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Call Of Duty 2: Tweak File

Good or Bad Tweak?
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Hi, Here is a tweak file for cod2. By DX9 u get a FPs boost.

//this file contains variables that must be changed before the map loads, if you alter these values after map load, you must run "vid_restart" in console to enable the changes.
//You must still press . after each map load to enable the picmip fps boost contained in tweak.cfg.
//press to enable the tweak.cfg after each map load
bind . "exec tweak.cfg"
//press to enable fps meter
bind , "cg_drawFPS 1"
bind / "cg_drawFPS 0"
//saw this on the planetcod forums, unknown benefits, may reduce mid game stutter, set no higher than half total system ram.
seta com_hunkmegs "512"
//unknown, has no negative effect on fps, possible increase in places? anyone willing to research this, thanks.
seta r_autopriority "1"
//anisotropy level, default is 8, personal preference, i find 4 gives noticeably better performance for little IQ loss.
seta r_anisotropy "4"
//Not too sure, i think it's for antialiasing alpha channel in textures, eg sprites for smoke etc. 0 is off, 1 is fast dither, 2 is supersampling. 0 and 1 perform equally.
//if you have performance to spare, try running on 2, you lose ~1fps when i tested it briefly, but i could not see an IQ difference from 1.
seta r_aaAlpha "1"
//fixes broken default r_gpusync 3 slowdown. Leaving multigpu at 0 and setting gpusynch to 0 achieves the same fps boost, however this will break things for sli users.
//There is no performance loss running multigpu 1 on a single gpu. Improves minimum fps by 5-20%, depending on what you're looking at ingame.
seta r_multigpu "1"

//3 commands to fix the picmip bug related fps loss, change last picmip value to your preferred detail level, (look in config.cfg for value).
//Also increases framerate noticeably, 5-15% depending on scene.
r_picmip "2"
r_picmip "0"
//zfeather value (soften smoke edges), 0 disables for better performance, 1 enables. disabling (0) improves framerate by 5-20% when smoke is visible onscreen.
//speed benefits of disabling largely depends on how close you get to the smoke. Ditto for IQ benefits if enabled.
//couldn't locate the command controlling world/everything option, you must set that in the graphics menu first. "World only" is recommended IQ/speed tradeoff.
//set to 1 here despite the fps boost - you will notice the lines of smoke edges ingame otherwise.
r_zfeather "1"

U put it in the map main. Start cod2. open console and typ this exec autoexec.cfg. When u have loaded the map push on . Every time when u have loaded the map push the . button.

Suc6 and have fun
.... is it really worth the effort? How much did it improve your playing experience?
Well, if you have a really bad PC which hardly runs the game it might help to
get it to run faster.
But luckily I'll soon get a new PC Very Happy.
hm... i don;t know,,, if you give up a few menial details and play dx7,, u will gain at least 20 fps... i wouldn't bother with this tweak cuz maybe pb will be modded to hunt it down as a coded cheat..
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