad

Anyways, like AftershockVibe said, Azureus is a good example of Java at work: It runs on virtually anything. Limewire is another good example Very Happy
Why would anyone convert anyone to a specific programming language? Or limit yourself by being anti anything?

Each language has its strong points and you should choose your language accordingly depending on what type of project you have at hand.
The best thing about java is that it knows it's limit ..... You cannot overdo it like symbians and hence, no crashing problems.
yeah, i think you shouldn't be too "anti" to any language. Though I rarely use Java (learnt it for 1 term and forget almost everything about it Very Happy ) but I wouldn't mind if someday I'm forced to learn and write it on daily basis.
Don't hate a language just because of its limitations. You should learn to analyze its strengths, there wouldn't be lots of Java programmers if the language is that bad. I myself have never written any Java programs before (I've written a few javascript while doing a website before but I don't think that is really the Java language I've used). Anyway, most good programming languages doesn't run efficiently or is optimized for all OS. Just be happy with what you got.
It's worth pointing out that this topic has been dredged up from 3 years ago, when some of the original arguments may have been more valid.

Of course, Java is going pretty strong for a "failed" language! Wink
I beleive that the idea behind JAVA was great, the start was good, a language that by its nature would emphasize on good object oriented design and code readibility. But over time, others, specially, MS .NET have caught up these good features and JAVA is left behind with lack of innovations. This is my personal beleive and can be wrong.

One thing that supports my idea is that .NET was in late and JAVA was there for all platforms for a long time. There was no reason that .NET would go enormous but it has. I don't know the exact number but I feel that atleast 50% of the enterprise applications that would be built on JAVA otherwise are now built in .NET. There are more .NET jobs than JAVA jobs in out country.

Microsft might have played its marketting but .NET is really running things
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