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Nc6230 probs..need sum help pls!

I have a HP nc6230 laptop..I like it alot..But recently Ive had alot of probs with it..
heres the specs:
1.8 Ghz pentium M cpu
512Mb Ram
ATI X300 gfx
60Gb hdd
intel 2200bg wireless
heres the probs:
In order--first the intel wireless card quit working...and in the process it locked up the comp countlss times and caused many other hardware errors.
So I removed the wireless mini pci card uninstalled all drivers..I still had probs of unidentified hardware and my cardreader quit working completely..
So I did a reinstall of windows..and its still the same story..
The card reader works when it wants to..but most of the time it says its disabled due to a problem...
and I still have a missing device driver that just will not resolve itself..
this is the hardware thats missing a driver..
on Intel(R) 82801FBM LPC Interface Controller - 2641
Ive scoured HP and google and i cant find a driver..Im not even sure what it is..
also at boot time the computer will hang..I wont even get the bios screen and sometimes when it does come up it freezes at it..I usualy fix this by turning the comp on and off quickly..I know thats bad but its the only way it will boot most of the time...once it boots most of it works fine..but occasionaly i get BSOD...Is my MB screwed?..or is there an easy fix?..
Pleae help me out
Sounds really like hardware error.. since laptops are optimated often very good.. not like desktop that you build yourself and mix bad hardware.

If you sometimes cannot go into BIOS you have problems! but try to update your BIOS to latest version and maybe your hard drive is corrupted.. run a scan tool.. maybe chkdsk in DOS and fix all erros..

My BEST advice is if you have guarantee still left on the laptop! USE it! Smile hope somethjing helped you Smile
Hi, your missing device driver is the HP Quick Button. I had the same problem, HP told me what the fix was.

But I still have the same freezing issue. The PC periodically gives 3 beeps and freezes then about 10 seconds later, unfreezes.

It isn't the RAM as I have swapped out known good chips.

I'm still working with HP, if I figure it out, I'll post it here.

Ed B.
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