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World Cup: Spain 1 — KSA 0

while Spain—already assured of going through to the next round—played its "B Team", the Saudis played well in the second half. The first half, pretty flat all around except for the Spanish goal, was forgettable. In the second, though, the Saudis clearly outplayed Spain with constant offensive play. The Saudis need to improve their coordination in passing. There were many passes that went left when the receiver was breaking right, and vice versa of course. There was also a foul missed by the referee that would have given the Saudis a free kick on goal, but that's the breaks of the game.

I think that the Saudis need to improve the level of their international competition, and if possible, get some of their players playing for European or Latin American teams. The Saudi team, throughout its one tie and two losses, never gave up, which is commendable, to be sure, but their professional skills always seem lacking in comparison to the other teams. Wink
the Spain B team is rather weak last night. I don't think they will win the world cup.
Maybe it's their stragegy. They were already confirmed to play on the next round, what for playing so hard.
Well NExt round they will play against France and they come as the favorites... I hope that it will be a good match with 2 good teams.
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