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I would like know how to get a logo trademarked.

Just need some information on trademarking a logo. Just give me some informantion if you have it.
I think you need too fill out one of the forums I found on this page. I got there using Google, and I think you ought to search yourself. I'm no expert on this stuff.
I don't really know, I just know that when you create something and put your name on it, it's copyrighted by you. Just like my...

rightclickscott wrote:
I don't really know, I just know that when you create something and put your name on it, it's copyrighted by you. Just like my...

YAY! this is interesting...

by the way, did I have the copyright if I designed a similar logo with another one?
Can you then use the copywright logo then on all of your logos. By the way soulman I like your logo. Nice job.
if you want a copt right go to goverment listings and down load form and then send logo with a search taht the will charge you . if no one else has it thaey will isue one to you. my sugestion to you is do a international trademark or anyone in another country can getthe same lago you created and get trade mark in their country and still use it. if you are seiourius I advise you get a attorny trust me i lost a lot of $ .learn by someone elses mistake .good luck
and by the way exclent job I dont know how old u are but if you are young you have a gift. rise to the top and go for your calling you are good at what you do
Actually, you can't copyright a logo. You can copyright a drawing, a piece of literature, a web page. But not logos. Logos, as well as mascots, characters, and slogans are used to distinguish the goods or services of one person or company from those of another. Things like that have to be trademarked.

I can copyright my site, and because I live in Canada, it is automatically copyrighted even if I dont have a copyright licence, but my logo on my site can only be trademarked.

I don't know how it works in the U.S, but in Canada I have automatic copyright on things I create. Having a copyright license just makes it easier in court to prove that something is mine. I also haave automatic trademarking, so I can stick the little TM beside my logos and characters and stuff. But having my logo be a registered trademark, I need a trade,ark permit, and I need to submit my logo to the National Archives. Then I get a certificate, and I can put the little R in a circle beside the stuff I registered.

Go here for what is covered by copyrights:

And here for Copyright Vs Trademark:

Copyright/trademark laws are pretty standard in most of the World, so this stuff should apply to you even if you do not live in Canada.
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